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Degree Programs (B.E.)

Degree Programs (B.E.)IntakeYear of StartingInstitute Course CodeFees
Mechanical Engineering1201996128-1F82,000 INR
Chemical Engineering601996128-1W82,000 INR
Electrical Engineering601996128-1L82,000 INR
Information Technology601999128-1E82,000 INR
Computer Engineering602001128-1D82,000 INR
Electronics & Communication Engineering602001128-1682,000 INR
Bio Technology302004128-1482,000 INR
Civil Engineering602011 128-1S82,000 INR
Nano Technology602013128-5882,000 INR

Master Degree Programs (M.E.)

Master Degree Programs (M.E.)IntakeYear of StartingFees
Computer Engineering1820111,19,000 INR
Mechanical Engineering - CAD CAM1820121,19,000 INR
Electrical Engineering - Power Systems1820121,19,000 INR
Chemical Engineering1820131,19,000 INR
Electronics and Communications1820131,19,000 INR
Information Technology1820151,19,000 INR

Cut-Off Marks 2016-17

Online Admission Process

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