Devangi Kotak

Mobile :
Qualification :
Diploma (I.T), B.E.(I.T.), M.Tech (C.S.)

Teaching experience: 11 years

Subject expertise: Database management system, Object Oriented Programming with C++, Object Oriented Programming with Java, Distributed system, Computer Algorithm, Operating system

Research area: Data mining, Image processing

Achievement :
  1. Received "Pedagogical Innovation Award" from GTU
  2. Paper Published: 8
  3. Paper presented: 2
  4. STTP attended: 7
  5. Workshops attended: 4
Description :
    Received "Pedagogical Innovation Award" from Gujarat Technological University on 14th feb 2017 in recognition for contribution in Entrepreneurship activity at college for the development of students.
Paper published:
  1. ICISET-2011 (proceeding): "Scrum- Agile based process to develop product".
  2. ITES-2012: "Indexing based rule hiding to improve efficiency in preserving privacy for large database".
  3. IJERT-2013: "Protecting sensitive rules based on classification in privacy preserving data mining".
  4. IJEDR-2015: "Review: Highlight Extraction and Classification of sports video".
  5. IJEDR-2015: "Video Inpainting Techniques with Super Resolution: A literature Survey".
  6. IJEDR-2017: "A Servey on Different Approaches of News Video Mining".
  7. IJEDR-2017: "Study on Multi Document Summarization by Machine Learning Technique for Clustered Documents".
  8. WJTER 2017: "Performance Enhancement using Highway Alert Reliable Message to Discover Unapproachable Node under the Non line-of-Sight condition in Vehicular Adhoc Network"
Paper presented: 
  1. ICISET conference: "Scrum – Agile Based Process to Develop Product"
  2. ITES conference: "Indexing based rule hiding to improve efficiency in preserving privacy for large database"
STTP attended:
  1. STTP on "Theory of Computing" at SVNIT, surat.
  2. STTP on "Imminent Mobile Computing" at B. H. Gardi college of Engineering and Technology, Rajkot.
  3. FDP called "Jyot-2014" at V.V.P. Engg. College, Rajkot.
  4. STTP on "Oracle-Introduction and basics" at GTU, Ahmedabad.
  5. STTP on "Advances in Computer vision and surveillance system" at VVP Engg. college, Rajkot.
  6. Worked as STTP convener in "STTP of Internet of Things" at VVP Engg. college, Rajkot.
  7. STTP on "iPhone app development using Swift" at Darshan Institute of Engineering and Technology, Rajkot.
Workshops attended:
  1. "Mission-10x" by Wipro.
  2. "Patenting in Engineering" by GTU.
  3. "Development of Policy Framework for Innovation, Student Entrepreneurship & IPR" at GTU.
  4. "Samvaad-2017" at Silver oak college of engineering and technology"
  5. Arranged EAC(Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp) twice (in 2014 and in 2016) at VVP Engg. college, Rajkot.
  1. Life member of ISTE.

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