Anjana Saparia

Mobile :
Qualification :
B.E (Mechanical),M.E. ( Machine Design), Ph. D. Persuing.  
Achievement :
Name of the staff:- Anjana D. Saparia
Qualification:- B.E. (Mechanical), M.Tech. (M/C DESIGN), Ph. D. persuing
Description :
The programme running under Zero ATKT, working as a member for this cell.
Experience - Teaching:- 13 years, 6 months.
Summary of research papers:- 5 international papers published in journals.
                                                                  3 international papers in conferences.
Subjects taught in B.E. 
1. Engineering  Graphics
2.Kinematics Of Machinery
3.Theory Of Machine
4. Design of Machine Element
5. Dynamics of Machinery
6.Machine Design
7. Mechanical Measurements
Subjects taught in M.E. 
1. Advanced Machine Design
2. Robotic Engineering