Dr. Dipesh Kundaliya

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Qualification :
1) Area of interest-: Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping, Kinematics of Machinery
2) Training and workshop attended-: 11
  1. MATLAB Fundamentals and Applications for Mechanical Engineers, 14-18 Dec., 2015, GTU Affiliated Engineering College V.V.P. Engineering College, Rajkot
  2. Jyoth-2014 23-27 June-2014 ISTE and GTU Approved V.V.P. Engineering College
  3. ProE and ANSYS for Mechanical Engineering Application 9-13 Dec, 2013 ISTE and GTU Approved V.V.P. Engineering College, Rajkot
  4. Global warming mitigation through Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation 23-27 May, 2011 ISTE Approved Gandhinagar Institute of Technology, Moti Bhoyan
  5. MATLAB for Process Engineers 16-18 July, 2004 ISTE Sponsored VVP Engineering College
  6. Science direct workshop, 28th Sep. 2016, Ahmedabad
  7. Soft Computing Techniques in Optimization using MATLAB 27-28 March 2015 PDPU, Gandhinagar
  8. Energy Auditor Refresher Course 4th October, 2013 Rajkot GEDA Gandhinagar and NPC, Gandhinagar
  9. Patenting in Engineering 7-8 January 2012 Gujarat Technological University GTU, Ahmedabad
  10. National Programme on Enhanced Learning through NPTL 19th May, 2012 I.I.T., Madras IIT Madras and Indian Institute of Science
  11. Bioinformatics – Emerging Trends 1st January, 2006 Virani Science College, Rajkot UGC Sponsored
3) Publications-:
  a) International journals: 4
  b) National Journals: 0
  c) International Conference: 3
  d) National Conference: 0
4) Professional institutional membership: Nil
5) Achievements-:
  a) Academic award: Nil
  b) Other award like in sports: Nil
  c) Research project: Nil
  d) Patent Awarded: Nil
  e) Expert lecture: Globle Energy Management issues and Perspectives, Energy Management and Audit, 11th to 15th December,2017, V.V.P. Engineering College, Rajkot
  f) STTP,seminar or workshop conducted: STTP – CFD using ANSYS, Convener 25-30 Dec. 2016 V.V.P. Engineering College, Rajkot Convener GTU Affiliated Engineering College
  g) Industrial training: 2
B.E. (M.E.), M.E. (Cad Cam), Ph.D. (M.E.)

Academic Experience: 8+ Years Industry Experience: 3 Years
Research Publications: 14
Subject Expertise: Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacturing, Elements of Mechanical Engineering, M.E. Rapid Prototyping,Computer Aided Design, Design for manufacturing and assembly
Email: dipesh.kundaliya.me@vvpedulink.ac.in
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