-- V.V.P. Family is deeply grieved over the sudden demise of the chairman Shri Pravin Kaka, - a Luminous Personality, Visionary, Towering and Indomitable Academician with Transparent, Benevolent and Lawful Administration.

-- A Staunch believer and follower of “Rashtray Swaha Idam Na Mamah”.

-- May his soul Rest in Peace

The first SFI of the nation to declare salary to the Regular Staff Members as per 7th Pay Commission.   |   Faculty Interview - 2016    |   STTP on CFD using ANSYS by Mechanical Engineering Department   |   Record breaking number of GTU Gold medals achieved by students of EC Department

Breaking news: E.C. Dept. again Glitters in GTU results of 2nd Sem. Achieve 2nd Rank in Entire GTU and ZONE also 3 students secure their Ranks in GTU

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With 82.22 % result Electronics and communication dept stood 2nd Rank in GTU as well as in Entire Zone in the result of 2nd sem. Considering GTU TOP 10 SPI Wise result student named Darshit Gosalia from EC dept. Secure 5th Rank in Entire GTU all branches (with 9.74 SPI) who is the only student from VVP. In CPI wise two students outshines in GTU all branch ranks from VVP and that is also from EC dept, Sagar dixit secure 3rd Rank (with 9.68 CPI) and Darshit Gosalia Secure 7th Rank (with 9.62 CPI) in GTU.

In Electronics and Communication Branch GTU TOP 10 list, three students secure their ranks. GTU 1st Rank secured by


Sagar Dixit (with 9.68 CPI),

GTU 2nd Rank secured by


Darshit Gosalia (with 9.62 CPI) and

GTU 4th Rank secured by


Anjali Panicker (with 9.33 CPI). 6 students achieve 9 above SPI, 16 students achieve 8 above SPI and 15 students achieve 7 above SPI.

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