The record breaking news: EC placement, achieving flying colors!!!

The highest paying job to a fresher in his 8th semester in the history of OUR DEPARTMENT…

#THE_PACKAGE_OF_TEN_LAKHSParth Thaker has created the history.

Parth has been selected in BYJU’S – The Learning App with the record breaking package of 10 lakhs per annum. He will always be remembered for his great achievement….!!

It is said that “Sky is the Limit”, but Parth is an individual who believed in the quote “You really don’t know how high you can fly till you really try. So give your best in every try. Who knows, even the sky might have to shift a l’il high!” Our Best wishes to parth….! all the best and congratulations.

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Congratulations !!! to Electronics students for achieving RANKS in various events

Vikas Gohel, Uday Makwana, Parth Thaker and Param Solanki became winners in Footnote 2018 at Synapnse at DAIICT Gandhinagar on 25-2-2018

A fest consisting of technical and non-technical events named ‘SYNAPSE’ was held at DAIICT, Gandhinagar. In this fest, there were many technical events like paper presentation, Robo race and non-technical events like dancing competition, singing competition, etc.

Vikas Gohel, Uday Makwana, Parth Thaker – 8th EC and Param Solanki of 4th EC had participated in the group dance competition held at ‘SYNAPSE’. The dance competition was held on 25th of February and the group of V.V.P. Engineering College had also participated in this competition along with 4 other teams. There were also some teams who had won prizes at national level so the competition was tough. Soon the competition began and the vivacious dancers set the floor on fire with their energetic dance performances. The spectators bore witness to the enthusiasm and energy of the young dancers as they enthralled everyone with their performances.

In this closely contested competition, the group of V.V.P. Engineering College stood at 1st position. The judges also congratulated them for their victory. As soon as the students of EC came to know about this victory, they were congratulated for their achievement. They were also appreciated by all Faculties of EC Department on their arrival back to V.V.P. Engineering College, Rajkot.

Shail Shukla, Darshil Sachdev, Manish Nebhani and Abhishek Lalseta of 2nd EC won 1st prize in Robotics at National Level competition TECHNEX 18 organized by Innovian Technologies at IIT Varanasi on 17 February 2018

A workshop on ardubotics Robotics was conducted in Electrical Engineering Department by Innovians Technology on 20-21st January 2018.In this 2 days workshop, 10 teams from different semesters and departments participated.At the end of the workshop, a small competition was held in which 5 students from 2nd sem. E.C. Department secured 2nd rank.1. Shail Shukla 2. Abhishek lalseta 3. Darshil Sachdev 4. Manish Nebhani 5. Nirav Kapadiya. The students made an Edge Avoider Robot in their final round of competition.

These students were now eligible to participate directly in national level competition –TECHNEX 2018 at IIT VARANASI. Shail, Abhishek, Darshil and Manish went to Varanasi as a team for their event of MAZE SOLVER AUTONOMOUS ROBOT.

In this Innovians zonal round final competition, 7-8 teams across the nation were participated including Tamilnadu and West Bengal. The students secured 1st rank amongst all of those other teams & won the competition hosted by IIT Varanasi (BHU). They were given participation & achievement certificate as well as cash prize worth Rs. 10000/-.

Hem Patel secured 1st rank in Micromania competition during Axiom 2018 held online on 17-2-2018

It was an online event based on 8085 microprocessor. It was organized by Government Engineering College, Bhuj. In this event they have arranged online test which had MCQ questions, short questions, and few problem statements for program. Participants had to submit all answers in given time duration. All questions and programming statements were based on 8085 microprocessor and it’s peripheral Devices.At the end, Hem Patel of 6th EC won the competition adding pride to EC Department.

Pankaj Gupta of 4th Sem won bronze in 5th open skating championship on 30-1-2018

An open Saurashtra skating competition was held at Saint Mary’s school on 28th January 2018. The competition was held by Pratyusha Skate Academy. The students from all over Saurashtra had participated in this competition.

There were events and competitions in various groups like under 14, under 16, under 19, etc. Participants of all the age groups were looking enthusiastic. They were well equipped with their skates, protection caps and kinds of protection on their knees and elbows. Pankaj Gupta, a student of 4th semester E.C. V.V.P Engineering College had also participated in this competition. Initially, there was a short race of 300 meters. Of course, the race was not easy and that also to run with skates is never an easy task. Pankaj stood on the 2nd position in this race.

On the next day, on 29-1-18, there was again a competition for various groups and categories. There was competition for under 16 age and under 19 age participants. Then there was long race of 500 meters. Pankaj achieved 3rd place in this race. He also got prices for his achievement.

Breaking News: EC students Glitters in Dewang Mehta Award and other Competitions

Achievements by Viraj Hapalia & Gaurang Joshi of 3rd EC in Frolic 2017 at Darshan Engineering College, Rajkot on 2-9-2017

“Frolic 2017” was organized in Darshan Engineering College on 2nd September 2017.

They had participated In “Arduino Warrier” Event. There were 4 rounds.

In 1st Round MCQ test was taken in which Viraj And Gaurang Both got 19 Marks out of 30. After 1st round 23 participants were selected for 2nd round.

2nd round was based on Simple Arduino Programming in which they had written a code for arduino. They cleared this round by full marks in 2nd round. Only 10 participants were selected for 3rd round.

3rd round was based on “Sensor based Arduino Programming”. They had cleared this round by full marks. After this round only 5 participants selected for 4th round.

In 4th round they had to generate a custom signal as per their requirements using Arduino Mega 2560 hardware. Viraj had cleared this round by 60% accuracy and Gaurang had done it with 50% accuracy.

Viraj secured 2nd Rank and won Rs. 750/- and Gaurang secured 4th rank in this competition.

EC students highlighted at Devang Mehta Awards in September 2017

The Award ceremony of Shri Dewang Mehta IT Awards for felicitating the Toppers for their excellence in Entire GTU was held on 15th September at Gujarat University Convention center, Ahmedabad. It was organized by Devang Mehta Foundation Trust (DMFT) And NASSCOM. At first the students were addressed by The Co-founder of NASSCOM and other dignitaries like The Honorable Vice Chancellor of GTU Dr. Navin Sheth, Shri Roopwant Sinh, IAS, Managing Director of GIL, Shri Dhananjay Dwiwedi IAS Secretary Department of Science and Technology, Gujarat, Mr.Ashank Desai,Founder and former chairman, Mastek Ltd. And co-founder NASSCOM. After that the students were given the respective awards according to their respective colleges. The final year students were also given the Awards for their excellence in final tear project and three students have won the price of 1 lacs too. The award was ended with vote of thanks to all the dignitaries.

Jay Joshi (8th Sem), Darshit Gosaliya (6th Sem), Dipen Ranpara (4th Sem) & Harin Maniyar (2nd Sem) received this award.

Harshita Prajapati and Kanan Trivedi stood 2nd as a team member in Interzonal Volleball tournament on 24-9-2017

On the very date of 24/09/2017, the girls’ volleyball team of V.V.P. Engineering College participated in Volleyball tournament at Interzonal level Sports festival organized by GTU. The tournament was held in SVBIT, Gandhinagar. The girls team of V.V.P. Engineering College had already been winners at Zonal level GTU Sports Festival in Rajkot Zone and hence selected for Inter zonal level. Harshita Prajapati and Kanan Trivedi of 5th EC participated as team members in this competition. Everyone played with their full potential.

5thSem EC Student Falgun Sompura’sachievements in Chess competition organized at Zonal and Interzonal level under GTU Sports Festival

FalgunSompura, student of 5thSem EC had participated in GTU zonal level chess competition held at Darshaninstituition of technology, Rajkot on 22nd September 2017. They were 5 teammates. Their team was amongst 8 team of Rajkot zone. They played 4 rounds (4 matches). They won 3 rounds out of 4 and one round was drawn. Results are as follows

1st round 4-0

2nd round 3-1

3rd round 4-0

4th round 2-2

They secured 1st rank in entire Rajkot zone and got selected to participate at Interzonal level.

These teammates participated in GTU inter-zonal level chess competition held at sabarinstituition of technology, Gandhinagar on 1st October 2017 with full enthusiasm. Their team competed amongst 8 teams. They played for 3 rounds. They won 1 round out of 3. Results were as follows

1st round 4-0

2nd round 0-4

3rd round 1-3

They secured 4th rank in entire state.FalgunSompura secured 7th Rank as an individual in Interzonal Chess Comnpetition.

EC Students outshine in Various Events at National level

Achievements of 5th EC students Milin Parekh & Vivek Shah at NATIONAL LEVEL HACKATHON


Around 17070 online ideas were submitted in this portal and only 455 ideas were selected for further round those were then asked to submit the video explanation of their project so Milin provided them with it, and further only 200 student received the email about the semifinals at pune.

So Milin and his guide Dr. Dipesh Kamdar sat to decide the strategy to be followed at this place so they discussed about the explanation strategy about the robot they had made .

The project to be submitted had to be regarding the Iot theme further classified into different tracks ie: Smart home automation, smart driving experience ,smart wearables, Smart medical assistance.

His project was based on the smart driving experience and they had made a demo model of robotic car which depicts the fancy features which a smart car has.

Then he was asked to bring a member strictly someone was to be brought along so I carried his classmate Vivek Shah along with him to this competition.

Judges panel included the delegates of HONEYWELLL Group of industries and IBM, India.

They were impressed with the new idea of this robot we made and the way they presented them the project including the future scope of their innovation.


Location :-TAJ hotel by VIVANTA,Banglore.

Date:- 8th -9th September,2017.

Task:- It was an ultimately proud moment to know that his team was selected as one of the top 15 teams across the all India.

Here he and Dr.Kamdar developed a turn prediction based self steering system which was appraised there so that was their last end project so technically they were 3rd year students and they had given tough competition to all those of post graduates and final year students,but didn’t managed to get the place in top 10. The exposure they got was super awesome and which ignited a lots of new ideas into their minds.

The prize distribution and awarding ceremony from top 15 team in India.

Harshita Prajapati of 5th EC won Badminton competition at V.V.P. Engineering College, Rajkot

On 30-8-2017, final round of College’s badminton girls championship had been organized

There were 60 girl students from all the departments and only FOUR got selected for the SEMIFINALS. Out of which two girls got an entry in FINALS.

The FIRST position was secured by Ms. Harshita Prajapati (5th sem, EC) which had added a matter of pride for EC Department.

5th SemStudents Achievements at Volleyball event at GTU Zonal Level Sports Festival

On the very date of 18/09/2017, the girl’s volleyball team of VVP Engineering College secured second position in GTU zonal level. The tournament was held in GajeraSankul, Amreli. The team members were Richa, Divya, Harshita, Kanan, Riva, Radhika, Bansi, Nagma.

Harshita and Kanan are presently studying in 5thSem EC.

Everyone played with their full potential. The team is now further going to play interzonals on 24/09/2017.

Outstanding Results of EC Dept.

Congratulations to EC 4th Sem students, Achieve 3rd Rank in Entire GTU and 1st in Zone. 6 students outshines in GTU TOP 10

With 73.68 % result Electronics and communication department stood 1st Rank in Entire Zone and 3rd Rank in GTU in the result of 4th semester. Following students have secured their Ranks in GTU TOP 10.

Dipen Ranpara Secure 1stRank in Entire GTU with CPI 9.41, Nathwani Nisit Secure 4th Rank in Entire GTU with CPI 9.22, Lunagara Mansee Secure 5th Rank in Entire GTU with CPI 9.17, Trivedi Kanan Secure 8th Rank in Entire GTU with CPI 9.10, Kalariya Ayush Secure 8th Rank in Entire GTU with CPI 9.10, Tank Ravi Secure 9th Rank in Entire GTU with CPI 9.09. Analysis wise 12 students obtained 9 above SPI and 33 students obtained 8 above SPI

Congratulations to EC 2nd Sem students, Achieve 1st Rank in Zone. One student outshines in GTU TOP 10

With 75.38 % result Electronics and communication department stood 1st Rank in Entire Zone and 8th Rank in GTU in the result of 2nd semester. Paramar Riddhi has secured 5th Rank in GTU TOP 10 with 9.23 CPI. Analysis wise 19 students have 8 above SPI and 5 students have 9 above SPI.

Skill Development Programs Organised by EC Dept.

WORKSHOP on Hands On Arduino for 3rd Sem EC by Prof.Jignesh Joshi,Prof.Ravin Sardhara and Prof.Nirmal Bhalani on 27th and 28th July 2017

The Arduino Workshop scheduled on 27th and 28th July 2017. The two days were divided in 6 sessions. On the first day of Workshop all students were introduced to embedded systems. Joshi Sir narrated the story of development of Arduino board and its application in everyday life. Afterwards they gave students brief information of components of Arduino board. Starting from basic, the students were given guidance about programming in Arduino. The Basic project performed at first was blinking LED alternately. Second session was held by Prof. Ravin Sardhara. He taught the basic of Proteus Simulation Software. Arduino Boards and various types of sensors and their application were taught to students. By doing hands on, students performed some interesting projects. The third session was held by Prof. Nirmal Bhalani. He taught Digital communication using Arduino. A project was performed to get a clear idea about serial communication. The basic concept of digital transmission and receiving got clear. All students left after taking a assignment as homework.

Second day of the workshop started with discussion of assignment. The first session was held by Joshi sir. They continued the topic of digital communication. But due to Light cut out the workshop was postponed to next day.

The day started with hands on project on seven segments. Students were guided to print 0-9 numbers on seven segment using different techniques. The second session was continued by Prof. Ravin Sardhara. They taught seven segment projects in Proteus simulator. After wards they had hands on project on analog sensors. Students made some projects under guidance of Sir like Traffic light controller, Temperature sensor. The session ended with photo session with HOD and expertise.

WORKSHOP on Networking by Mr.Bhavesh Atara from AIMS Career Solutions

from 24-7-2017 to 25-7-2017

During the first day, the students were taught basic fundamentals of networking like its definition and concept.

They also learnt how to establish a network and classification of networks. They were explained sub netting concepts. They were also introduced briefly about the questions asked during campus interview.

During the second day, the students were taught about the basic features of router. They were given introduction to a simulator –CISCO packet tracer.

Followed by same, Mr. Vishesh Thakar explained them how to establish a network and how to connect two networks by using routers.The students learnt how to configure a router by using same basic commands.

Mr.Bhavesh Atara introduced them an open source simulator GNS3.Using this simulator, he taught them how to connect two routers and configure the same.

He also gave them information about virtualization which means how a real world could be converted to virtual world. He introduced few softwares in relation to same like Vmware tools, SDN(Software defined network), etc.

Last but not the least, a question answer round was conducted on the spot to boost their confidence.

He also motivated students about securing bright career, representing in Interviews and few techniques to be kept in mind while appearing for Interviews.

This workshop proved to be very useful for the Final year students who are at the peak of their preparations for upcoming placement drives.

WORKSHOP ARDUINO- A HANDS ON WORKSHOP for 5th Sem EC From 21-7-2017 to 24-7-2017

Visit This Link:

Day 1

It was the first day of the arduino workshop of 5th sem EC department.Prof. Jaydeep was there to guide and supervise 5th Sem for the same.To accompany him, his junior, Jasmine sir was also there.Initally, he introduced himself and his ferm for which he is working. Then started the introduction about arduino, a development board with all the facilities of interfacing, coding and merging. It is an open source code. He showed them arduino and its types available in the market.He introduced to all the pins available and its variable uses. Then a step ahead was programming. He showed the syntex first and then described some commonly used instructions for the same. All the students did interfacing of

– 1 LED (on and off for once)

-1 LED (on and off in a loop with some delay)

-switch interfacing with 1 LED(on and off as per switching)

-switch interfacing with 2LEDs

and described about the positive output sensors and negative output sensors. At the end of 1st day he gave a task of interfacing 4 motors , 2IR sensors and an LED and make them function as of robot. He also described the importance of interfacing LEDs and switch and told us how practically it is being used


Initially, all discussed about the task given by sir as home work and accomplished it. On this day, initially digital and analog sensors were introduced, its input-output techniques and all.Then sir interfaced LCD with arduino and made all the student perform on a software called PROTEUS.Then was the turn of servo and stepper motor, after discussing about its types and functioning all saw its working. At the end of this session sir taught about PCB designing and its techniques.Last was the feedback round and a group photo session.

On the same day, Nirjaree Vadgama Mam came and taught about real time data logging on SD card with arduino on 3 dimension, with wired and wireless technique.


It was the day for IOT session. A sir named Kashyap Pithwa from the same firm came and taught us about this topic. IOT’s meaning, its use, its applications were introduced.How in recent time, companies are using IOT to get automised were shown. Then another development board named NodeMCU was introduced with inbuilt wifi facility. He showed how different sensors can be interfaced and how message can be transferred from mobile application to the device.Ended with showing a competitive video of robots and lastly with a motivational video.

Path Breaking, 3 days Workshop on IoT organised by E.C. Dept


Visit this Link:

DAY 1 (Following topics were covered)


IoT is also known as internet of things through which we can control the appliance and other heavy machine by remotely.


IoT is the only environment which includes three layers in which perception, network and application layers are included.


Remotely controlling the appliance.


By using sketch and its inbuilt examples Included.

  • WHAT IS NODE Microcontroller?

Node MCU is using the ESP8266 and by its help the SoC is made which is known as NODE MCU.


Programming is done with the help of sketch of Arduino by simply selecting the module in option the format is same as the arduino is worked.


This is done by using the serial library in arduino IDE Serial.begin (Baud rate);


Which is same as the NODE MCU.


By taking all the components and placing it together in protues.


Different baud rates for serial communication for different application as per the modules which are used for the same.

DAY 2 (Following topics were covered)


Sensors and its classification based on Nature.

Main two types 1) Digital Sensors 2) Analog Sensors.

The sensors which includes only two state in terms of its output than this type of sensors can be classified into Digital in Nature.

Were the output which is not in fixed manner it varies in particular range than that all the sensors are analog in nature


This practical is done by using the AVR board using the potentiometer of its and the LED for other purpose.


Programming with sketch and other software like mosquito.

Checking the interconnection within the network offline and online.


NoT is the network which can be used for low range and limited communication like LAN connection the appliance which are in intra network that can be controlled by this type of connection.


This type of network can control the things from anywhere, anytime and at anyplace.

This can be done by connection of internet which is compulsion for this type of connection.


This is the board which has very different property than arduino which includes case of Memory, Speed, SoC.

While in case of arduino we doesn’t have any facility for make it IoT directly.


It is software which helps to communicate the NODE MCU as to make the application through it and controlling of appliance by UI. Likewise SCADA.


MQTT is very light protocol which means no more latency and which directly indicates that it consumes very low bandwidth.

Media Coverage

Congratulations to EC 6th Sem students, Achieve 3rd Rank in Entire GTU and 1st in Zone. 6 students outshines in GTU TOP 10

With 93.05 % result Electronics and communication department stood 1st Rank in Entire Zone and 3rdRank in GTU in the result of 6th semester. Sparkling stars who glitters in GTU are mentioned below.

Parth Sopariya Secure 1st Rank in Entire GTU with CPI 9.37, Darshit Gosaliya Secure 2nd Rank in Entire GTU with CPI 9.36, Panikar Anjali Secure 4th Rank in Entire GTU with CPI 9.23, Sagar Dixit Secure 5th Rank in Entire GTU with CPI 9.22, Bhatt Ravi Secure 7th Rank in Entire GTU with CPI 9.09, Rupareliya Hima Secure 8th Rank in Entire GTU with CPI 9.08. Analysis wise 8 students obtained 9 above SPI and 47 students obtained 8 above SPI.