A Seminar on Skill To Excel by Mr.Rahul Dangar for 7th Semester Students on 28th June, 2016

Under the able guidance of the principal of VVP Engineering College, Dr. Sachin Parikh, there was a seminar on SKILL TO EXCEL held for 7thsemester students as they are going to start the journey of their professional life after completing their graduation shortly. Our college always provides the students ample guidance and motivation and as a part of it, a seminar was held for them on 28th June, 2016. It was observed that our students are strong enough as far as their technical knowledge is concerned but they require brushing up of their soft skills. In light of such requirement, the college has invited Mr.Rahul Dangar to provide appropriate guidance to the students of 7th semester on the importance of soft skill in professional life.

Dr.Urja Mankad (Asst. Prof. English) welcomed guest and threw light on the importance of soft skills and how this seminar will help them to enhance their soft skills for their professional life.

Mr. Rahul Dangar who is a renowned and approved trainer form Dale Carnegie Finishing School, has successfully guided our students for the same and deliberately threw a light importance of soft skills to speed up their professional development. He conducted a few activities for the same and at last, he interacted with students and clarified their doubts.

Initially, he explained how vital it is to have soft skills in professional life and what would be the consequence of it if one lacks in it. To explain his point of view, he used the examples of Warren Buffet and his fear of giving a presentation and how he overcame it using simple technique of soft skills.

Then, He emphasized and explained about T.C.R (Trust, Credibility, and Respect) and it’s importance in professional life, he cited an example of Narayan Murthy had to fire 6 ( Six) C.A due to lack of their soft skills though they were excellent in their technical knowledge.

He provided guidance on interview and interview mannerism and how to handle it successfully. Further , he talked about 30 tips that could help the students immediately through their interpersonal skills. A good grip over public speaking, confidence building, remaining in touch with the current affairs and their discussions are some of them.

He explicated the effective use of body language during the interview and about the Triangle of Success of attitude, knowledge and skill.

He threw a light on the effective use of attitude and he explained the cycle of growth and change.
At last the seminar was concluded with vote of thanks by Dr. Urja Mankad, followed by the National Anthem.


V.V.P. Engineering College has been providing the best platform for the students to flourish. In the institute efforts have been made not just to provide technical knowledge to the students but to create employability in them. The chairman of the institute Shree Pravinkaka, trustee Shree Harshalbhai and Principal Dr. Sachin Parikh have a great vision to equip the students in such a way that they all can compete with the 21st century globe in the best possible way.
In the institute students are provided with many soft skills development programmes, so that they can perform well during the interview and even after getting the job they can give their best at work. As a part of it the seminar entitled, “Ideas and Innovations that Changed the World” was held on 8/8/2015. The speaker of the day was Ms. Tanvi Gadoya.

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Ms. Tanvi Gadoya is a motivational speaker, trainer, anchor, writer and voracious reader. She is co-editor of quarterly magazine ‘Premdevo Bhava’ and also writes for ‘Sorthi Shrushti’. She has learned panic healing, psychotherapy, angel therapy and hypnotherapy. She conducts training programme on soft skills development for students and professionals, women empowerment, leadership development, parenting teachers’ training as well as motivational programme.

A huge number of students took part in the seminar. It was a wonderful experience for them. Ms. Tanvi Gadoya explained very effectively how out of million ideas, only few can bring change in the world. She co-related this idea by giving examples of the founder of the compnies like Gillete, Nescafe, Microsoft, Ford, Rasgulla and Coca-cola. She motivated the students by sharing some of the life stories of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and talked about his ideas in The Wings of Fire. She made the seminar interesting by some brainstorming exercises where the students took active part and found them worthy and interesting.


Dr. Urja Mankad coordinated the seminar well and made it possible to happen in a successful manner. Dr. Sachin Parikh, Principal of V.V.P. Engineering College also attended the seminar and boosted the enthusiasm of the students. Dr. Darshita Dave hosted the seminar gracefully. At the end Dr. Urja Mankad concluded the seminar by delivering vote of thanks to Ms. Tanvi Gadoya.