Congratulations to Team EC !!! Outshines in SMART INDIA HACKTHON 2017

Smart India Hackthon 2017 was the biggest Digital Movement across INDIA.

Event Criteria:

  1. There should be 6 members is a group.
  2. Each group should have at least one girl member.

Team Members:

  1. Darshit Gosaliya 2. Parth Sankhavara 3. Harsh Vavaiya 4. Dipen Ranpara
  2. Doshi Meet 6. Poorva Vadgama

Their Problem Statement was “Implement Secure Data Transfer using Steganography” which belonged to ISRO (Indian space research organization) Ministry.

There were 315 students across different places of India competing there. There was a “PM interaction session” where our honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi interacted with the students via Video call. He had a word with students about their problem statement and the solution on which they were working.  They also had interview with the media where they briefed them about our problem statement.

There were several counselling and judgement round for each team. During those rounds they had to explain and demonstrated about the work they had done and according to that the judged them. On 2nd April there was power judgement where they gave a live demonstration to the judges about their product. The judging panel included members of ISRO.

Each Participant along with their mentors got Memento and Certificates from Mr. A.S. Kiran kumar, Director of ISRO. It was a proud moment having such dignities around them.

Sparkling result of Computer Engineering Department



Department Rank
GTU Rank Zone Rank
BE SEM 1 81.16% 4th 1st
SEM 3 87.01% 1st 1st
SEM 5 95.77% 3rd 2nd
SEM 7 98.67% 6th 3rd
ME SEM 1 66.66% 17th 4th
SEM 3 91.67% 17th 5th



Palan Shreyas – 1st in GTU CE Branch

Makadia Heli – 3rd in GTU CE Branch

Shihora Preya – 7th in GTU CE Branch



Dhruve Madhav – 5th in GTU CE Branch



Fataniya Khyati – 1st in GTU All Branch

Kiyada Sudev – 4th in GTU CE Branch

Vora Kalindi – 6th in GTU CE Branch



Parmar Krishna – 3rd in GTU CE Branch



Barai Dishita – 1st in GTU CE Branch

Vidja Nidhi – 2nd in GTU CE Branch

Kasundhara Sweta – 4th in GTU CE Branch

Congratulations to EC Department students : won 1st Rank in Interdepartmental Competition

Congratulations to  EC Department students : won 1st Rank  in Interdepartmental Competition on 8-4-2017

Electronics and communication department maintain the legacy of giving 100 % in every field. Even in the cultural program EC students’ outshined and won 1st Rank. Participants name:  Johnson Yarlagadda, Vikas Gohel, Uday Makwana, Parth Soparia, Kishan Kava, Krupali Patel, Parth May and Param Solanki, Theme participants : Anchita Dogra, Grishma Bechara and Akshay Vekaria

EC Department Winners at MU-FEST 2017 at Marwadi University

EC Department Winners at MU-FEST 2017 at Marwadi University



Participants:   Hem Patel and Raj Kugasia

Position achieved: 1st rank.

Circuitrix event was held in Marwadi University, Rajkot on 7-8 April of 2017. This event was divided in three rounds. First round was multi choice questioned based test. In which they provided them a test paper, in the time limit of 20 minutes. After this round they selected 10 teams among all participated teams. In second round organizers has given them circuit diagram which was differential amplifier and give them a task to perform that circuit diagram on multisim software. Result of this round was declared on the basis of output and time required to create it. Above both rounds was held on 7th April. Third/final round was held on next day 8th April. At the end of second round organizers selected 5 teams among 10 teams. In final round they had to complete one circuit diagram and component which are used to make circuit. They had to make it as fast as possible in working condition. After making the complete circuit external judge ask them some questions regarding operation occurs in circuit. Final result was declared on the basis of time required to make circuit, cleanliness of circuit and answering of judge’s questions. They got 1st rank in this event. They made final round circuit in just 27 minutes.

Participants:   Darshan Trivedi and Nishit Nathwani

Position achieved: 2nd rank.

    They could make final round circuit in just 30 minutes.


Participants:   Milin Parekh ,Vivek Shah (4th Sem)

Position achieved: 3rd rank. Cash prize was awarded of Rs.600

They made automatically controlled robot which could follow the given black line as per the track provide in the competition. They have spent much time in the programming to make it efficient and bug free.  Out of all the 15 teams they secured third position.


Participants: Milin Parekh ,Darshan Trivedi,Nishit Nathwani.

Position achieved: 2nd rank Cash prize was awarded of Rs.1000

They have to make a waterproofed robot which could run on water and pass the entire obstacle and complete the track on given estimated time. Out of all the 17 teams they secured first position among teams of other colleges.

Congratulations to Team EC Glitters in Co-curricular activity : WON Swachchh Bharat Award

Congratulations to Team EC Gliters in Co-curricular activity : WON Swachchh Bharat Award
On the day “Gandhi Jayanti”, The Swatch Bharta mission (Prayasn) was held in Rajkot. This campain was held by government between 2ndoct ‘16 to 7thapr ’17.The main aim was to make city clean before 5th June (world env. day). Our college participated in this swatch mission. Our “VVP EC” group of 9 people had taken charge for cleaning “bus stand behind area”. They cleaned that much area with full enthusiasms. And they also set banners to aware people “to keep city clean”. As per rule they went there alternatively 2 times by 20 days gap cleaning purpose.
For their good work, government appreciated them with reward 5000/- at 5th rank in Rajkot as name “VVP College”. Name of students: Pankaj Gupta, Sanchaniya Vinit, Aameta Abhishek, Sonigara Hiren, Somaiya Prashant, Chavda Keval, Pandya Rutvik, Chauhan Milan, Prem kumar.


BIG BREAKING NEWS: EC dept. placement Cross the Magical figure of 50, Continue the tradition

Excellence in Placement has now indeed been the tradition of Electronics and Communication Engineering Department, V.V.P. Engineering College, Rajkot. Since FIVE consecutive years, above 50 students have got placements during their studies in final semester. This time, by the month of April 2017, 50 students are already placed in MNCs and well-known companies and core groups for the branch like Matrix Comsec, e-Infochips, Syntel, Sattrix, ORPAT group, Yudiz, Rang Technologies, Microlink Solutions, Embicon Techhub and more.

Visit Also (2017 batch placement) :

2017 Batch 56 students has been Placed

Sr. No.Name of CompanyCount
2Matrix Comsec9
6Rang technologies4
7ORPAT Group2
10Embicon Tech Hub2
11Microlink Solutions2
12Ishan Group6
13Advanteck Sol1
15Pheonix Technology1
17Integration Point1
19Mahavir Comm4
20Telesiya NW3
21Intellimedia Networks1
23Idea Tech Er.2