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Laboratory of General Biotechnology (GB – Lab)

Biotechnology is the emerging and most sought branch of applied sciences. General biotechnology encompasses all ingredients required for conduction of experiments in basic and advanced areas of biotechnology. V.V.P. Engineering College – Rajkot, has developed its “Laboratory of General Biotechnology” to train its biotechnology students in this fusion area of research and development.
Laboratory of Plant Biotechnology (PB-Lab)

Plant Tissue Culture is a promising area of Agricultural Biotechnology. The demand for tissue culture products and bioengineered crops is expanding exponentially. V.V.P. Engineering College – Rajkot, as a pioneer of engineering biotechnology studies in Gujarat, has built a “Laboratory of Plant Biotechnology” with adequate infrastructure, to train its biotechnology students in the various facets of plant tissue culture research and development.

Bio-informatics Laboratory (BI-Lab)

Bio-informatics has opened the new vista in the field of dry research. The management and analysis of vast genomic data emanating out from different genome projects are not possible without the aid of bio-informatics. Keeping these developments in view, V.V.P. Engineering College – Rajkot, has built a separate “Bio-informatics Laboratory” with required infrastructure, to facilitate smooth training to its biotechnology students, in the different domains of bio-informatics research and development.

Laboratory of Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB – Lab)

Cell constitutes the structural and functional unit of all forms of life, and molecules like DNA and proteins occupy the centre stage for all activities of life. Biotechnological research revolves around the deeper understanding of cells and molecules of life. V.V.P. Engineering College – Rajkot, has developed the “Laboratory of Cell and Molecular Biology” to impart training to its biotechnology students in these basic areas of biotechnological research and development.

Laboratory of Fermentation Technology (FT – Lab)

Fermentation Laboratory is equipped with different instruments such as Laminar Air Flow, Orbital shaker and Lab scale fermentor. It is used to carry out various fermentation processes for the production of industrially important bioproducts.
Laboratory of Environment Biotechnology (EB – Lab)

This laboratory has international standard equipments like spectrophotometers, COD reactor, TOC reactor, BOD track, Lead Track, Auto Titrator, Arsenic Generator, BOD Incubator, Digester, High Volume Sampler, Stack Monitoring Kit, Noise Level Meter etc.

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