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In the broadest sense, biotechnology is the application of living organisms or parts of organisms to improve, modify, or produce products or processes for specific uses. Modern biotechnology began when recombinant human insulin was first marketed in the United States in 1982. In the past few decades, techniques in biotechnology have expanded to include genetic engineering. With this technology scientists can move genetic material of one organism into another. The genetic insert can allow the organism to express desired characteristics. A wide variety of organisms can now be routinely altered in such ways, and the diversity of traits that can be conferred is nearly limitless.

To facilitate overall development in the field of biotechnology through excellent academic environment with emphasis on undergraduate research attitude using better classroom methodology in order to match the pace with this continuously updating world’s top most VVP Engineering College aims towards excellency in this potential area and thereby promises socio-economic upliftment of society.

We are conscious of the fact that harvesting the roots of biotechnology is merely a task representing knowledge base creation and that is why preference is given here to continuous up gradation of the knowledge and its exposure to face challenges of real word intensively under the programmes like expert lecture series, industrial visits and industrial trainings.

Four years of B E program in biotechnology covers the application in various fields like Agriculture, Marine, Environment, Forestry, Process Industry, Pharma, Health care etc through latest trends in Recombinant DNA Techniques, Fermentation, Tissue Culture, Cell Biology, Metabolic Engineering to name a few.

The only and the top department of the best V V P Engineering College in Gujarat Technological University GTU, Rajkot and Gujarat strives to gift the best of the biotechnology engineers of the future and their knowledge at the doorstep of society.


The Bio-Technology Engineering Department tenders a distinctive identity in upgrading the laboratory infrastructure and course content to match the pace with the recent advancements and milestones achieved in the field. The vision of the Department is to enhance learning environment, secure learning outcomes and instill research mind-set amongst the students. The cohesive and cooperative team of well-experienced faculties provides all the necessary and required guidance and encouragement to the students to make them creative, innovative and competent professionals in the field of Bio-Technology Engineering.


The mission of Bio-Technology Engineering Department includes:

    • To provide the country world-class Biotechnology Engineers.
    • To enable the students to take up practical challenges.
    • To provide the students value-based and relevant education in the field of Biotechnology Engineering.
    • To identify, explore and nurture the inherent potential of our students for serving the country in a better way.
    • To make the students achieve their career ambitions and life goals.

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