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The Department of Civil Engineering is building a Community of Scholars and a Culture of Excellence. It is this focus on academic excellence that makes civil engineering program one of the most recognizable and respected programs in the country. The department of civil engineering is equipped with latest technology and laboratories to cater the needs of future trends in construction, structural, environmental, transportation engineering etc. The department is having the strong industrial tie-up by giving our expertise in material testing and consultancy work.

LABs in Our Department

Sr. No.Name of the LABSemesterDiscription
1Building construction4th1.Building models
2.Foundaton models
3.Doors models
4.Windows models
5.Stair case models
6.Truss models
7.Bricks models
8.Cassin models etc.
2Engineering Geology4th 1.Rocks specimen (50 nos.)
2. Mineral specimen (73 nos.)
4.Geological models
3Advance Surveying4th1. Total  Station
4Concrete Technology3rd1.Lechatlier  moulds
2.Cube moulds
3.density basket
4. Blairis air permeability Apparatur
5.Hydrometer dial type
6.Sieve shaker
3.Ranging Rods
3.Prismatic Compass
4.Sruveyor Copmass
5.Line Ranger
6.Optical Sqauar
7.Open Cross Staff
11.Tripod stand
12.Dumpy Levels
13.Levelling Staff
15.Prism Squares

LABs Under Development

Sr. No.Name of the LABSemesterDescription
1Geotechnical Engineering5th1.Balance
3. Casagrande’s standard liquid limit device.
4.Grooving tool.
5.Evaporating discs
6. Cylindrical metal mould
7.Metal Rammer
8.Cylindrical core cutter
10.Containers etc.
2Highway  engineering5th1.Los angels abrasion testing machine
2.CBR testing machine
3.Flakiness and elongation test apparatus
4.Marshall stability test apparatus
5.Impact test apparatus
6.Flash and fire point test apparatus
7.Crushing value apparatus
8.Bitumen mixer
9.Tar viscometer
10.Ring and ball apparatus
11. Centrifugal extractor
12.Automatic compactor

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