-- V.V.P. Family mourns over the sudden demise of the chairman Shri Pravin Kaka

-A Luminous Personality, Visionary Academician; Believing In & Follower Of “Rashtray Swaha Idam Na Mamah”.

-- May his soul Rest in Peace


-- V.V.P. Family mourns over the sudden demise of our Trustee Shri Sanjaybhai Maniar

-- May strong, stable, sober, silent and supportive Sanjaybhai always guide us through his touchstone quality.

-- May his soul Rest in Peace

Best Projects

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Best Projects 2014-15

1) Rajkot City Alert

The title of our project is “Rajkot city alert” it is an android based mobile application.using this application user can get any updates related to rajkot city.Their are many different menus available like news updates, movies updates, daily discount offers,and downloading.This means whenever user will use this application they will get everything about the city from the palm of their hand.

2) surveillance system using Microcomputer and cloud services

The main aim of this project is to develop a surveillance system using Microcomputer and cloud services. The system will record videos and automatically upload it to cloud storage. User can access these recordings from an android device using this system’s android application.

The system provides the following features:-

  • Start or stop recordings
  • View recordings from cloud storage
  • Download recordings from cloud storage
  • Changing the resolution of the video being recorded

Using this system user don’t need to have a dedicated computer for managing and storing the data because the data will be stored in cloud and all operations are performed using a low cost system.


 ‘MUNERIS’ is a Latin word which means services. This project helps people to get all services such as service of plumber, electrician, etc and buy daily grocery and vegetables online and get home delivery for free. Thus this can also be called ‘EVERTHING AT YOUR DOOR STEP’. “MUNERIS” is bridges the gap between people who do not have sufficient time for home management as well as for buying necessary things in home and people who provides these types of services or sale these types of good. Service providers and necessary good sellers will register themselves in our site. Clients will ask for services and goods. at that time “project title” will send sale or service provider nearest to client(using GPS) that mean our “project title” will give sufficient services and business to business people and satisfactory services and good to our client. So scope of our project

  1. One stop solution for all of your home services and home demand.
  2. Provide work to service and good providers
  3. Provide service and good to our clients
  4. Client can create wish list of their daily needs
  5. It reduce work load of our clients.

Best Project 2015-2016

1. Efficient and Reusable Aid providing mechanism for accidents in automobiles.

The system developed will be installed in any auto-mobile and will inform the Medical bodies for aid provision at the time of accidents without any external triggering.

The system will get activated once it senses enough thrash to conclude the occurrence of accidents and thus will activate the rest of the system.

The rest of the system includes a GPS module used to fetch the current location and will inform to the Medical Aid (Ambulance Services) as well as relatives or friends via SMS or any other relevant internet independent service.

The main goal of this system is achieve reusability unlike systems like Air-bag triggers which are one-time use. Moreover it will be as inexpensive as possible which will mean that it can be afforded by most people to get it installed in their vehicle.

2. Project “Kalarav” – The step towards Baby Care

The Application’s main aim is to help a society via noble cost. The application is helping system which is handle by parents. It means main feature of this application is a parent help to other parent.

The application are aimed to provide the help during perinatal period means it provide all the help to parent which need in perinatal period e.g Information on diet, can ask question to maternity doctor any time.

Other features are vaccination alert system for parents, A Good Memory keeper album, games for child brain development etc.

So this how my web application can help first as there is blog & discussion forum to answer any queries of parents, than if parent register with application than there are online bay product store and Babysitter hiring service as well as vaccination alert system. If more help is needed than live chat with doctor is also available there and so many things which can’t be explain in words….

3. V.V.P College ERP

Any college includes large number of students and staff members, hence it is bit tough to manage all the details of students and staff members. As a result this project named as VVP Engineering College ERP is a small try from our side to reduce manual work and make the system online and user friendly. This ERP is easy to use and no such technical knowledge is required for accessing or using this ERP. Further interaction among staff members is made easy and purely web based. As the ERP is web based it can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

VVP Engineering College has organized project fair as part of make in India concept. Many top level projects have been demonstrated by different department students. Computer engineering students also showcase their project and got good response from various stockholders and well from Rajkot city people.


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