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National level ISTE approved & GTU Sponsored STTP on “IoT and Micropython”, 30th October to 4th November, 2017

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National Level STTP on Internet of Things (IOT)

Carrying out research requires a lots of understanding and in-depth knowledge about the problem at hand. Major research areas emerging in the field of Computer Science and Technology are Distributed Computing, Wireless Communication Networks, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, etc. To carry out research in this domain requires study of various tools in order to carry out the experimental and then the final implementation. Most of the tools are not a part of the curriculum in BE as well as ME syllabus for most of the universities.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects—devices, vehicles, buildings and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity—that enables these objects to collect and exchange data. The Internet of Things allows objects to be sensed and controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure, creating opportunities for more direct integration of the physical world into computer-based systems, and resulting in improved efficiency, accuracy and economic benefit. When IoT is augmented with sensors and actuators, the technology becomes an instance of the more general class of cyber-physical systems, which also encompasses technologies such as smart grids, smart homes, intelligent transportation and smart cities. Each thing is uniquely identifiable through its embedded computing system but is able to interoperate within the existing Internet infrastructure. Experts estimate that the IoT will consist of almost 50 billion objects by 2020.

Vedanta Reboot 2016 – Computer Engineering Department


As a measure of providing better understanding to our students regarding the applied aspects of technology and Computer Science, to impart education effectively and create skilled and knowledgeable manpower, who finally find place in industries. Every year we are organizing Industrial tour.


Computer Engineering Department has organized “Google Applied CS with Android” workshop. Applied Computer Science with Android is a Google initiative to help university students understand and apply computer science concepts using the Android platform. The workshop revisits concepts from Data Structures and Algorithms, as well as Artificial Intelligence. We use Android as a platform for development because it’s modern, has an easy to use graphical interface. Students develop various puzzle game and application that use computer science concept.

STTP on Developing and Managing IT Infrastructure for Large Organizations

From: 15 – 19 December 2014

Creating IT infrastructure for large organizations requires lot of issues to be addressed. Major challenges faced for developing IT infrastructures concerns data acquisition, computing platforms, data storage architectures, compute provisioning and management, networks and communication, and data analytic. The advancement in recent technologies is very rapid and it is vital that new generation’s engineers are formed with adequate skills and expertise in modern programming platforms, develop cost-effective, consistent and secure computer infrastructures for handling large organizational data, performing accurate simulations; and sharing data across thousands of scientists and engineers using modern techniques.

Chief Patron

Shri Pravinbhai Maniar Chairman, VVP EC


Dr. Sachin Parikh Principal, VVP EC


1. Dr. T. P. Patalia HOD, CE Department

2. Prof. G. H. Mulchandani Asst. Prof. CE Department

3. Prof. S. H. Virani Asst. Prof. CE Department

Short Term Training Program (STTP) On CHK ‘N’ MAT

14th to 18th, December 2015

This STTP helps the participants to familiarize themselves with the various Research Tools and their applications in engineering research which would shape their research work in the proper direction. The program is aim to assist researchers to understand about emerging tools with hands on sessions on CloudSIM, TinyOS, Hadoop, SNORT, WEKA, MATLAB,Cloud Computing, N Unit Testing etc.

Chief Patron

Shri Pravinbhai Maniar Chairman, VVP EC


Dr. Sachin Parikh Principal, VVP EC


  1. Dr. T. P. Patalia HOD, CE Department


  1. Prof. G. H. Mulchandani Asst. Prof. CE Department
  2. Prof. S. H. Virani Asst. Prof. CE Department

Seminars, Expert Lectures & Work shops 

SrTitle of activityDateSemesterNo of ParticipantsExpert Person
1Study in Abroad(Canada)27-01-164th60Vasu Ukani
2Study in Abroad(USA)22-01-164th76Kunal Relia
3How to prepare for interview 24-09-157th77Rajesh Vinadiya
4Entrepreneurship Development program on Human resource management07-09-155th40Mr. M.M. Jani
5Entrepreneurship awareness program31-07-155th222Mr. M.M. Jani
6Earn While you learn Revenue generation through blogging07-08-15All Students500Mr. Akshay Makadiya & Team
7Career option after engineering 10-07-155th78Mr. Hemang Patel
8Seminar on Salesforce 03-07-157th62Pranjal Raval
9Guideline regarding awareness & benefits of GATE Examination 29-06-157th60Kalpesh sir
10Seminar on Android technologies29-06-157th66Mr. Bhargav Gujarati
11 Motivational session for future studies27-06-157th53Alay Shah, Fenny , Darshi
12Seminar on Vocabulary23-06-157th64Javed Malik
13Seminar on Future Planning30-03-156th41Atul Modi
14Expert Lecture on Android and Ethical Hacking03-02-158th63Hardik Patel
15career options after graduation27-02-15All Students150Career Launcher
16Aptitude test & guidance on PHP19-02-158th73Kalpesh Thaker
17Seminar on Ethical Hacking13-02-156th36Bhargav Gujrati
18TCS campus aptitude GD PI Practice02-03-156th32Alay Shah
19Data Mining and ware house and C Language28-01-156th59Abhushek Poojara
20Expert Lecture on Vocabulary29-01-154th65Javed Malek
21Seminar on Resume Writing and PI20-09-147th12Javed malek
22Seminar on Internet for all08-05-144th52Rakesh Kamalia
23Discussion about Smart City13-09-147th16Vvp Faculties
24Seminar on Career Orientation in IT and Hardware09-10-145th28Deepak Dayma
25Awareness session for Competitive Exam08-07-145th69Kalpesh Thakkar
26Expert Lecture on Big Data and Analytics on SAS Technology08-06-147th50Umang patel
27Awareness session for IDP,UDP and Latest Trends02-08-145th22Sameer Amrutiya
28Lecture Series on C,C++06-10-143rd30Viraj Daxini, Chirag Patel
29Seminar on Innovation and Pattern Generation31-03-14ME Students54Dr. Ketan Kotecha
30Accreditation Awareness04-09-14Faculty Members150Dr. Joshi
31Seminar on Government Jobs24-01-146th55Career Launcher
32Career options after engineering17-01-146th59Ankit Parmar
33GDPI and resume building17-01-146th37Endavour
34How to prepare for interview 01-08-135th56Career Launcher
35Career Launcher Seminar13-07-137th56Career Launcher
36IDP UDP Seminar26-07-137th58HCL
37Seminar on Android04-12-135th60Jay Agravat
38Workshop on application development methods20-03-136th52Mark Infoway
39Seminar on IBPS,IB,SSC,UPSC,GPSC15-02-136th51Career Launcher
40Deployment of ASP.NET website02-07-138th63Mr. Sunny
41Seminar on Computer Graphics24-01-126th67N. M. Patel
42Seminar on GATE02-07-126th61Gate Forum
43Seminar on advance technology02-09-128th25Romit Gadiay
44Opersre Tech02-12-124th13RajKumar
45Seminar on Cloud Computing31-03-124th & 6th40Jetking
46IDP,UDP Seminar21-07-125th35Hiranmay Mahnata
47Seminar on Ethical Hacking29-08-123rd & 5th63Sunny vaghela
48Seminar on CDAC09-07-127th62CDAC
49IPhone App Development29-09-127th25AppOCraze
50Interview Tech10-10-125th53TIMES
51Seminar on Advance .NET12-10-127th61Pentalink
52The great mind challenge of IBM17-11-117th60Ms. Zalak
53Workshop on PlacementOctober 5,2011 to October 6,20117th55Sachin Sehgal & Group
54Seminar on Advance JAVA Technology30-09-117th61HCL Technologies
55Seminar on hardware and networking30-09-115th61HCL Technologies
56Seminar on .net framework09-10-117th50TOPS technology
57Workshop on PlacementAugust 31,2011 to September 5,20117th50Sachin Sehgal & Group
58Departmental seminar,workshop on JAVA01-07-115th60Mr. Shivanshu Mehta (working with Mr. Sachin sehgal)
59Expert talk on Placement08-06-117th55Sachin Sehgal & Group
60Seminar on Cyber security30-07-115th50Mr. Sunny vaghela
61Departmental seminar,workshop on DBMS (normalization) and oracle architecture01-07-113rd60Mr. Shivanshu Mehta (working with Mr. Sachin sehgal)
62Expert talk on interview skill01-07-115th55Sachin Sehgal & Group
63Departmental seminar,workshop on I-phone programming and application development01-03-118th60Mr. Gargi Das of
64Departmental seminar on Social media01-03-116th60Mr. Ritesh Ambastha of
65Departmental seminar on Open source technology01-03-116th60Rishabh pandya memorial Inst.
66Departmental seminar on linux and open source25-02-116th50Mr. Vikram Patel
67Departmental seminar on Information and network security01-01-116th55Appin Technology
68Departmental seminar on Inside the laptop01-09-106th65Mr. Toliya
69Seminar on Cyber Security09-01-094th50Mr. Sunny Vaghela
70Expert Lecture on JAVA01-04-096th55Kaushik Karia
71Expert Lecture on .NET01-04-096th55Mr. Prabhjyotsingh from BSP Information System
72College level Seminar on Computer Networking 01-04-09All Students180D-Link & Geo Integrators Pvt. Ltd.
73Seminar on Ethical Hacking01-03-09All Students160Mr. Ankit Fadia
74Work shop on Hardware & Networking01-03-08All Students184Jetking Pvt. Ltd. Rajkot
75Expert Lecture on .NET01-03-088th50Dr. Ashish Jani
76Expert Lecture on C++ SQL .NET & JAVA01-03-086th55Bisag Gandhinagar
77Workshop on Computer Hardware01-12-075th55ECIT, A Govt. Undertaking Organization Rajkot
78Expert Lecture on .NET01-09-077th50Mr. N.M. Gambhava
79Expert Lecture on Project Management01-10-077th60Dr. N.D. Jotwani
80Expert Lecture on Compiler Design01-10-077th55 Mr. Ketan Kotecha

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Industrial Visits visit PlaceNumber Of StudentsSemesterDate
1Balaji Wafers Rajkot603rd13-10-16
2Ace Infoway Rajkot605th20-08-16
3IPR Gandhinagar657th11-07-16
4BSNL RTTC Vidhansabha576th16-03-16
5BSNL RTTC508th20-02-16
8Balaji industries553rd17-07-15
10Balaji industries593rd09-09-14
17Plasma Research Ahmedabad607thOct-10
18BSNL Rajkot603rdApr-10
19Plasma Research Ahmedabad607thOct-09
20Plasma Research Ahmedabad607thOct-08
21Plasma Research Ahmedabad607thOct-07
22BSNL Rajkot603rdOct-06
23ISRO Ahmedabad607thOct-06
24Ice Net Pvt Ltd603rdOct-05
25Plasma Research Ahmedabad607thOct-04