-- V.V.P. Family mourns over the sudden demise of the chairman Shri Pravin Kaka

-A Luminous Personality, Visionary Academician; Believing In & Follower Of “Rashtray Swaha Idam Na Mamah”.

-- May his soul Rest in Peace


-- V.V.P. Family mourns over the sudden demise of our Trustee Shri Sanjaybhai Maniar

-- May strong, stable, sober, silent and supportive Sanjaybhai always guide us through his touchstone quality.

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Tremendous Placement In History of ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING in JOB FAIR 2017

Electronics and Communication Dept.

Achieved Glorious Bench mark of 50 above Placements since last 5 years!!!

WINS Commune

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WirelessInformation and NetworkSystem (WINS)

 WINS,Wireless Information and Network System is a research group active in Computer Engineering department. Research is one of the main pillars of any educational institute. Wireless network is a growing area in computer field. All network related research activities will be monitored within this research group. Main purpose of this group is to motivate undergraduate and master level students about Wireless Computer Network research activities. This research group will perform many activities such as


These cell responsibilities to aware students about patent drafting exercise. This cell will be monitored and study different patent related to network field.

1) Starteddrafting patent on hybrid sensor network protocol LEACH by prof. Naren Tada and Prof.Chiragpatel

B). Publication Cell

This cell will perform activities regarding publication of research paper, books related to wireless computer network.

1)Two research paper published in reputed journal springer 2016.

C). Tools Cell

This cell will learn and explore network tools such as so that research. NS2 (Network simulator 2), NS3 (Network simulator 3),TinyOS( Sensor network),Kontiki OS (Sensor Network),Sumo (VANET tool).

1) NS2 and NS3 configured by master research scholar of computer engineering department.

D). Author Biography

This cell study biography and research done by popular author across world.

1) Studied prof. Raj Jain research work by students

2) Explore 802.11 standard as literature survey.

2) Master students has explore the work done by Stanford university prof. Philip Lewis

Members (Faculties):

1 Dr. Tejas Patalia
2 Naren Tada
3 Chirag Patel


  • Wireless Ad-hoc Network
  • Wireless Sensor Network
  • Vehicular Ad-hoc network
  • Wireless Embedded System
  • InterOfThings (IoT)

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