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Short Term Training Program on “Inside Android Phone: Hardware & Software” in Association with Poojara Telecom Pvt. Ltd., Rajkot

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Short Term Training Program on Recent trends in Android Applications Development and Advancements in Brain Machine Technology

Electronics and Communication Department of V.V.P. Engineering College, Rajkot had organized STTP on “Recent trends in Android Applications Development and Advancements in Brain Machine Technology” from 5th to 9th January 2015.

 Major highlights of this STTP were:

  • Real time hardware demonstration of Brain Machine Technology
  • Commitment of development of Android Applications by the participants was fulfilled
  • Developed Android Application was uploaded on Google Play Store during the days of STTP
  • Each Registered Participant received an Android based Smart Phone with dual front/back camera, Power Bank, TATA DOCOMO SIM Card credited with 3G Data Pack and Calling Balance as complimentary gifts


Chief Guests of the Inaugural function of STTP, Senior HR Manager Mr. Anish Dholakiya, Reliance Industries – Jamnagar and Center Head Mr. Parag Shah NCVT, Rajkot were present to wish successful accomplishment of the STTP.

In Inauguration Function, the Enlightening of Lamp (Wireless Deep Prgatya) was done using Robotics, Bluetooth technology and Android Mobile App. The chief guests have clicked on Mobile Android App and using wireless technology there was a enlightening of lamp.

A live demo of Brain Machine Technology was given by Mr. Mohit Vora, an expert from a premier Industry during STTP.

As EC Department of VVP Engineering College, Rajkot is famous for Wireless Deep Pragatya using various technologies, this time EC Department demonstrates Wireless Deep Pragatya with add on feature of Brain Machine Technology.


EC Department and Mr. Mohit Vora, an industrial expert invited for STTP, made the Lamp enlightening (Wireless Deep Pragatya) possible by detecting the thoughts in the mind of a person who wears the brain mapping device. The person wearing the brain sensor, when thinks, the brain sensor accept the input from the thought, process it and sends appropriate Bluetooth signal to receiver through embedded system. The specialized hardware receiver consist of heat sensing material and capable to receive Bluetooth signal to enlighten the lamp (Wireless Deep Pragatya). This Wireless Deep Pragatya had been the eye catching highlight of the Inaugural function.

Media team specially visited the EC department to see the live demonstration of Brain Machine Technology. They were highly impressed by the demonstration and appreciated it greatly.

STTP got wide media coverage by leading news papers like Gujarat Samachar, Divya Bhaskar, Sandesh, etc

Application Developed During STTP

Various applications had been developed by the participants during the STTP which are described as below which may prove indeed helpful to the society:


  1. Drive Safe
  • This application can be used by a person driving a vehicle for his/her safety.
  • In order to avoid an accident, whenever the driver receives and SMS, it is automatically converted into   equivalent speech signal and hence the person can concentrate on his/her driving instead of reading the SMS.
  1. Location tracker for stolen mobile
  • This application is used to find the location of stolen mobile.
  • Whenever someone inserts a new SIM card in the stolen mobile, the app will automatically sent SMS to the predefined number (without permission/knowledge of new user) containing following information (without the help of GPS) :-
  1. 15 digit SIM number of new SIM
  2. IMEI number of stolen mobile
  • And most importantly, information about the signal tower which indicates the mobile location at that time
  1. Application hider

This application can hide any applications from the application menu and hence that particular application will not be seen by others.

Thus it is a security based application.

  1. Wake up Buddy

This application can be used by a person who is sleeping with mobile in silent mode. By just sending a message to him/her mobile, the silent mobile phone give a call to buddy and simultaneously activate speaker phone. Hence one can wake up from even deep sleep.

Sessions brief description day by day

Day 1 :

Starts from introduction of app inventor. With the help of ‘App Inventor’ and block diagram, app can be developed without any complication. Developed two basic applications to understand the work flow of app inventor.

Day 2 :

Using app inventor, learnt how to create and manage database. Hands on session of application development DRIVE SAFELY.Overview of ‘Eclipse’ and followed by Android SDK tools. Discussed different tools to develop Android Application. Introduction to JAVA and discuss the Object Oriented Workflow.

Day 3 :

Discussion regarding brain waves and brain theory and types of brain machine interfacing. Live demo of Brain Machine Technology and Wireless Deep Pragatya using same. Debugging approach in ‘Eclipse’ followed by basic development application sessions.

Day 4 :

Discuss GSM theory with Google database location finder. Without internet connection with mobile using Google how to track longitude and latitude of the stolen mobile. Hands on sessions to develop Android application LOCATION TRACKER for STOLEN MOBILE.

Discuss the flowchart to develop APPLICATION HIDER & WAKE UP BUDDY and hands on sessions to develop the same.

Day 5 :

Introduction to Google play store and hands on sessions to upload the android application developed during STTP by the participant. Reverse Engineering and demo of Android Studio.

More than 70 participants attended this STTP from various well- known universities of different states like Madhya Pradesh, Goa and Karnataka and universities like Nirma University, M.S. University and other reputed Institutes all over in Gujarat added value to the STTP.

Electronics and Communication Engineering Department has successfully organized the 3rd Short Term Training Program in January 2015. Before this, department has organized Short Term Training Program in January 2014 on “Emerging Trends in Digital Image and Signal Processing” and in 2013 on “Recent Trends in Android based Mobile Applications Development”.

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Short Term Training Program on Emerging Trends in Digital Image and Signal Processing, Gujcost sponsored



Short Term Training Program on Recent Trends in Android based Mobile Applications Development

Sttp on Android design application

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