Facilities & Laboratories

The Department of Information Technology offers a unique combination of courses and projects that help its students to cope with the recent advancements in the area of information technology. It offers regular courses like Operating Systems, Data communication and Networking, Database Management Systems, Data Structures and Algorithms, Business Information Systems, Web Development & Programming, Computer Graphics, Computer Networks to name a few of them. Apart from regular courses a few of important courses offered are Advance Software Development, Artificial Intelligence, Simulation and Modeling, Information Theory, Distributed Processing etc.

The Department has well equipped laboratories with state-of-the art machines. The Server room includes Linux server, File server, Application server, Oracle Server, IIS server, Port Switches, UPS, Stabilizers, Cyberoam devices, Wi-Fi devices and Labs are connected by 10 Giga-bit switches.

Lab 1 : Simulation and Designing Lab

IT_Simulation-Designing-Lab-1 The Simulation and Designing Lab includes imitation of real things, state of affairs or process along with designing of the same. Relevant latest software are used to implement the things practically and instructors make it live to understand things in whole.

Lab 2 : Network Lab

The Network Lab includes complete network design, its management and most important security solution, with specialization and extensive experience of network management. It also includes network analyzer tools to observe packets. L2

Lab 3 :Database and System Software Lab

Lab3 The Database and System Software Lab facilitates learning the management of complex data like details of banking, inventory, colleges, industries, etc. The lab mainly focuses on teaching programming tools required for transactional and analytical database system design. Also, the lab focuses on the experimental design, implementation, and evaluation of systems software technologies, which enable the development of a wide range of emerging applications.

Lab 4 :Advance Programming Laboratory

Advance Programming (like developing software and web applications) practical is performed in this lab. This lab having various developing software such as (Visual Studio, Android Studio, Net-Beans) which are used in IT industries. Students are well prepared for entering in industries. Lab4

Lab 5 :Basic Programming Laboratory

Lab5 The Basic Programming Lab is designed to encourage the students towards direction of learning of basic knowledge of Computers. Students are made enrich with basic programming language like C Language. To learn C programming language is very much essential for students.

Lab 6 :Internet Lab

An internet Lab is design to encourage the students towards direction of using internet. Students can surf and learn using the high speed internet. This helps the students to remain up to date with the upcoming technologies and current world. They can complete their project work using this resource. inlab