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STTP on “RoboticTechnology and Advancement of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning” from 18th December to 22nd December, 2017

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Counseling Report

“ENGINEERING DARPAN 17” an exhibition was organized on 15th and 16th April 2017 by VVP Engineering college, Rajkot. The venue for this exhibition was at Rashtriya Shala, Rajkot. The basic objective behind the exhibition was to make the common individual aware about the importance of engineering and its impact on the society. Several kind of innovative projects prepared by the students of various departments of VVP Engineering college were displayed along with their requisite posters for better understanding.

Several projects were displayed by Mechanical Engineering department of VVP Engineering College in this exhibition. Some of these projects were “Desert Cooler”, “Single Valve Internal Combustion Engine”, Contact less Gear drive system” etc. All these projects were working models prepared by the students of MED.

Along with the display of projects, senior staff members of Mechanical Engineering department counseled the visitors of this exhibition. The visitors and guests were made aware about the teaching learning pedagogy implemented at Mechanical Engineering Department. Along with, the visitors were also made aware about the importance of Mechanical Engineering as a graduate course in engineering. The aspiring students were counseled about the prospects of graduation in Mechanical Engineering. They were also made familiar with the kind of laboratories and their equipments at MED, VVPEC, which helps them a lot in gaining practical knowledge in the subjects. Other than this the senior faculties also explained about the other pros like calling of expert faculties from industry and academia for further insight in the subjects, a dedicated industry institute interaction cell engaged for arranging summer internships for the students. A placement cell which organizes campus interviews by the elite private companies and further arranges job fair for all the eligible students.

The visitors were several in numbers and it was a great experience for them as well the aspiring students. They thoroughly enjoyed the display of innovative projects and their understanding and also were confident about the engineering graduation after counseling from our senior faculty members team comprising of Dr. D.D. Kundaliya, Dr. N.P. Maniar, Prof. M.C. Karia, Prof. G.P. Kakkad, Prof. A.D. Saparia and Prof. J.P. Joshi. Other faculty members of the department assisted in explaining the projects to the visitors. The entire coordination of the exhibition was done by respected HOD Dr. Jignasa Mehta and Prof. R.V. Ramani. The logistics were taken care by Prof. Hardik Khunt and Prof. Pooja Ghodasara. The video and presentation for the department was prepared by Prof. Nirav Meghpara and Prof. Jiten Makadia.

The department is highly thankful to the management and individuals (teaching and semi teaching staff members) of VVP Engineering college associated directly or indirectly in arranging this exhibition

Engineering Darpan 2017

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Project Fair-2017

Date                                :       24/03/2017
Convener                      :       Dr. J.P.Mehta

Prof. and Head of Department

Mechanical Engineering

Co-Convener         :       Prof. H.A.Khunt

Assistant Professor

Mechanical Engineering.

Mechanical Engineering Department has organized project fair for GTU 8th semester Students on 24/3/2017 total 150 students have participated in the fair.  Total 44 teams had participated in the fair.  22 teams have worked on their IDP & 22 teams have worked on UDP.  They have performed project work with coverage of wide range of subjects related to the field of Mechanical Engineering.

Students have made posters for their teams for giving brief technical overview of their project.  Students have also given presentation on their project work in team wise.  Mechanical Engineering Department has conducted this fair on 4 different locations.  Group ID ME – 01 To 11 conducted in Fluid Mechanics Lab,  ME – 12 To 21 were in Automobile Lab, ME – 22 To 32 were in Dynamics of Machinery Lab & ME – 33 To 44 were in Thermodynamics Lab.

Mechanical Engineering Department has also invited experts from industry and college.  Shri Atulbhai Patel from Atul Machine tools, Shri Nileshbhai Gajjar from Gajjar and company, Shri Dineshbhai Jadvani from Divine Industries & Prof. K. C. Agola from Darshan Inst. of Engg. and Tech.  They appreciated student’s effort for project work.  They have given suggestion to make more working models as project that will be helpful to them for real field application of technology & engineering. Prof. J.P.Mehta, HOD Mechanical Engineering Department had given guidance to their team members for organizing the fair.  Prof. D.D.Kundaliya, Prof. N.P.Maniar, Prof. M.C.Karia, Prof. R.V.Ramani, & Other senior faculty members were involved for the co-ordination & evaluation of the projects in the fair.  Area of the projects covered as following Low cost Nano TiO2 based coolant for Automobile, Gray water harvesting, Comparison of Efficiency of heat exchanger, Process optimization for grinding of crank shaft, Boiler Maintenance,  Design of jig & Fixture, Power generation in four wheel vehicle, Threading mechanism in automatic machine, Design and fabrication of gasifier, Mechanical pesticide sprayer, Electro magnetic braking system, contactless gear transmission, manufacturing of low cost desert cooler, Exergy analysis of thermal power plant, material handling machine, Thermal analysis of pump and rework, wide angle solar concentrator, Duel lifting vehicle, defect analysis of investment casting, performance investigation of plate fin heat exchanger, single valve four stroke diesel engine, Design and synthesis of human powered vehicle, ground nut crops harvester machine, utilization of machine and increase productivity, optimization process for drilling, Automatic reverse braking system, Quality improvement of diesel engine, Defects reduction in oil engine, Modification and redesign of white board marker to evaluate problem, Improvement methodology of hydraulic braking system, Automation in loading and unloading of bobbing over armouring machine, Bomb detecter diffuser robot.

Following faculty members are involved as interanl guide for their project work Dr. J.P.Mehta, Dr. D. D. Kundalia, Dr. N. P. Maniar, Prof. M.C.Karia, Prof. R.V.Ramani, Prof. G.P.Kakkad, Prof. A.D.Saparia, Prof. J.P.Joshi, Prof. J.K.Dhulia, Prof. A.M.Lakhani, Prof. S.A.Pandya, Prof. H.A.Khunt, Prof. P.M.Ghodasara, Prof. N.K.Meghpara, Prof. V.V.Mehta, Prof. J.J.Makadiya, Prof. N.R.Shingala, Prof. T.S.Parsana, Prof. J.P.Bhimani, Prof. P.B.Kondhiya, Prof. P.V.Delvadiya

Students of  IV & VI Semester have visited the fair and  they impressed by the work done from seniors.  Following Students from VI & IV Semester Mechanical were volunteers for the fair Vekariya Nikunj, Oza Ujjaval, Vyas Vishal, Singh Vinay, Parmar Tejas, Jadeja Rutvikraj, Thummar Bhargav, Padariya Rajan.

Skill Development Program

Mechanical Engineering Department

Mechanical department of V. V. P. is equipped with modern laboratories and equipment such as Computer Aided Design & Computer Aided Manufacturing laboratory, automobile engineering laboratory, workshop, refrigeration & air-condition laboratory, thermal engineering laboratory, hydraulics and fluid mechanics laboratory etc. Mechanical department is well equipped with CNC, electro discharge machine, single cylinder four stroke diesel engine, four cylinder four stroke petrol engine, compressor, pump, turbine, vibration apparatus, window air conditioning test rig etc.

Objectives and Duration of Program

Under the mission of Skill India and Make in India, Skill development program was organized by Mechanical Engineering department during 07th July, 2016 to 22nd July, 2016. The objective of program was to enhance skill of Carpentry and Machine shop for the non-technical person. There were total 8 peons who have trained under this program.

  1. D. Ravat, M. T. Pithva and R. R. Boraniya were the instructor of this program.

Activities done during Skill Development Program
Carpentry Shop:

Under this program, the brief introduction of all the instruments, application of various instruments, demonstrations on various operations in carpentry shop were given by instructors.

Three different jobs were prepared in carpentry shop, i.e. Stool, Toy (Sparrow) and Window.
Machine Shop

In machine shop, brief introduction about cutting tool, various parts of lathe machine, different lathe attachments were given.Demonstration on various lathe operations like facing, turning, taper turning, threading, etc. were given by the instructor.

Software Training

Date: 06/02/2017 to 11/02/2017

Name of Academy: Shree Academy

Address:  University Road, Rajkot.

Name of contact person: Samrat Patel

Phone no.: 9913137755

E mail

Conveyor: (1) Dr. J.P. Mehta

                   (2) Dr. D.D. Kundaliya

Co-Conveyor: Mr. Pankit B. Kondhiya

Division: 6th Semester (AX+AY)






1 06/02/2017 AUTO CAD
  •   RANA SIR
12:00 TO 1:50
2 07/02/2017 SOLIDWORKS
12:00 TO 1:50
3 08/02/2017 CRE-O
12:00 TO 1:50
4 10/02/2017 CATIA
  •   RANA SIR
12:00 TO 1:50
5 11/02/2017 (1)  NX(CAM)

(2)  ANSYS

(1)9:50 TO 11:30

(2)12:00 TO 1:50

STTP on Computational Fluid Mechanics using ANSYS

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DATE OF CONTEST -23/11/2016 TO 25/11/2016






TOI has organized public speaking  contest on 23rd November 2016 open for all colleges of Rajkot including science, arts, commerce streams.In first round there was contest of video presentation in which 3 students of our mechanical department were selected. They were Maulik Ruparel (7th sem ),Devang Sheth( 3rd sem ) and Chintan (1st sem ).In the second round of group discussion Chintan of 1st sem secured 7th position and brought pride to our department.Chintan was given topic like who is best among Khan and his prompt debate on this topic made him winner. In final round he was given on the spot topic “Fake in India is easy”. There were 20 students who got selected for the second round. Among them Chintan secured 9th Rank which is quite appreciable.

Congratulation to all the participants and winner of the mechanical department.

Job – Fair 2016

Know more about job-fair 2016

Udisha Club Program

 Mechanical Engineering Department has organized UDISHA CLUB presentation for 8th semester and 6th semester students.Students of final and pre-final year were given overview of various GTU activities under GIC for enhancing skill development apart from curriculum. Students were also made aware about present scenario of entrepreneurship development various input requirements for the same.
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 Expert Lectures

Speaker:Mr.Hardikbhai and Mr.Javedbhai – Technical Test and How to appear in PI – 9 February, 2015  Seminar Report
Speaker: Mr. Ajesh Kamania – Placement Awareness seminar – January, 2014
Speaker: Nishit Shah – Working and Manufacturing of PV Technology – NOV,2012
Speaker: Priyam A. Parikh – Pick n place Robotics. Aug,2012
Speaker: Veljibhai Desai – Gandhiji’s Vision about Industries. – JULY, 2012


SEMINAR ON 3D Printer for Mechanical Engineers


Women Empowerment Week

Industrial Visit


Sr.No.SemCourse (BE/ ME)Date of VisitName of Industries (Character)No. of DaysConcern Staff
1VIB.E.05,06/01/2012SPRERI,Vallabh Vidyanagar2RVR,SBS
2VIB.E.28/1/2012Kadvani Forge Ltd., Rajkot1MBK,DDK
3IVB.E.28/1/2012B.B. Investment Castings Ltd.Rajkot.1JPJ,GPK
4VIIIB.E.28/1/2012Vimal Machine Tools, Rajkot1KMB,PMG
5IVB.E.11/2/2012Rupkala Engineers Pvt. Ltd., Rajkot1ADS,DDK
6VIIB.E.21/7/2012HI-Mech Casting, Rajkot1AND,PAB
7VB.E.21/7/2012Gautam Technocast1MBK,DSD
8IIIB.E.21/7/2012Atul Machine Tools1JBK,BRK
9VIIB.E.1/9/2012Innovative Mould Works, Rajkot1RPR,HHM
10VB.E.1/9/2012Vimal Machine Tools, Rajkot1SBS,PAP
11VB.E.26,27/09/2012Vanakbori Powerplant ,Khera2JKD,PAB
12IIIB.E.29/9/2012Kalapi Auto Industires, Rajkot1JPJ,DDK
13I SEMM.E.12/10/2012EPP Composites Pvt. Ltd.,Rajkot.1DDK,JPJ
15VIIIB.E.11/1/2013P.C.Industries Rajkot.1JBK,TMK
16VIB.E.23/2/2013JAIVELLL, Rajkot1ADS,JBK
17IVB.E.23/2/2013Rupkala Engineers Pvt. Ltd., Rajkot1DDK,AML
18VIIIB.E.09//03/2013Sardar Sarovar, AT Kevadiya Colony1RVR,RPR
19IVB.E.13/4/2013Kishan Auto Parts Ltd.Rajkot.1GJJ,NRV
21III-AXB.E.20/7/2013Kishan Auto Parts Ltd.Rajkot.1MBK
22III-AYB.E.20/7/2013Atul Machine Tools,Rajkot.1JKB
23VB.E.20/7/2013Hi-Mac Castings Ltd, Rajkot.1DHA
24VIIB.E.20/7/2013MaC-Power CNC, Rajkot.1GJJ
25VIIB.E.31/7/2013Balaji foods pvt. Ltd., Rajkot.1DDK
26VIIB.E.17/8/2013Jyoti CNC Automation ,Rajkot1AML
27III-AXB.E.17/8/2013Atul Machine Tools,Rajkot.1PYO
28III-AYB.E.17/8/2013Kishan Auto Parts Ltd.Rajkot.1JKB
29VB.E.17/8/2013B.B. Investment Castings Ltd.Rajkot.1JKD
30I SEMM. E.14/9/2013Gautam Technocast,Rajkot.1DDK
31IV-AXB.E.11/1/2014Ravi Metal Treatment,Rajkot.1APS,ASJ
32IV-AYB.E.11/1/2014Ravi Metal Treatment,Rajkot.1GPK
33VIIIB.E.11/1/2014Krishna Fasteners,Rajkot.1AML
34VIIIB.E.15/03/2014Rajkot Dairy1MCK,PRM
35IV-AXB.E.15/03/2014New Dilip Industries, Rajkot1ASJ,CBS
36IV-AYB.E.15/03/2014Acme Rollers, Metoda, Rajkot1BDR,TVB
37IV-AXB.E.19/4/2014Adhya Industries , Rajkot1NMC,ARD
38IV-AYB.E.19/4/2014New Dilip Industries, Rajkot1AKD,SGI,PRM
39VIIB.E.19/7/2014Hi-Mac Castings Ltd, Rajkot.1BDR,HAK,CBS
40V- AXB.E.19/7/2014Vimal Machine Tools, Rajkot1MCK,SGI,NMB
41V- AYB.E.19/7/2014P.C.Industries Rajkot.1DDK,SAP,TVB
42V- AYB.E.20/9/2014Gautam Technocast1HAK,NMB
43V- AXB.E.20/9/2014Hi-Mac Castings Ltd, Rajkot.1SAP, A.D.NAIVAR
44III AX, AYB.E.20/9/2014Ravi Metal Treatment,Rajkot.1GPK,ASJ,TVB,PRM
45VIIB.E.20/9/2014S.T.Workshop,Rajkot.1RVR, NRS, SKK
46III- AXB.E.15/11/2014Kishan Auto Parts Ltd.Rajkot.1ADP, RDR
47III- AYB.E.15/11/2014New Dilip Industries, Rajkot1AGG, KNG
48IV - AXB.E.31/01/2015Gautam Technocast1NRS, PRM
49IV - AYB.E.31/01/2015Sun Forge (P) Ltd. Metoda1VVM, NMB
54IV AXB.E.2/16/2016Kadvani Forge Ltd., Rajkot1NRS, PGV
55IV AYB.E.2/16/2016Hi-Mac Castings Ltd, Rajkot.1PVD, VHM
58VII AYB.E.7/16/2016Rupkala Engineers Pvt. Ltd., Rajkot1ADS, RRB
61VII-AXB.E.7/30/2016Rupkala Engineers Pvt. Ltd., Rajkot1PBK, KHA


Short Term Training Programme (STTP) on “MATLAB Fundamentals and Applications for Mechanical Engineers”

The Short Term Training Programme was successfully organized by Dr. Jignasa P. Mehta (Convener) and Dipesh D. Kundaliya (Co-Convener) of Mechanical Engineering Department, VVP Engineering College, Rajkot. Our College has been recently awarded as “Best Engineering College”, by ISTE. This time the STTP was based on the topic of MATLAB Fundamentals and Applications for Mechanical Engineers. There were participants from the different regions of Gujarat state. Click Here for Detailed Report

Short Term Training Programme (STTP) on “Recent Trends & Advances in Press Tool Design with Software Application”

The STTP was successfully organized by Mechanical Department, VVP Engineering College, Rajkot which has been recently awarded as “Best Engineering College”, by ISTE. This time the STTP was conducted in collaboration with Indo German Tool Room (IGTR), Vatva Ahmedabad.  There were participants from the different regions of Gujarat state.

Click here for Detail report

Project Fair Report 2015

STTP on “ProE and ANSYS for  Mechanical EngineeringApplications

Date: 9-12-2013 to 13-12-2013
Convenor: Dr. J.P. Mehta
Coordinator : Prof. J.P. Joshi
DSC00399 DSC00401