Ray Film Commune

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Movies of the MonthRay Film CommuneVVP Engineering College – Rajkot
Now: (April-2015)
Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind 2nd Saturday, 11th April’15 Time
12 to 2 pm
VenueLanguage Lab


Ground Floor,

Round Building

Wall E 4nd Saturday, 25th April’15 Time
12 to 2 pm
VenueLanguage Lab


Ground Floor,

Round Building

Then (March – 2015)
Life is Beautiful 2nd Saturday, 14th March’15 Time12 to 2 pm VenueLanguage Lab


Ground Floor,

Round Building

February – 2015
Pursuit of Happiness 4nd Saturday, 28th February’15 Time : 12 to 2 pm VenueCentral EC Auditorium Hall

Link for registration: http://goo.gl/forms/jN75xj5L69

Vanue: EC Auditorium Hall

Time: 2nd and 4th Saturday, 12 to 2 pm

Film is a very effective mass communication medium. Now days, movies are available on almost every subject. Hence, movie can be a very effective tool of exploration for the students and staff. The movie Commune has been named “Ray Movie Commune” (Ray from Satyajit Ray or Ray also means ray of light).


  • Cognitive Skill Development: To develop the students/participants critical thinking. They can learn interpretation of situations and can develop point of views for discussion. For example watching the episodes of Satymev Jayate will help them to critically understand various issues and will motivate them to systematically solve it.
  • Soft Skills Development: The very essential part of one’s personality and the important need of today’s professional life can be developed by observation of the movies. The discussion at the end helps the participants to form their opinions in a rational way and to present to others in an effectively communicative way. Further, writing the reviews will help to develop their art of presentation. Listening something in English will help them to improve their language and listening abilities.
  • Broadening Mind: To make the participants understand the power of media for bringing change. (Movie: ‘Rang De Basanti’)
  • Reliving the History: To make the participants live the history again. Historical movies like Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List depict the pains of World War – II as well as ‘Munich’ ‘Saving Private Ryan, Titanic, 1900 etc. also bring back the past.
  • The People: To get familiar with the lives of many eminent personalities across the world for example the movies like ‘Lincoln’, ‘Gandhi’, ‘Marry Com’, ‘Mandela Long Walk to Freedom’ etc.
  • Social Awareness: to make the participants aware with the various socio-psycho issues. As the UNO recognized documentary movie ‘India Untouched’ brings forth the problems of Indian Society as well as the movie ‘Tare Zamin Pe’ has also work for understanding the problem of dyslexia in children.
  • SiFi: Expanding the Boundaries of Imagination: Scientific Fictions is the most popular movies genre and very helpful to the engineering students to develop their scientific imagination for deigning products, problems, and solutions. Eg: ‘Paychek’ ‘Avatar’, ‘I Robot’, ‘Surrogate’ etc.
  • Wandering the World: Through the movies of different cultures and times, the participants can explores the world at home.
  • Text to Screen: Many good movies are adaptations of some good books. Hence, watching the movies is also familiarizing with the books. The participants may get better exposure to literature.
  • Broader Understanding of life: Many movies teach the art of living. It can be a guiding factor to live and lead life ahead happily as shown in the Academic award winning movie ‘Life Is Beautiful’.
  • Progressive Shift: In long run, ‘watching movie’ can also be promoted as ‘making movie’.


Working Procedure:

  • The interested VVP students and staff can voluntarily participate in this Commune.
  • Interested students and staff have to first register themselves on the link: http://goo.gl/forms/25bGaeYGdM
  • Only registered members will be allowed for better management.
  • The movie Commune sessions will be organized on every 2nd and 4th Saturday from 12 to 2 pm.
  • The participants will be informed in advance about the next movie and will also be provided relevant material for broader understanding of the movie.
  • The participants will be shown one movie in each session and discussion will be carried out on the same.

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