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Today we have started an initiative under guidance of Prof. Paresh Dholakia, Dr.Dipesh Kamdar and Prof Payal Kheradiya, on making Rajkot a smart city by the contribution of Electronics and Communication Engineering department. Considering the facts of how a normal cities are facing day to day problems and to overcome them, we exchanged our perspective on making a city smart.

In this initiative, the views or the needs which are necessarily required for the smart city which we discussed are education awareness, pollution control, cleanliness, traffic control, road connectivity etc. So we have divided this major issues among our Commune members. Also we have discussed about the ground level solution on the problems and how to resolve them in future by contribution of our department.

Following are the name of Commune members divided into groups according to the needs of smart city


– Bhayani Akash.

– Pithva Ankur.


– Bhayani Akash.

– Pithva Ankur.


– Bhautik Jyani.

-Chattrola Vijay.


-Nikhil kachhela.

-Jay Ganatra.

-Ketan Dama.


-Khunt Mihir.

-Sanghvi Keval.


-Koradiya Vivek.

-Chattrola Vijay.

This activity was carried out in Seminar hall of EC Department. Photographs of this event are shown here

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