A program on “Education & Moral Values”

A program on “Education & Moral Values” was organized at VVP Engineering College, Rajkot on 20th June, 2015. A very famous writer and commentator on political issues Shree Nagindas Sanghavi was the speaker and chief guest of this program.

Shree Nagindas Sanghavi, in his speech, said that moral values come to the man from inside. Outside world or Education system can help them to come out in some way. He also said that all the things in this world are constantly changing. Nothing is forever. But still there is one thing which is constant and it is honesty. If a person looks inside honestly, he will find bad things within himself and will try to change himself. So, honesty is very important in our life.

A renowned reporter of Fulchhab newspaper Shree Kaushikbhai Mehta, chairman of VVP Engineering College Shree Pravinkaka, principal of VVP Engineering College, Dr. Sachin Parikh were also present in the program.

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