Alumni Overview

V. V. P. Engineering College Alumni Association (VVPECAA) is an institution of past students, present students and faculties of V.V.P. engineering college. The association shall have the following broadly identified objectives in the field of engineering.

  • To establish and maintain contact between the past students, present students and the V.V.P. Engineering College.
  • To pursue and sustain excellence in the education by interaction between the alumni, faculty and present students of V.V.P. Engineering College.
  • To improve Industry-Institute-Interaction and help to training and placement cell for the benefit of the students of V.V.P. Engineering College.
  • To extend financial assistance and co-operation to the institute as well as to deserving past and present students of V.V.P. Engineering College in its endowment for the growth and development of education and research in the field.
  • To generate funds and/or to establish endowment by donation to extend loan scholarship for the present meritorious students on merit-cum-means basis.
  • To generate fund through donation for conducting any activity to achieve the objectives of V.V.P. Engineering College.
  • To project constructive activities of V.V.P.Engineering College in Indian and abroad.
  • To provide common platform for exchange of ideas and disseminating the knowledge in the field.
  • To perform and other constructive activities leading towards the enhancement of the skill and knowledge of the members of the association.

We invite your suggestions/queries in formation and working of Alumni Association, where you only can actively involve into structure of association

Alumni Board Of Management

Sr. No.PostName
1PresidentDr. J. V. Deshkar, Principal
2ConvenerDr. Rupesh Ramani
3Co-ConvenerProf. Sneha Pandya

Alumni Working Committee Members

BranchName Of StaffContact No.
MechnicalProf. Arick Lakhani9328037529
MechnicalMr. Sameer Kanaiya9879488286
MechnicalMr. Ramesh Ravat9428289073
ChemicalProf. Jilesh Pandya8866225191
ChemicalProf. Pankit Koradiya9979930243
ElectricalProf. Amit Pathak9408924641
ElectricalProf. Pratik Anandpara7405492701
I.T.Dr. Darshana Patel9898015091
I.T.Prof. Rushabh Doshi9428316296
I.T.Prof. Vijay Vyas9898096011
C.E.Prof. Naren Tada9429044839
C.E.Prof. Viraj Daxini9427270518
E.C.Prof. Nirmal Bhalani9723363697
B.T.Prof. Sheryas Dhulia9974019328
B.T.Prof. Pooja Raja7567093191
CivilProf. Kinjal Rank9586053524
Nano TechnologyDr. Jaysukh Markana9974817619
Humanities & ScienceProf. Pravin Vadhel7984148317
Student SectionMr. NandanBhai Dave6351975064
AccountMR. Vipul Dave9924023439


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