Sagar Virani

Mobile :
Qualification :
B.E. (C.E.), M.E. (C.S.E.), Pursuing Ph.D. (C.E.)

Academic Experience: 11+ Years
Research Publications: 7
Subject Expertise: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Algorithms, Programming Language - C / C++, Operating Systems
Achievement :
Papers Published at International Level: 07

1. Mistry S., Jaiswal D., Virani S., Mukherjee A., Mukherjee N. (2013). An Architecture for Dynamic Web Service Provisioning Using Peer-to-Peer Networks. In: Hota C., Srimani P.K. (eds) Distributed Computing and Internet Technology. ICDCIT 2013. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 7753. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg

2. Pahini A. Trivedi, Sagar H. Virani (2015). Improve accuracy of Speech Recognition for different Indian Accents using MFCC, LPC, Zero Crossing and Power Spectrum. International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development, Volume 2, Issue 5, May -2015

3. Sirajuddin Y. Hala, Sagar H. Virani (2015). Improve accuracy of Parts of Speech tagger for Gujarati language. International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development. Volume 2,Issue 5, May -2015

4. Riddhi J. Kotak, Sagar H. Virani  (2015). An Efficient Approaches for Website Phishing Detection using Supervised Machine Learning Technique. International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development. Volume 2,Issue 5, May -2015

5. Madhuree R. Vikani, Sagar H. Virani (2016). Image Compression using hybrid approach of SVD-DWT-DCT.  International Journal of Advance Engineering and Research Development, Volume 3, Issue 5, May -2016

6. Nidhi Modha, Sagar Virani (2016). Fuzzy Logic for Phishing Website Detection. CiiT International Journal, Volume 8, Issue 5, June - 2016

7. Viraj C. Daxini, Sagar H. Virani, Girish H. Mulchandani. Performance Analysis of Temporally Organized authorized Routing Algorithm in Mobile Adhoc Network. World Journal of Technology, Engineering and Research, Volume 2, Issue 1 Dec - 2017

Workshop/STTP/Conference/FDP Details:

1. Organized STTP titled "Developing & Managing IT Infrastructure for Large Organizations" - CE Department, VVP Engineering College, 2014.

2. Organized STTP titled "CHK 'N' MAT - tools for carrying out Research" - CE Department, VVP Engineering College, 2015.

3. Attended Conference title "SciPy India - providing opportunities to spread the use of the Python programming language in the Scientific Computing community in India" - IIT Bombay, 2017.

4. Attended Faculty Development Program on "A Step Towards Contribution To Sustainable Skill To Empowering Youth In Large Scale Networks Using Network Simulators NS-3 And NetSim" from 25th to 30th November 2019.

5. Workshop on Arduino, organised on 8th Feb - 2020 by the Teaching Learning Centre, ICT at IIT Bombay.

Description :
Research Area: Image Processing, AI, Algorithms

Membership Details:

1. Life Time Member of Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE)


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