EC dept. Celebrates National Science day Innovatively

Celebration of National Science day through Science Show by Mr.Nilesh Rana to 2nd EC on 3-3-2017

The prime objective of this celebration was to spread a message among students about the significance of scientific applications in the daily life and removal of various blind beliefs.

The students of E.C. 2nd Semester were given opportunity to have interaction with Rana sir. He came as representative from Rajkot Science Laboratory. He began the session by igniting our curiosity by asking scientific reasons behind daily phenomenon. He was there to give us information about some of the phenomenon which we come across in daily routine. He brought some of the best and interesting science activities which were made from trash. The science activities were: –

  • To Take Water out of bottle in short time duration.
  • Activity to prove flow of neurological current with a help of giving shock to body.
  • Making and understanding cloud with help of isopropyl alcohol.
  • Making oxygenated foam by catalytic reaction.
  • Making fizzy soda strike
  • Having cold fire with isopropyl alcohol
  • Transfer of analog data using a)Magnetic field and b)Light (Laser)
  • Interesting application of Eddy current.
  • Illusions using a)Stroboscope B)RGB LED

Description: –

  • Water bottle activity: – This activity was a sort of game. The one who takes water out of water bottle faster wins. The trick to take the water out faster was to rotate the bottle and create a small vortex inside the bottle.

Principle: – Centrifugal force of water due to rotation pushes it outside and gives a way to air to pass through.

  • Proof for existence of neurological currents: – A volunteer was asked to hold two terminals but the condition was to keep the hand straight. Whenever the switch was closed the volunteer would experience a shock which would contract his hands.

Principle: – The muscles of body contract when they are exposed to electric current.

  • Formation of cloud: – This activity was a bit interesting. Bottle is filled with isopropyl alcohol vapours, and then it is subjected to high pressure. Due to which the isopropyl gas is converted into super saturated atoms. When the pressure is suddenly released, the temperature decreases and we can see formation of cloud inside the bottle.

Principle: – Whenever a gas is subjected to sudden pressure differences we can see the phase transforming.

  • Making oxygenated foam by exothermic catalytic reaction: – A conical flask is half filled with mixture of H2O2 hydrogen peroxide and soap solution. When the KI (Potassium iodide) is mixed with it, hot foam comes out rapidly. This is rich in oxygen, is proved when a burning match stick is pierced in foam and it burns with dazzling flame.

Principle: – H2O2 is unstable. It will try to gain stability by releasing O2. In this process KI acts as a catalyst.

  • Having Cold fire: – It sounds impossible but to have a cold fire is possible by burning hand sanitizers or isopropyl alcohol.

Principle: – Hand sanitizers are generally made up of isopropyl alcohol and water. Due to which the heat energy produced by burning the alcohol is spend in heating water. Due to which we feel it cold.

  • Transfer of Data: – Data can be analog or digital but analog data can be transferred with help of
  1. Magnetic field: – It requires a simple arrangement of coils placed in front to each other.

Principle: – Mutual inductance.

  1. Light: -Laser light is a highly intense, highly directional due to which it is used for the transfer of data.

Principle: -Light is a electromagnetic wave.

  • Magnetic application of Eddy current: -In this experiment he used a hollow aluminum pipe. Whenever a diamagnetic material is passed through it under effect of gravity comes to bottom without any resistence. But if a magnet is passed through it then it comes after a great delay.

Principle: -Magnetic field produces eddy current, which opposes the cause of it. This opposition causes delay.

  • Light Illusions: –
  1. a) Stroboscope: – It is scientific device used to measure speed and RPM of moving objects. It works on fast and slow blinking of LED’s.

b)RGB Light: – This device is mixture of Red, Green, Blue lights. With the help of these basic colors we can get many other colors. This device is used in TV’s to get various colours.

Since childhood there were some doubts in mind related magic shows. The session gave me reasons behind the magic of having fire on palm.

The session ended with student’s feedback and vote of thanks by HOD. He also promised to arrange many other scientific sessions.


V.V.P. Library (Knowledge Centre) Awarded As “Best Knowledge Centre (Library)” Award of the State (1st Rank) for the year 2015-16

V.V.P. Library (Knowledge Centre) Awarded As “Best Knowledge Centre (Library)” Award of the State (1st Rank) for the year 2015-16 for its outstanding service and infrastructure Facilities By ISTE (Indian Society for Technical Education) Gujarat Section Presented at 21st ISTE Convention Held At Tolani Polytechnic Foundation, Adipur, Kutch on 27th December 2016.

Sparkling result of E.C Dept.: Achieved 1st RANK in Entire GTU in 7th sem. Result (2016 DEC) & Jay Joshi stood 1st in Entire GTU All Branch

Record breaking Result achieved by EC department. 30 students get 9 above SPI, 36 students secure 8 above SPI and 8 students get 7 above SPI which justifies the qualitative and quantitative result of 7th semester. With 100 % result Electronics and communication dept stood 1st Rank in Entire Zone and 2nd Rank in GTU in the result of 7th semester.

Jay Joshi Achieved 1st Rank in Entire GTU All Branch with 10 out of 10 SPI.

Prize Distribution for communities by Das Sir and Vanzara Sir.

Prize Distribution for communities by Das Sir and Vanzara Sir

Chemical Engineering Department conducts a book launch of annual booklet of photography and prize distribution ceremony for the students and winners of communities.

At the department of Chemical Engineering we believe in overall development of the students and hence after the college hours we encourage the students to dwell in their favourite hobbies or passion.

The inception of six various communities were done by the former assistant professor at the department, Ms. Divya K. Rajput under the guidance of HOD Dr. Piyush B. Vanzara.

These communities are currently handled by Mrs. Urvi Parekh, lecturer at the chemical department.

Two such communities which are active in participation and talent, Literature and Blog and Art and Photography.


In this community, the students who love writing write their hearts out in the form of some stories, blogs, micro- tales, poetries etc. Here, language is not a barrier. So we conducted few weekly contests on different themes. The winners were gifted with several motivational books as prizes in the presence of Dr. A.K. Das.

The best writer award was given to Shyam Mandaliya of 8th semester for his overall excellence in writing.

Other students who won prizes were:

  1. Chinmay Joshi (8th sem)
  2. Akshay Attara (6th sem)
  3. Mitesh Sorathiya (6th sem)
  4. Sejal Koriya (3rd sem)
  5. Harsh Vachhani (1st sem)
  6. Ram Kachha (1st sem)
  7. Ruwaif Rizvi (1st sem)

We are very fortunate to have some amazing photographers in our department who are well versed with artistic clicks. So, the department decided to showcase the best 100 clicks in a photography booklet and if the legacy continues, we’d love to make this an annual affair.

Hence, the students poured in their best clicks and out of some thousand odd pictures best 100 were selected and the booklet was fondly named “Photo- Synthesiz” as it was synthesized by chemical engineers.

The cover page picture was given to the best photograph clicked by Jay Parmar of 8th semester for clicking several amazing photographs and contributing towards the community and department.

The book launch for “Photo- synthesiz” was done by Dr. Das on this day.

Expert Lecture by Dr. A. K. Das, the head of R & D and Process Development at Reliance Ind Ltd.

On 12th of January, 2017 on the auspicious occasion of Swami Vivekanada’s 155th birth anniversary, the department of Chemical Engineering welcomed Dr. Asit K. Das, the head of refining R & D and Process Development at Reliance Industries Limited, Jamnagar. He has 31 years of research experience, has developed several processes and commercialized them. He holds more than 60 national/ international patents and more than 70 publications including 5 book chapters.

Dr. Asit Das is a staunch follower of Swami Vivekananda and hence, being a research person and a chemical engineer himself, he chose to speak on a spiritual yet very essential subject for the current generation: “Enhancing Individual’s Efficiency: A Comprehensive Model”.

The programme was hosted by Mr. Abhinav Gupta, lecturer at the Chemical Department. The head of the Chemical department and Associate Professor, Dr. Piyush B. Vanzara welcomed Das sir with a bouquet and a momento.

Dr. A. K. Das began the programme by stating that his lecture was based on Swami Vivekananda’s teachings and his own life experiences. He presented various spiritual models followed by interesting videos. The students of pre- final and final year from various departments besides chemical department as well as all the faculty members thoroughly enjoyed the session. This was the second time Das Sir had graced our institute with his valuable presence.

Dr. Chirag Vibhakar is bestowed with Highest Degree APDF (Associate Post Doctorate Fellowship)

Dr. Chirag Vibhakar is bestowed with Highest Degree APDF (Associate Post Doctorate Fellowship)

Electrical Engineering Department Cherish Heartiest Congratulations to Dr. Chirag Vibhakar

We feel immense pride for Dr. Chirag Vibhakar, as he has completed APDF (Associate Post Doctorate Fellowship) from CPRI (Central Research Power Institute), Bangalore which is a Well Reputed Research Centre in Power System in entire Nation.  In India People with APFD Degree are very few and in Gujarat state only one name is emerged that is Dr. Chirag Vibhakar.  Dr. Chirag Vibhakar has started is academic Journey from Diploma in Electrical Engineering and after completing BE, ME Degrees he has achieved higher Degree P. hd. From M S University, Vadodara, but later on he realized that Highest Degree in Engineering is APDF. He has discovered that CPRI, Bangalore is running a course of APDF and he appeared for the interview in year 2015 of the said course. Only two candidates have been selected in nation and Dr. Chirag Vibhakar is one of them. He has successfully completed his APDF in High Voltage Engineering by God’s Grace and with moral support of Respected Chairman Shree. Pravinbhai Maniar.