Congratulations to Team EC Glitters in Co-curricular activity : WON Swachchh Bharat Award

Congratulations to Team EC Gliters in Co-curricular activity : WON Swachchh Bharat Award
On the day “Gandhi Jayanti”, The Swatch Bharta mission (Prayasn) was held in Rajkot. This campain was held by government between 2ndoct ‘16 to 7thapr ’17.The main aim was to make city clean before 5th June (world env. day). Our college participated in this swatch mission. Our “VVP EC” group of 9 people had taken charge for cleaning “bus stand behind area”. They cleaned that much area with full enthusiasms. And they also set banners to aware people “to keep city clean”. As per rule they went there alternatively 2 times by 20 days gap cleaning purpose.
For their good work, government appreciated them with reward 5000/- at 5th rank in Rajkot as name “VVP College”. Name of students: Pankaj Gupta, Sanchaniya Vinit, Aameta Abhishek, Sonigara Hiren, Somaiya Prashant, Chavda Keval, Pandya Rutvik, Chauhan Milan, Prem kumar.


BIG BREAKING NEWS: EC dept. placement Cross the Magical figure of 50, Continue the tradition

Excellence in Placement has now indeed been the tradition of Electronics and Communication Engineering Department, V.V.P. Engineering College, Rajkot. Since FIVE consecutive years, above 50 students have got placements during their studies in final semester. This time, by the month of April 2017, 50 students are already placed in MNCs and well-known companies and core groups for the branch like Matrix Comsec, e-Infochips, Syntel, Sattrix, ORPAT group, Yudiz, Rang Technologies, Microlink Solutions, Embicon Techhub and more.

Visit Also (2017 batch placement) :

2017 Batch 56 students has been Placed

Sr. No.Name of CompanyCount
2Matrix Comsec9
6Rang technologies4
7ORPAT Group2
10Embicon Tech Hub2
11Microlink Solutions2
12Ishan Group6
13Advanteck Sol1
15Pheonix Technology1
17Integration Point1
19Mahavir Comm4
20Telesiya NW3
21Intellimedia Networks1
23Idea Tech Er.2

STUDENTS PROJECT FAIR by Chemical Engineering Department

Chemical Engineering Department of V.V.P. Engineering College, Rajkot organized Student Project Fair on 29th April 2017 as a part of the initiative taken by the GTU innovation council. In this event final year projects were on display. A total of 12 groups of final year students participated in this event. The students displayed posters explaining their project work. The project fair was organized by the Project Fair Organizing Team (PFOT) of pre-final year students under the able guidance of Dr. Piyush B. Vanzara, Associate Prof. and Head, Chemical Engineering Department.

A committee of experts constituting of Mr.Hiren Raval and Mr. Sunil Aghera from Managing Director of The Gres Ceramics, Morbi evaluated the projects. Alumni, parents and other citizens from Rajkot were also invited to visit the fair. The experts also named the best three projects out from the department. This project will be nominated for GIC i2i Awards 2017.

The project fair was a great success as it gave a good exposure to the students to the outside world. The students faced questions from the experts and persons from different levels of society, which gave new dimensions to the thought process of the students and proved a great value addition towards their improvement.

List of best three projects selected by the experts:

Rank Enrollment No. Name of Students Topic
1 130470105030 Kartik Tank A study on feasible alternatives of plate & frame heat exchanger of DHDS unit
130470105036 Parsewar Chetan
130470105010 Chavda Vanraj
130470105006 Chauhan Ajitsinh
130470105048 Thaker Sitanshu
2 130470105049 Tragta Ila Advanced waste water treatment for pharmaceutical effluent.
130470105052 Vaishnani Bansi
130470105016 Dedakia Krishna
3 130470105005 Butani Kamlesh A study of Leaching kinetics of   E-waste materials
130470105045 Sardhara Jaydip
130470105019 Dudhagara Kishan
130470105002 Bhatt Harsh
130470105002 Rakholia Nikunj

The glimpses of the Project Fair:

EC dept. Celebrates National Science day Innovatively

Celebration of National Science day through Science Show by Mr.Nilesh Rana to 2nd EC on 3-3-2017

The prime objective of this celebration was to spread a message among students about the significance of scientific applications in the daily life and removal of various blind beliefs.

The students of E.C. 2nd Semester were given opportunity to have interaction with Rana sir. He came as representative from Rajkot Science Laboratory. He began the session by igniting our curiosity by asking scientific reasons behind daily phenomenon. He was there to give us information about some of the phenomenon which we come across in daily routine. He brought some of the best and interesting science activities which were made from trash. The science activities were: –

  • To Take Water out of bottle in short time duration.
  • Activity to prove flow of neurological current with a help of giving shock to body.
  • Making and understanding cloud with help of isopropyl alcohol.
  • Making oxygenated foam by catalytic reaction.
  • Making fizzy soda strike
  • Having cold fire with isopropyl alcohol
  • Transfer of analog data using a)Magnetic field and b)Light (Laser)
  • Interesting application of Eddy current.
  • Illusions using a)Stroboscope B)RGB LED

Description: –

  • Water bottle activity: – This activity was a sort of game. The one who takes water out of water bottle faster wins. The trick to take the water out faster was to rotate the bottle and create a small vortex inside the bottle.

Principle: – Centrifugal force of water due to rotation pushes it outside and gives a way to air to pass through.

  • Proof for existence of neurological currents: – A volunteer was asked to hold two terminals but the condition was to keep the hand straight. Whenever the switch was closed the volunteer would experience a shock which would contract his hands.

Principle: – The muscles of body contract when they are exposed to electric current.

  • Formation of cloud: – This activity was a bit interesting. Bottle is filled with isopropyl alcohol vapours, and then it is subjected to high pressure. Due to which the isopropyl gas is converted into super saturated atoms. When the pressure is suddenly released, the temperature decreases and we can see formation of cloud inside the bottle.

Principle: – Whenever a gas is subjected to sudden pressure differences we can see the phase transforming.

  • Making oxygenated foam by exothermic catalytic reaction: – A conical flask is half filled with mixture of H2O2 hydrogen peroxide and soap solution. When the KI (Potassium iodide) is mixed with it, hot foam comes out rapidly. This is rich in oxygen, is proved when a burning match stick is pierced in foam and it burns with dazzling flame.

Principle: – H2O2 is unstable. It will try to gain stability by releasing O2. In this process KI acts as a catalyst.

  • Having Cold fire: – It sounds impossible but to have a cold fire is possible by burning hand sanitizers or isopropyl alcohol.

Principle: – Hand sanitizers are generally made up of isopropyl alcohol and water. Due to which the heat energy produced by burning the alcohol is spend in heating water. Due to which we feel it cold.

  • Transfer of Data: – Data can be analog or digital but analog data can be transferred with help of
  1. Magnetic field: – It requires a simple arrangement of coils placed in front to each other.

Principle: – Mutual inductance.

  1. Light: -Laser light is a highly intense, highly directional due to which it is used for the transfer of data.

Principle: -Light is a electromagnetic wave.

  • Magnetic application of Eddy current: -In this experiment he used a hollow aluminum pipe. Whenever a diamagnetic material is passed through it under effect of gravity comes to bottom without any resistence. But if a magnet is passed through it then it comes after a great delay.

Principle: -Magnetic field produces eddy current, which opposes the cause of it. This opposition causes delay.

  • Light Illusions: –
  1. a) Stroboscope: – It is scientific device used to measure speed and RPM of moving objects. It works on fast and slow blinking of LED’s.

b)RGB Light: – This device is mixture of Red, Green, Blue lights. With the help of these basic colors we can get many other colors. This device is used in TV’s to get various colours.

Since childhood there were some doubts in mind related magic shows. The session gave me reasons behind the magic of having fire on palm.

The session ended with student’s feedback and vote of thanks by HOD. He also promised to arrange many other scientific sessions.


V.V.P. Library (Knowledge Centre) Awarded As “Best Knowledge Centre (Library)” Award of the State (1st Rank) for the year 2015-16

V.V.P. Library (Knowledge Centre) Awarded As “Best Knowledge Centre (Library)” Award of the State (1st Rank) for the year 2015-16 for its outstanding service and infrastructure Facilities By ISTE (Indian Society for Technical Education) Gujarat Section Presented at 21st ISTE Convention Held At Tolani Polytechnic Foundation, Adipur, Kutch on 27th December 2016.


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