Congratulations !!! to Dr.Bhavin.S.Sedani and Dr.Dipesh.G.Kamdar (E.C.Dept) for Receiving the BEST PAPER PRESENTATION AWARD in 3rd International Conference – ICSTM held at IIC – New Delhi.

Out of 352 papers 141 paper were chosen for presentation in this conference and from which the paper presented by Dr.B.S.Sedani and Dr.D.G.Kamdar was awarded as the best paper of this conference. They received the award by Dr.K.K.Saini, former Deputy Director of AICTE, New-Delhi. The title of this paper is “IMPLEMENTATION OF HYBRID MIMO OVER IEEE 802.16 USING REAL TIME SPEECH SIGNAL” and it is also published in International Journal of Advanced Technology in Engineering and Science. This paper describes the Hybrid combination of 4G and WiMAX technology to tackle signal fading and achieve next level lower error rate and higher data rate.