Achievements at Bio Technology department

A. Two Indian Patents filed successfully by Mr. Jani Chetan titled as:

  1. “Carbon sequestration from industrial effluent gases”, Application Number 1559/MUM/2013”.
  2. “Reduction of NOx, CO and HC from Industrial and auto exhaust gases”, Application Number 1575/MUM/2013.

B. Permanent Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been made between V.V.P ENGINEERING COLLEGE, Rajkot for BIOTECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT and the below mentioned companies for mutual research interests.

  1. Abellon clean energy, Ahmedabad.
  2. Adani Foods Pvt. Ltd., Rajkot.
  3. Nano Agro Science cooperative society Ltd. Rajkot.
  4. Sardar Bio organic, Rajkot.
  5. University of Boston for Medical Biotechnology, USA (soon)
  6. Pine Biotech, USA (soon)

C. Expert talks ……at Department of Biotechnology, V V P Engineering college, Rajkot

1. Dr. Vijay Thiruvenkatam- IIT Gandhinagar talked on “Design &Engineering proteins and small molecules to study their structure and function via X-ray Crystallography” on 02.04.2019

2. Dr John Georrge (HoD- Bioinfo., Christ College, Rajkot) delivered his expertise with a topic “Molecular Biology to Systems Biology” (15.01.2019).

3. Dr Nipa Pandhi – a renowned Microbiologist- (HoD- Shri M&N Virani science College, Rajkot) delivered on “Probiotics- The wonder bugs” (18.02.2019).

4. Dr. Ravi Ranjan (Shri M&N Virani science College, Rajkot) talked on “Cancer Biology” (04.01.2019).

D. Students at National Level….

Our student Adarsh Patel cleared GATE with a score of 464 and 43.33 marks out of 100 with (All India Rank 595) in Biotechnology. Mr Omdevsinh Gohil has won Second prize under poster presentation at National Conference on “Advances and innovations in biotechnology“ organized on 19-2-2018 and 20-02-2018 at National College, Trichy for his work entitled “Cow urine based bio pesticide against white grub on peanut”.

E. Latest Achievements of Faculties (BioTechnology)

Dr. Dharmesh Sur
Published papers:

  1. Dharmesh H Sur and Mausumi Mukhopadhyay, “Role of zinc oxide nanoparticles for effluent treatment using Pseudomonas putida and Pseudomonas aureofaciens, Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering (2018). (IF 2.139 Thomson reuters:2017)
  2. 2. Dharmesh H Sur and Mausumi Mukhopadhyay, “Process parametric study for COD removal of electroplating industry effluent”, 3 Biotech (2018) 8: 84. (IF 1.497 Thomson reuters:2017).
  3. Other activities:
    • Invited for a talk as a Resource person in Gujarat State Biotechnology Mission (GSBTM) Sponsored Crash Workshop to deliver “Measure of Central Tendency” on 27th April, 2019 at Shri M & N Virani Science College, Rajkot.
    • Invited for a lecture entitled “The basic and current needs of green environment for sustainance” in a ISTE (Guj. section) approved and GTU affiliated -Faculty Development Program held at V V P Engineering College, Rajkot, on 11th Dec 2018.
    • Presented a poster on “Conversion of Bioethanol from cotton wastes collected from saurashtra region using various microorganisms” in an International conference on “Biotechnological Research and Innovation for Sustainable Development (BioSD)” organized by BRSI at CSIR-IICT, Hyderabad during 22nd- 25th November 2018.
    • Judged oral and poster presentations in Bioinformatics category at “11th National level science symposium” on “Recent Trends in Science and Technology” on 3rd February 2019 organized at Christ College – Rajkot.
    • Worked as co-cordinator in one Week AICTE – ISTE Induction/Refresher Programme on “Air pollution measurement and its control strategies” during June 11th to 16th, 2018 at V V P Engineering College, Rajkot.

Prof. Pooja Chavda

  1. Presented a poster “ Quantitative Analysis of Aminoglycosides” and secured first prize in international Conference “Nipicon 2018” held at Nirma University on 23-25 January, 2018.
  2. Participated in National Symposium “Vaccine Development for Infectious Diseases” held at M. S. Univeristy on 7th January, 2019.
  3. Published a paper on “A Review on micropropagation of rare plant species: Aswagandha”. In UGC approved journal “Research and Reviews: A journal of Botany”.

Prof. Shreyas Dhuliya

Prof. Shreays Dhuliya represented VVP at International level event by his research work as:

  1. “Docking Studies on Vitiligo Disease Targets With Herbal Ligand Molecules From Backuchi” (coauthored with Pallavi Parihar, Alafiya Trivedi)
  2. “Understanding the disease mechanism of vitiligo for identification of Novel drug targets” (coauthored with Alafiya Trivedi and Pallavi Parihar)
  3. “A review on property enhancement of bioplastic based on starch and PLA using Nanocomposite reinforcement” (coauthored with Pragna Nakrani, Rahul, Honey kakkad, Bhargav Busa)
  4. “in silico analysis of ligands from aegle marmalos and Gymnema silvestre with target related to diabetes melitus” ( co-author: Prit Ashra)

Dr Nishant Goplan

  • Presented paper entitled “Biorefining of wheat bran for the purification of ferulic acid” in Biocatalysis and agricultural biotechnology, 15, 304-310, January 2018.( co-author: Nampoothiri, K. M.)

Mr. Dip Patel

  • Participated in Workshop on “Molecular Biology Techniques” sponsored by GSBTM held at R. K. University on 8-9 February, 2019.


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