Facilities & Laboratories

[1] General Biotechnology Lab (First Floor A-106  )

Biotechnology is the emerging and most sought branch of applied sciences. General biotechnology laboratory encompasses all ingredients required for conduction of experiments in basic and advanced areas of biotechnology.

Laboratory Sessions:  Basic Biochemistry (Sem.: 3); Molecular Biology and Genetics (Sem.:4), Cell Biology and Industrial Biotechnology (Sem.:4);  Immunology (Sem.:5); Advance Molecular Biology (Sem.6); Agriculture and Food Biotechnology (Sem.: 6); Enzyme and Proteins (Sem.: 7);

All work related to Design engineering: 1A;1B;2A;2B (as per GTU syllabus) and Project work (Sem 7 and 8 ) is carried out in this laboratory space. This facility occupies about 149.8 square meters (1612.43 square feet).

 [2] Plant Biotechnology/ Tissue culture Lab (Second floor : A-206a )

Plant Tissue Culture is a promising area of Agricultural Biotechnology. The demand for tissue culture products and bioengineered crops is expanding exponentially. The Biotechnology department has built this laboratory with adequate infrastructure, for rea life training in the various facets of plant tissue culture research and development. This facility occupies about 76 square meters (818 square feet).

Laboratory Session :- Animal and Plant Biotechnology (Sem.8)

 [3] Bioinformatics Lab (Second floor : A 206b)

Bio-informatics has opened the new vista in the field of dry research. The management and analysis of vast genomic data emanating out from different genome projects are not possible without the aid of bio-informatics. Keeping these developments in view, V.V.P. Engineering College – Rajkot, has built a separate “Bio-informatics Laboratory” with required infrastructure, to facilitate smooth training to its biotechnology students, in the different domains of bio-informatics research and development. This facility occupies about 76 square meters (818 square feet).

Laboratory Sessions :- Cyber Security (Sem. 5), Bioinformatics (Sem. 6), Project (Sem.: 7,8), Design Engineering (Sem. 3 to 6)

[4] Basic Taxonomy And Techniques Lab (Second floor : A-207 )

Cell constitutes the structural and functional unit of all forms of life, and molecules like DNA and proteins occupy the centre stage for all activities of life. Biotechnological research revolves around the deeper understanding of cells and molecules of life. This laboratory imparts training to its biotechnology students in these basic areas of microscopy, taxonomical observations etc. This space utilizes floor space of about 75.7 square meters (814 Square feet).

Laboratory Sessions :-  Basic Taxonomy and Techniques (Sem. :4); and the work, in part of full, related to Design engineering and Project work (or Research Work) is facilitated in this lab space.

 Students are also provided additional work space and laboratory equipments at “Environment Engineering Laboratory” (Ground Floor: A 10) and Bioprocess Technology Laboratory Space (Ground Floor: A 09).


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