Message from the Head of the Department (Bio Technology):

Welcome to the Department of Bio Technology at V V P Engg. College, Rajkot.

The mission of the department is to create and apply new knowledge in Bio Technology to meet current national and global needs and to prepare undergraduate (B.E.) students for successful careers. Our diverse research portfolio address the current challenges in area of biotechnology with focus on energy and the environment apart from academic projects in medical, health care, dairy and food industries. These problems demand a multi-disciplinary approach and our department has expertise in areas spanning Biotechnology and Chemical Process engineering, Bio Informatics, Molecular Biology and Tissue Culture.

Bio Technology is the engine of technological innovation to sustain and enhance life of the man kind and biotic world and hence an ideal starting point to launch a successful engineering career. At VVP, our department provides personalized educational experience, high-level training, and a strong support network for achieving career goals. The department benefits from support from RNSB, VVP trust and the surrounding high-tech industries, which offer opportunities for joint industry/university collaborations, undergraduate trainings/internships, and job placements in the Agricultural/ Food/ Pharma / dairy and Chemical industries etc.

I invite you to visit the Department of Bio Technology and contact us directly, if you have any questions.


Dr. Dharmesh Sur,

Head of Department,

Bio Technology (Engineering)

Mobile: 9909552002

E mail: bthod@vvpedulink.ac.in

About Biotechnology (Engineering):

Biotechnology engineering is the study, research, development and application of living organisms to manufacture various bioproducts. The Bio Technology engineering course incorporates the combination of subjects like maths, chemistry, genetics, bio-chemistry, molecular biology, process design etc. the Biotechnology contributes to the upliftment of the fields like agriculture, pharmaceutical (disease research and drug design), Environment (eco-conservation), production of fertilizers, vaccines’ manufacturing, energy production as well as the areas like animal   husbandry, food technology etc.

The department is set with state–of-the-art equipments in laboratories for microbiology and immunology, biochemistry, molecular biology, plant cell culture (Tissue culture), bioinformatics, bioprocess technology and downstream processing. Separate chemical room and computer lab is also available. The department has research facilities housing advanced equipments like PCR, UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, refrigerated centrifuges, high speed centrifuge and basic equipment like electrophoresis systems, microscopes etc etc to cater the needs of students.

Our experiences at V V P in Bio Technology department, for placing the students, record high for Government assisted jobs, foreign studies and jobs in private national / multinational companies. That confirms 100% placements due to its uniqueness. The opportunities for business in India are boom in the promising areas like tissue culture plants, biofertilizers, medicine etc.

V V P Engineering College strives to gift the best of the biotechnology engineers of the future to the society, in real sense !


To become a leader in biotechnology education and research, which shape young minds into professionals with strong moral and human values.


  1. To provide strong academic foundation and inculcate technical competencies in students, to capacitate them to address technical problems and instill a life-long learning attitude.
  2. To mould students into well-groomed engineers by providing ecosystem favouring innovation, creative thinking, team spirit and by promoting leadership and entrepreneurial qualities.
  3. To create clear and reliable governance through ideal and humanitarian approach.


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