Facilities & Laboratories

Environmental Monitoring & Testing Lab

V.V.P. Engineering College, Rajkot was appointed as Schedule-I Environmental Auditor by Gujarat high court and GPCB.

The department is doing this work of Environment Audit since year-2000 for a number of Prestigious industrial houses.

The department possesses a well equipped lab worth of Rs.25 lacs and expert men power.

The equipments possessed by the Environment Monitoring and Testing lab are ultramodern and probably the unique one amongst all other auditors.

This work has resulted as an effective source of fund generation for the institution on one hand and has generated a live relationship with prestigious industries of Gujarat on the other hand. This ultimately helps the students of the institute for their vocational training which gives an exposure to industrial atmosphere.


These laboratories consist of mainly equipments and experiments related to determination of kinetics of reactions; residential time distribution studies; finding various important parameters affecting the rate of reaction, etc. Proudly, all the equipments are developed indigenously guided by Prof. S. P. Parikh. Moreover, students have also contributed well by fabricating packed bed column as a part of their seminar work and that is being utilized for one of the experiments.

Mass Transfer Operations

This laboratory is rich in its assets containing equipments like packed bed for gas-absorption, Stirred-cell for gas-absorption, packed bed absorption column, cooling tower, hot air oven, etc. Laboratory is also equipped with auxiliary equipments and glass wares required for various analysis.

Chemistry Laboratory

This laboratory is well equipped with latest equipments and instruments like PH meter. Conductivity meter, Nephelo-turbidity meter, spectrophotometer meter, heating oven, magnetic stirrer, hot plate, water bath, scientific and digital balance to conduct analysis for various organic and inorganic compounds.

Instrumentation and process control

This is a fully equipped laboratory that contains different tanks model for the first-order system and for higher order systems with tank in series model and tank in parallel (interacting and non-interacting model). It is also equipped with linear and nonlinear systems.

Mechanical Operation and Particulate Technology

This laboratory is fully developed with the mechanical operation equipments such as Jaw Crusher, Roll crusher, Ball mill etc. Along with these mechanical operation equipments particle separating equipments such as Cyclone separator, Shieve shakes, Filter Press, Mixing equipments, etc. are also available.

Process Heat Transfer

One of the most developed laboratories in the department having Lagged Pipe, Film and Drop wise Condensation Equipment, Emissivity Apparatus, Shell and Tube Heat exchanger, Plate Type Heat Exchanger, Stephen Boltzman, Critical Heat Flux, etc.

Chemical Process Industries

Along with the facilities for carrying out experiments for the manufacturing of dyes, resins, etc., it has Orsat Apparatus, Aniline point apparatus, Smoke Point Apparatus, Flash and Fire Point Apparatus, Cloud and Pour Point Apparatus, etc. to its credit.

Petroleum Refining

The laboratory consist of the equipments explaining the basic properties of petroleum and their fractions which includes ASTM distillation, smoke point, Cleveland flash and fire point, Engler and saybolt viscometers, copper strip corrosion apparatus, bomb calorimeter, Rams bottom and conradson carbon residence apparatus, etc. So this laboratory develops analytical skills in the field of petroleum and related technology to undergraduate level.


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