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Image  Dr. Piyush B. Vanzara [ Professor and HOD ]
B.E. (Chemical) Gold medalist,  M.E. (Chemical),  Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering), LMISTE, LMIIChE  Academic Experience: 18+ Years Research Publications: 27 Subject Expertise: Fundamentals & Advancements of process engineering, Hydrodynamics & mass Transfer aspects of Multiphase flow systems, Petroleum refinery enginerring & modernization of Petrochemical plants, Thermodynamic analysis of reaction & separation systems Email: chhod@vvpedulink.ac.in, piyushbvanzara@gmail.com
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Image    Dr. Vyomesh M. Parsana [ Assistant Professor ]
B.E. (Chemical), M.Tech. (Chemical Engineering), Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering) Academic Experience: 15+ Years Industry Experience: 1 Year Research Publications: 13 Subject Expertise: Thermodynamics and Phase Equilibria, Low-Pressure Vapour-Liquid Equilibrium Measurement, Thermodynamic Property Predictions using Group Contribution Methods & its Modeling, Solution of Numerical Methods using Various Computational Tools, Optimization and Simulation of Mathematical Models using Softwares, Process Calculations, Computer-Aided Process Synthesis Email:vyomesh.parsana.ch@vvpedulink.ac.in
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Image  Dr. Sushil Korgaokar [ Assistant Professor ]
B.Sc. (Chemistry), M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry), Ph.D. (Synthetic Drugs)

Academic Experience: 21+ Years Industry Experience: 0 Years
Research Publications: 13
Subject Expertise: Organic Chemistry, In-organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Environmental studies
Email: sushil.koregaokar.ch@vvpedulink.ac.in
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Image    Darshana Bhatti [ Assistant Professor ]
B.E. (Chemical), M.E. (Environmental management), Pursuing Ph.D. (Chemical) Academic Experience: 11+ Years Industry Experience: 0 Years Research Paper Publications: 16 Subject Expertise: Mass Transfer Operations, Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Process Safety Management, Advanced Oxidation Processes for effluent treatment Email: darshama.bhatti.ch@vvpedulink.ac.in
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Image  Jilesh M. Pandya [ Assistant Professor ]
  • B.E. (Chemical), M.E. (Chemical)
  • Academic Experience: 14+ Years
  • Research Publications: 11
  • Subject Expertise: Heat Transfer, Chemical Technology, Equipment Design, Bioprocess Plant Design, Cleaner Production Techniques, Gasification Process
  • Email: jilesh.pandya.ch@vvpedulink.ac.in
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Image    Ajinkya Patwardhan [ Assistant Professor ]
B.Tech.(Chemical Engineering) , M.Tech.(Chemical Engineering), PhD Pursuing Academic Experience: 5+ Years Research Publications: 3 Subject Expertise: Process Control,Transport Phenomena, Chemical Reaction Engineering, CHEMCAD. Email: ajinkya.patwardhan.ch@vvpedulink.ac.in LMISTE
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Image  Priyank Khirsariya [ Assistant Professor ]
B.E. (Chem), M.Tech. (Chem)
Academic Experience: 6+ Years Industry Experience: 0 Year
Research Publications: 17
Subject Expertise: Process Simulation & Optimization,Catalysis, Process Calculation,Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics-II
Email: priyank.khirsariya.ch@vvpedulink.ac.in
Researchgate,  LinkedinGoogle Scholar
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Image    PRATIK KORADIYA [ Assistant Professor ]
B.E. (C.H.), M.E. (C.H.) Academic Experience: 4.11 Years Industry Experience: 0 Years Research Publications: 03 Subject Expertise: Heat Transfer, Fluid flow operation, Process Control, Membrane separation techniques,Mass Transfer operation,Numarical Methods Email: pratik.koradiya.ch@vvpedulink.ac.in
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Image  Richa Modi [ Assistant Professor ]
B.E. (Chem.Engg.), M.E. (Environment Process Design) Academic Experience: 4+ Years Industry Experience: 0 Years Research Publications: 4 Subject Expertise: Advance Separation Techniques, Mechanical Operations, Process Plant Design & Economic Nano Tech Email: richa.modi.ch@vvpedulink.ac.in
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Image    KINJAL ROKAD [ Assistant Professor ]
B.E. (CHEM), M.E. (CHEM)
Academic Experience: 11+months Industry Experience: 0 Years
Research Publications: 3
Subject Expertise: Chemical Reaction Engineering, Thermodynamics
Email: kinjal.rokad.ch@vvpedulink.ac.in
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Image  Malde Bhatiya [ Assistant Professor ]
  • B.E (Chemical Engineering), M.E (Chemical Aided Process Design)
  • Academic Experience: 1+ Years
  • Research Publications: 1
  • Subject Expertise: Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer, Mechanical Operation, Process Equipment Design, Mass Transfer Operation.
  • Email: malde.bhatiya.ch@vvpedulink.ac.in
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Image    Rahul Vaidya [ Assistant Professor ]
  • B.Tech (Chemical Engineering), M.Tech (Chemical Engineering)
  • Academic Experience: 3+ Years Industry Experience: 3 Years
  • Research Publications: 1
  • Subject Expertise: Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer, Chemical Reaction Engg, Transport Phenomena, Fluid Mechanics, Mechanical Operations, Process Modelling and Simulation, Energy Audit
  • Email: rahul.vaidya.ch@vvpedulink.ac.in
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