The goal of the Training & Placement Cell of the Institute is to provide employment opportunities and world class training to students of the Institute in leading organizations/Industry. The Training & Placement Cell further provides ample opportunities to the students to develop their personality by conducting programs regularly on communication skills and other soft skills.

In this global competitive era there are plenty of job opportunities and our student successfully caught these opportunities. We strongly believe that it’s a right of each student that one should have at least one job offer letter before completion of their graduation.

Gujarat itself it is established as a HUB of various large scale industries. Industries always search for smart, Intelligent & Hardworking Engineers. We are only a link between these technocrats and good industries. We provide them platform to absorb good jobs to make their future bright. At present, our students are working in well known companies like Reliance Group of Companies, Essar Oil Limited, Tata Chemicals Ltd., Dorf Kettle Ltd., Nirma Chemicals, Ambuja Cement Ltd, Siddhi Cement and to name a few…

V.V.P. Engineering College gives assurance to next coming generation, once you take admission in our institute, we will think of your job. It’s not just our assurance but it’s a commitment to achieve 100% placement target. Below are the figures of our past placement.


Placement record for the last years
Year 2016
Sr No.Name of StudentCompany NamePackage(Lakhs Per Annum)
1Parmar NiravReliance Ind.Ltd.5.5
2Maheta JaydeepReliance Ind.Ltd.5.5
3Makwana KishanReliance Ind.Ltd.5.5
4Bhola JaydeepReliance Ind.Ltd.5.5
5Umretiya KetanEssar Oil Limited3.75
6Bhalala VishalTorrecid India Pvt. Ltd.2.4
Sr No.Name of StudentCompany NamePackage(Lakhs Per Annum)
1Shyamwala QureshReliance Ind.Ltd.5.5
2Sakariya SagarReliance Ind.Ltd.5.5
3Bagadiya KetanReliance Ind.Ltd.5.5
4Sanepara NitinReliance Ind.Ltd.5.5
5Bhoot HarshitReliance Ind.Ltd2.1
6Makadia JeetReliance Ind.Ltd2.1
7Nakum SanjayReliance Ind.Ltd2.1
8Rajani JayTata Chemicals Mithapur4.75
9Dodiya DarshanNirma chemicals Bhavanagar2.4
10Sardhara BalkrushnaNirma chemicals Bhavanagar2.4
11Dabhi YagneshNirma chemicals Bhavanagar2.4
12Mungra ParthEPP Composites Pvt Ltd.1.08
13Limbasiya SureshSaurastra Solid Industries Vadodara1.44
14Bhuva AmitAquagel Gandhidham1.8
15Tank AbhiisekAtari Chemopharma Ankleshwar2.4
16Padmani ChiragAmi Lifescience Baroda2.04
17Shingala ManojScientific Life Science Ankleshwar2.04
18Parmar HirenMalwin Pharma Hadamtala1.8
19Jay KawarKarca Ceramic Morbi1.8
20Kalariya ChiragEnvirotech Industries Ahmedabad1.9
21Vasan BharatAdroit Pharmachem Baroda2
22Avinash RadadiyaAGI Pvt. Ltd. Ahmedabad2
Sr No.Name of StudentCompany NamePackage(Lakhs Per Annum)
1Pattanaik AnishReliance Ind.Ltd.5.5
2Masharu RaviReliance Ind.Ltd.5.5
3Gohel MilanDarshan Institute Rajkot1.8
4Valani TusharNirma chemicals Bhavanagar2.2
5Dabhi AnilNirma chemicals Bhavanagar2.2
6Adrija ChiragNirma chemicals Bhavanagar2.2
7Bavarva ChiragGujarat Pollution Control Board GandhiNagar2.1
8Parmar DurgeshGovt.polytechnic.Rajkot1.8
Year 2013
Sr No.Name of StudentCompany NamePackage(Lakhs Per Annum)
1Piyush BoradReliance Ind. Ltd.5.5
2Purvi ModhaReliance Ind. Ltd.5.5
3Nimesh KoratEssar Oil Ltd.3.7
4Juned KhatriNirma Chemicals Bhavnagar1.92
5Keval NathvaniNirma Chemicals Bhavnagar1.92
6Ghanshyam savaliyaNirma Chemicals Bhavnagar1.92
7Siddharth PatelNirma Chemicals Bhavnagar1.92
Year 2012
Sr No.Name of StudentCompany NamePackage (Per Month)
1Purohit ParthTata Chemicals Mithapur35800
2Bhalodiya JigneshSiddhivinayak Cement Rajasthan16000
3Pankhaniya MaheshSiddhivinayak Cement Rajasthan16000
4Vasoya HardikNirma Chemicals Bhavnagar16000
5Bhalani DharmeshNirma Chemicals Bhavnagar16000
6Sojitra PrakashNirma Chemicals Bhavnagar16000
7Kansara BhautikNirma Chemicals Bhavnagar16000
8Patoliya GaurangNirma Chemicals Bhavnagar16000
9Abhay SinghNirma Chemicals Bhavnagar16000
10Vyas SachinNirma Chemicals Bhavnagar16000
11Bhuva SagarAlembic Pharmaceuticals Baroda14000
12Bhesaniya MehulSaurashtra Chemicals Porbandar11500
13Gorasiya NaimishSaurashtra Chemicals Porbandar11500
Year 2011
Sr No.Name of StudentCompany NamePackage(Per Month)
1Mashru SagarDorf ketal Bombay3.76 Lakhs Per Annum
2Goel HimanshuDorf ketal Bombay3.76 Lakhs Per Annum
3Trivedi MonaliDorf ketal Bombay3.76 Lakhs Per Annum
4Dasani KevalNirma Bhavnagar13300
5Dhruna SunnyNirma Bhavnagar13300
6Piparava KishanNirma Bhavnagar13300
7Chovatiya AjayNirma Bhavnagar13300
8Dhruve VivekNirma Bhavnagar13300
9Jani RahulTorrent Ahemdabad13000
10Ahuja SagarTorrent Ahemdabad13000
11Sheth PratikTorrent Ahemdabad13000
12Sindhav VinodAll Great India Pvt. Ltd.8000
13Gadhiya DhavalAll Great India Pvt. Ltd.8000
14Sneha ZaveriSiddhi Cement8000
Year 2010
Sr No.Name of StudentCompany NamePackage(Per Month)
1Dudhat HareshEssar oil Jamnagar2.5 Lakhs Per Annum
3Hirani HujefaDorf ketal Bombay14000
4Patel MayurNirma Ltd. Bhavnagar8500
5Ghosh TathagatEPP Ltd. Metoda Rajkot8000
6Jay MahetaAGI Pvt.Ltd.Ahmedabad7000
7Sagar MahetaAGI Pvt.Ltd.Ahmedabad7000
8Himanshu TimbadiyaAGI Pvt.Ltd.Ahmedabad7000
Year 2009
Sr No.Name of StudentCompany NamePackage (Per Month)
1Desmukh SuchetaEsssar Oil Ltd Jamnagar2.5 Lakhs Per Annum
2Karia ParthEsssar Oil Ltd Jamnagar2.5 lakhs Per Annum
3Sharma KrishnaAmbuja Cement Ltd Kodinar14000
4Patel SunilNirma Chemicals Bhavanagar8500
5Kansagra YogeshNirma Chemicals Bhavanagar8500
6Vithalani KaushalNirma Chemicals Bhavanagar8500
7Bhalala AnkitNirma Chemicals Bhavanagar8500
8Adalja JemiExcel Industies LtdBhavanagar8000
9Amrutiya KandarpExcel Industies LtdBhavanagar8000
10Modhiya SumitSiddhi Cement8000
Sr No.Name of StudentCompany NamePackage(Lakhs Per Annum)
1Pandya HitarthEssar oil ltd.Jamnagar3.3
2Trivedi ShivenEssar oil ltd.Jamnagar3.3
3Baria MohitEssar oil ltd.Jamnagar3.3
4Sharma SandeepNirma Chemicals.Porbandar1.1
5Patel PratikNirma Chemicals.Bhavanagar1.1
6Thakkar KapilNirma Chemicals.Porbandar1.1
7Patel VirenAmbuja CementChattishagadh2.2
8Patel MananNirma Chemicals.Porbandar1.1
9Patel VinayTata Chemicals Ltd2.5
10Samariya JayprakashDigvijay Cement0.96
Sr No.Name of StudentCompany NamePackage(Lakhs Per Annum)
1Modi MihirNirma Chemicals Bhavanagar1.02
2Sonin ParagNirma Chemicals Bhavanagar1.02
3Vasoya AtulNirma Chemicals Bhavanagar1.02
4Kamani JaimineshNirma Chemicals Bhavanagar1.02
5Savaliya NikhilNirma Chemicals Bhavanagar1.02
6Thar BindalNirma Chemicals Bhavanagar1.02
7Saija JeetNirma Chemicals Bhavanagar1.02
8Ramanuj PratikNirma Chemicals Bhavanagar1.02
9Choksi Mohammed fesalNirma Chemicals Bhavanagar1.02
10Dakora ImaranNirma Chemicals Bhavanagar1.02
11Anish ThomasEssar oil ltd.Jamnagar3.2
12Yaganik SamirEssar oil ltd.Jamnagar3.2
13Upadhyay ShashankEssar oil ltd.Jamnagar3.2


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