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Food Fiesta – 2019

Life is a combination of magic and pasta and Good food is better when shared with good friends. To celebrate food, Novateur Commune of Computer Engineering Department organized a food fiesta Where food was prepared by students themselves.

Novateur team celebrates success of Technothon

Dr. Tejas Patalia and Prof. G. H. Mulchandani explaining overall events to Principal Sir

Every single soul on earth is gifted with some talent and skill. This skill generates different ideas & thoughts which lead to innovation. But unfortunately many of us are not aware of this skill & if we are aware of these skills then we don’t know how to implement them, execute them and mainly how to represent these skills in front of world. At this stage the question arises that whether we have enough platforms to represent our ideas & skills? Whether we have given any opportunity to implement our thoughts & skills? NO. Actually the issue for present youth is that they know they are having enough capabilities, ideas and skills but not having enough platforms or are not aware of those platforms to present their skill. The youngistan is full of talent, and passion. The youth contains writers, dancers, photographers, techno –minds and many more. But, unfortunately they don’t have enough chances and opportunities to show their talent. So, it is becoming necessary to give them an opportunity & platforms to the people with talent & skill.So, with this purpose a Commune is established by CE department of VVP engineering college named as “NOVATEUR”. Which is working in the direction to provide better platforms and opportunities to the people with skill and talent which are genuinely in need of such chances. The main aim of Commune Is to encourage the skills and talent of student, and to provide enough platforms for their ideas.

  1. The Youth Parliament
  2. MSP – Microsoft Student Partner
  3. Code the war – C programming competition
  4. IT Market Analysis

Game of the codes Event

We have organized a coding competition “Game of the codes” for the students of CE Department. Around 80 students have taken part in this competition.


DATE: January 22, 2015

The department of computer engineering organized an expert lecture on ‘CURRENT SITUATION OF IT INDUSTRY IN MARKET’ on January 22, 2015. Highlighting the importance of technologies in the overall grooming, Mr. .HEMAL SUKHANANDI, the senior developer at TATA TECHNOLOGIES, PUNE, enlightened the students on the current scenario of IT industry.

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Vedanta Event 2K16

Department has organized VEDANTA 2k16 event in April .In this event, different 9 events included which test students skill set in different level.250 students participated in Vedanta event.







“Show Me The Code” – a C/C++ based event by the Novateur Commune Of CE Dept – VVP Engineering College.

The event has been planned for the students of 5th and 7th Semester keeping in mind the upcoming coding competitions and placement interview questions.
The event has been organized by Patadia Purna and Kiyada Sudev(students of sem 7) under the guidance of Prof. Dipesh Joshi.

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