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Start-up commune

In today’s competitive era, student will not have to depend on job. They have to stand-up on their own feet. And that’s why the prime minister of India shree Narendra Modi told “startup India, standup India“ and lunch the start-up India campaign. The start-up Commune of Computer Engineering Department of VVP Engineering College helps students to gain industry-relevant skills to become entrepreneur. Few paths will open the doors for students in the twenty-first century as engineer.

    • Digital India
      The Digital India programme is a flagship programme of the Government of India with a vision of shree Narendra Modi, Prime minister of India, to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.
    • What is start-up?
      Startup India campaign is based on an action plan aimed at promoting bank financing for start-up ventures to boost entrepreneurship and encourage startups with jobs creation.
    • Key points
      • Single Window Clearance even with the help of a mobile application
      • 10,000 crore funds of fund
      • 80% reduction in patent registration fee
      • Modified and more friendly Bankruptcy Code to ensure 90-day exit window
      • Freedom from mystifying inspections for 3 years
      • Freedom from Capital Gain Tax for 3 years
      • Freedom from tax in profits for 3 years
      • Eliminating red tape
      • Self-certification compliance
      • Innovation hub under “Atal Innovation Mission”
      • Starting with 5 lakh schools to target 10 lakh children for innovation programme
    • Road-map

Motivation forStart-up:

We are lunching the concept of start-up, but the world has already set the good examples for the start-up. We should take inspiration from the below motivational examples. If we can focus on this type of work, we can achieve significant output. “Where there’s a will there’s a way”.

      • Startup makes portable printer for smartphone

        An Australia-based startup has developed a portable printer ‘droPrinter’ which allows direct printing from a smartphone including messages, web pages and images in black and white. Controlled through an app, it can print anything that appears on a smartphone screen using thermal paper. The printer can run up to seven hours on continuous printing and also acts a power bank.

      • Startup develops 400x microscope for smartphone

        A US-based startup has developed a high resolution digital microscope named ‘Nurugo Micro’ with 400x magnification, which fixes to a smartphone with a clip. Controlled through an Android oriOS app, it does not require any power or charging and uses a smartphone’s camera for magnification. Priced at $49, the microscope is 0.5 centimeter thick and weighs 3.89 grams

      • Startup develops eye-tracking for VR

        San Francisco-based startup Fove has developed eye-tracking for virtual reality (VR) that “allows users to go inside the world that’s behind the display’, according to the Co-founder Yuka Kojima. The technology can have various applications like playing video games or enabling disabled people to control devices using their eyes. It could also be helpful for training pilots and surgeons.

      • Tiger top crossover investor in tech startups

        According to data from CB Insights, Tiger Global was the top crossover investor in tech startups in 2015 by investing in over 45 startups including Flipkart, Ola and Airbnb. Goldman Sachs was the second most active investor with investments in Uber and Spotify. Both Tiger and Goldman were the only crossover investors to fund over 30 tech startups in 2015.

    • Activity :

Startup Workshop 10th & 11th March, 2018 – “Start-up – A Step toward entrepreneur”

Computer Engineering department, VVP Engineering College, Rajkot organized one workshop named “Start-up – A step toward entrepreneur” on 10th & 11th March, 2018 with support of GUJCOST. In this workshop, 53 students ware participated. This students are from 4th semester and 6 semester of computer engineering faculty.

In this Workshop following experts were delivered their lecture:

  • Dr.  S. D Panchal, associate professor in Information Technology Department at Vishwakarma Government Engineering College (VGEC), Chandkheda, ahmedabad and currently working as in charge registrar at Gujarat technological university (GTU)
  • M. T. Savaliya, Head and associate professor in Computer Engineering at Vishwakarma Government Engineering College (VGEC), Chandkheda, Ahmedabad
  • Parth Sejpal, Assistant professor, GIC, Rajkot
  • Dushyant Joshi, Assistant professor, RK University, in charge of Start-up incubation center, Rajkot
  • Nirav Mandaviya, Assistant professor, RK University, in charge of Start-up incubation center, Rajkot
  • Faculty co-ordinator :
  • Dr. Tejas Patalia
  • Prof. Maulik Dhamecha
  • Prof. Viraj Daxini


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