Facilities & Laboratories


Total Budget of Laboratories : 1,98,00, 000



Digital Logic Design Lab

Total Budget: 4,79,697.00
3 Digital Logic Design

Sr NoKit / Component NameQty
1Digital Lab - ST26114
2Logic Training board on counters & shift registers with P.S.(C.R.)2
3Study of ALU(Arithmatic & Logic Unit) chip with power supply3
4Digital logic trainer(CMOS) ,based on 74C/4000series , with P.S. & meter3
5Interfacing CMOS to TTL & TTL to CMOS Ics3
6Characteristics of CMOS IC3
7EPROM (memory Trainer)4
8Tektronix make 100MHz Digital real time Oscilloscope5
9RS,JK, D Flipflop with built in power supply.2
10Digital Logic Trainer3
11AE' make portable PMMC type meter Accuracy : + 1% 0-5-10 mA (0-1-10 mA)2
1220 MHz Oscilloscope with Logic Scope Model : 201 LS3

Microprocessor and Interfacing Lab

Total budget:2,57,920

4 Mcroprocessor

Sr NoKit / Component NameQty
18085 Microprocessor trainer kit3
with LCD display and 101 keyboard (M85-07)
28086 Microprocessor Trainer Kit with SMPS (power supply)4
368000 Microprocessor Trainer kit with SMPS1
4Z-80 Microprocessor Trainer Kit with SMPS(power supply)4
58 bit digital to analogue converter3
6LCD display interface study card3
7Keyboard Interface study card3
8IC tester interface study card3
948 channel I/O interface study card1
10VMC - 8502,8085 Trainer kit6
13(a) 8212 study card5
(b) 8255 study card5
(c )8253 study card5
(d) 8251 study card5
(e) 8259 study card5
(f) 8257 study card5
14VMC -Temp Tempereture Module2
15VMC- SMC module with motor2
16VMC -31/51 L2
8051 Microcontroller LCD kit
17(a) VMC- 8509M Advancd 8085 microprocessor Trainer Kit3
18(a) VMC - 8603 low cost 8086 microprocessor trainer kit3
(b)PS-III SMPS power supply3
19VMC - 8155 study card5
20VMC - 8279 study card5
21VMC - DC motor controller card with motor2
22VMC - TLC Traffic Light controller card5
23VMC - ES Elevator Simulator card5
24VMC - ROC; Relay opto card2
25VPL-SPLI Universal IC tester2
26EE-I Eprom Eraser4
288085 microprocessor kit2
29Microtutor ' 86 ( a full curriculum CD ROM Program for 5 user)1
308085 Microprocessor kit3

Optical Fiber Communication Lab

Total budget:1,53,233

6 Optical fiber

Sr NoKit / Component NameQty
1"Scientech" make Advance Fiber Optic Kit 3
Model ST 2502
2"Scientech" make Optical Power Meter 3
Model : ST 2551
3"Scientech" make connectiorization kit FOK 6013
4"Scientech" make Multiplexer-Demultiplexer3
5"Scientech"make Fiber Links10

Satellite Communication Lab

Total budget:4,54,402

7 Setttilete

Sr NoKit / Component NameQty
1Spectrum Analyser with built in tracking gener and RS-232 interface3
2C.R.O. 20 Mhz & Accessories Scientech make model 2013
3Satellite Communication Trainer.Scientech make Model : 22712
4C.R.O. (30 MHz) Model HM 203 M with standard accessories & following extra accessories2
1. BNC to BNC4
2. BNC to crocodile10
3. BNC test probe10
4. Switchable Probe2
5Samsung DVD player1
Model no. P250K (DVD)
6Samsung colour T.V.1
Model No. CZ-15K5 (plano)
7Scientech make GPS trainer model ST22762


Digital Signal Processing Lab

Total Budget : 14,48,955.85
7 Digital Signal Processing

Sr NoKit / Component NameQty
1Edutech make microtutor DSP lab MT DSP TMS 320LF2407 DSP processor2
2Basic I/O interfacing board consisting of 8 LEDs and DIP2
316x2 LCD and 5x5 matrix keyboard interfacing kit with cables3
4MOSFET based stepper motor interfacing kit with stepper motor, power supply and cables.2
5Lab curriculum CDROM for TMS320LF2407 with workbook & multiuser (23) license.1
6DSP starter kit (DSK) for TMS320C6713 +PS +2
CC studio for C6713 DSK
7DSP lab for TI 6000 Platform3
8Bloom with DSP tutor/Matlab tutor/Arch tutor10 user
9Texas DSK for 6416 alogn with code composer studio3
10TERASK image and video development kit with altera DE2 board2
11Readymade RF module x'mitter2
12Readymade RF module receiver2
13Readymade RF module Transreceiver2
14Adapter board for all above RF Module2
15Daughter board Interface kit VLSI - Altera DE2 board3

Very Large Scale Integrated  Lab

Total Budget: 10,08,760.00


Sr NoKit / Component NameQty
1Universal DSP -in VLSI trainer model MXALK-MBU-DSP2
2CPLD Protoboard - Model MXCK2
3Spartan - II based FPGA trainer model MXUK -1442
4Universal Base Board Model MXALUK - SMD MXALUK - 0013
5Device Adapter Model
1. ADP84 - C 72 with CPLD2
2. ADP84 - C108 with CPLD2
XC95108 PC84
3. ADP144 - FS2100 with2
FPGA XC25100 TQ 144
4. ADP208 - F2S200 with2
FPGA XC2S200 PQ 208
5. ADP240 - FV 50 with2
6VLSI Design software xilink2
make ISE series
7Simulation software for VHDL language modelsim XE with hardware dongle1
8DSP application software system generator for DSP model : US-SYSGEN-4SL-PC2
9Universal Multi Vendor Board Model EDAS UAX12
10Device Adapter Module for above board.
(b) FPGA APEX EPF20K100TQ1442
(d) FPGA XC2550TQ1442
11CPLD and FPGA combined board3
Model : EDAS AT2
12ALTERA university program VHDL - VLSI software package20
13EDAS general purpose interface module3
14Module with cable
1. ADC/DAC module2
2. LCD adapter2
3. Relay card.2
15Low cost CPLD board for ALTERA model EDAS portable2
16Altera max II kit , Model : EDAS MAX II2
17C5416 DSP Starter kit model Texas2
18C6713 DSP Starter kit model Texas2

Image Processing Lab

Total budget:2,92,000

8 Image processing

Sr NoKit / Component NameQty
1Altera DE2 board4
2C5416 DSP starter kit model Texas2
TMDSDSK5416 with code
composer studio
3Daughter board 5416 & 67134
4NIOS II development kit cyclone4


Microwave Lab

Total budget:94,517.00

7 Microwave

Sr NoKit / Component NameQty
1Radar Training System "Falcon" - RTS-032
2Prep: Pulse radar simulation software1
3Klystron Power Supply2
4Klystrone mount with klystrone tube 25K(inan) XMS-2513
5Isolator XI-6212
6Direct sending Frequency meter XF-7102
7Variable attenuator XA 5202
8Slotted section XS-6514
9Tunable Probe XP-6552
10Detector mount XD-4514
11Precision movable stort XT-5812
12Matched Termination XT-4003
13VSWR Meter SW-1152
14Waveguide Stand8
15Slide Screw Tunner XT-4413
16Magic Tee XT-3503
17Multifine T coupler 3 db XK-6033
18E - Plane Tee XE - 3473
19H-Plane Tee XE-3613
20Waveguide Twist2
21Cooling Fan CF-2053
22BNC to BNC Cable4
23Detector diode4
24Imposted Klystron Tube XMS-2511
25Matched Termination6
26SICO make S S tuner2
Model : XT -441
27SICO make PIN modulator1

Audio Video System Lab

Total Budget: 1, 96,518.70

6 audio video sys

Sr. No.Kit / Component NameQty
1"Adtron" make microphone Trainer : study2
2"Adtron" make Loudspeaker Trainer 2
3"Adtron" make Tape Recorder Trainer1
4"Adtron" make Frequency selective N/W2
5"Adtron" make cross over freq N/W for Loud speaker2
6"Adtron" make sound level Indicator2
7"Adtron" make Graphic Equalizer Trainer1
8"Adtron" make effect of negative feedback on mixer and IF stage2
9"Adtron" make Radio IF Amplifier2
10"Adtron" make Radio Mixer Stage2
11"Adtron" make CD/VCD player Trainer1
12"Adtron" make Tone Control2
13Color Pattern Generator along with STS - 7956 educational software1
14"Scientech" make colour T.V. Trainer Model : ST 26512

Antenna and Wave propagation Lab

Total Budget: 2,83,728.95

6 Antenna

Sr NoKit / Component NameQty
1R.F. generator lab electronics make Model : Y3A1
2C.R.O. (30 MHz) model HM 203 M with standard accessories & extra accessories4
1. BNC to BNC probe5
2. BNC to crocodile5
3. BNC Test5
4. Switchable probe (40 MHz)5
4"Scientech" make 25 MHz 4 trace oscilloscope Model : ST 2513
5ATS - 2002 86 - 860 MHz Advanced Antenna Training System1
6ATS - 2000 Fixed Frequency Antenna Training System1

Control Theory Lab

Total Budget: 91,990

4 Control Theory

Sr NoKit / Component NameQTY
1Test Signal Generator( For type 0, 1 & 2 )3
2Type "0" Control System3
3Type "1" Control System3
4Type "2" Control System3
5A.C. Servo Motor Demonstration Unit3
6Stepper Motor Demonstration Unit3
7ÿ D.C. Servo Motor Demonstration Unit3
8Potentiometers And Effects Of Loading3
9Open loop Motor Speed Control3
10Basic Feedback Control System3
11ÿ Bode Plot Trainer3
12First & Second Order Control System3



Power Electronics Lab

Total budget:1,40,790

7 Power

Sr NoKit / Component NameQTY.
1NV 7201-Three phase low voltage power supply3
2NV 7202-Three phase controlled rectifier3
3ST2701-IGBT characteristics3
4ST 2702-SCR triggering circuits3
5St 2710-Single phase converter firing techniques3
6ST2717-SCR commutation circuits3
7ST 2720-Single phase bridge inverter3
8ST2724-MOSFET,IGBT,Transistor and SCR based step down chopper3
9ST2725- MOSFET,IGBT,Transistor and SCR based step up chopper3
10ST2721-Lamp dimmer3
11ST 2703-SCR triggering circuits3
12ST4075-Power supply5

Basic Electronic Lab

Total Budget: – 13,99,106

3 Basic ELe

Sr NoKit / Component NameQTY
1Integrating Differentiating & clamping circuits with power supply and multirange osc. ETB - 544
2Hybrid parameters of a transistor with power supply, 1KHz OSC and 1 meter ETB-914
3Analog to digital converter (A/D) with power supply and 1 meter(C.R.) LTB - 8122
4SCR application Trainer - SAT - 165
5Wein Bridge Audio Oscillator with power supply ETB - 235
6Phase shift Audio Oscillator with power supply ETB - 244
7R.F. (L-C) Oscillator (Hartly's, Colpitt's, Clapp's) with power supply, ETB -255
8Two stage R-C Coupled transistor amplifier with power supply ETB - 454
9Scientech make 20 MHz Power Scope Model : ST 2242
10Three terminal Voltage Regulator with power supply and 2 meters (C.R.) ETB - 872
11Transistor series and shunt voltage regulated power supplies with power supply and 2 meters (C.R.) ETB -1084
12Crystal Oscillator using CMOS Ics with power supply ETB-1752
13OP-AMP Designer with power supply. OAD - 144
14Transistor Designer with Power supply TD -133
15Push pull amplifier with power supply. ETB - 224
16R.F (L.C.) Oscillator (Hartley's, Colpitt's, Clapp's) with power supply. ETB - 252
17Free running multivibrator (Astable) with power supply ETB - 263
18Bi-stable multivibrator with power supply. ETB - 272
19Mono-stable multivibrator with power supply. ETB -282
20Regulated Power Supply ETB - 295
21Schmitt's Trigger with power supply. ETB -425
22Transistor feedback amplifiers with power supply and 1 KHz Oscillator . ETB - 564
23Two stage transformer coupled amplifier with power supply. ETB - 702
24Semiconductor devices characteristics with power supply and 3 multi range meters . ETB - 832
25Phase locked loop IC 565 with power supply & meter. ETB-902
26Zener Regulated power supply with power supply and Z meters (C.R.) ETB - 109.3
27Study of diode clipping & clamping circuit with power supply and meter ETB-1166
28Opto electronics devices characteristics with power supply and 3 meters ( 2 multirange) ETB -1172
29Study of direct coupled amplifier and its frequency response with p.s. ETB-1294
30Study of Cascade amplifier with power supply. ETB - 1473
31Study of Op-Amp mathematical operations with power supply ETB -1519
32Linear cum digital IC tester (nikki anadigi-I)2
33Application of operational amplifier with power supply ETB - 1594
34Voltage to current converter (V to C) with power supply and 2 meter (CR) ETB - 1693
35Current to voltage converter (C to V) with power supply and 2 meter (CR) ETB -1703
36Voltage to frequency converter (V to F) with power supply and 1 meter ETB - 1712
37To study voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) and varify the frequency variation in accordance with input voltage. ETB - 2032
38Digital to Analog converter (D to A) with power supply & meter (C.T.) LTB - 8132
39Bread board trainer linear/digital with power supply (C.R.) LTB - 8443
40Transistor class "A" amplifier lab electronics make . Model no. D-165
41Transistor class "B" amplifier lab electronics make. Model : D-175
42Transisto class "C" amplifier lab electronics make. Model : D- 185
43Beat frequency oscillator lab electronics make.Model : C-193
44Log amplifier lab electronics make. Model : P-93
45Antilog amplifier lab electronics make Model : P-93
46Function Generator, Frequency counter cum power supply (3 Mhz)2
47Soldering Iron3
48"KEW" make portable type voltmeter (M.C.) 0-10V 0-50V 0-150/300/600V
49"KEW" make portable type (M.C) Ammeter 0-1mA. 0-3mA. 0-100mA, 0-1A, 0-3A, 0-5A, 0-10A, 0-50æA, 0-100æA,
50"SCIENTIFIC" make 20MHz dual trace 2mV oscilloscope model-201,7
51Charecteristics of thermister2
52Regulated power supply using Transistor3
53Variable voltage regulated power supply using OP-AMP2
54Transistor as an amplifier with power supply3
55RC Couple amplifier with power supply3
56Audio amplifier with F.B.W/O.F.W./with power supply2
57Darlington amplifier with power supply2
58Astable multivibrator using transistor with power suppply3
59Astable multivibrator using IC 555 with power suppply2
60Timer using IC-741 with power suppply5
61Sequential Timer using IC-555 with power supply5
61"OP-AMP" parameter study kit 5
63"Scientific" make 30 MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscope 3
64Linear IC Trainer Board "Adtron" make5
65"Adtron" make Digital Logic trainer Kit2
66Testronics make DC regulated power supply 0-30V/2 Amp Model No. 92B5
67"Adron" make FET amplifier, Charactristics with built in power supply 8
68"LUTRON" make the lux meter Model. LX-101, 2
69"Systronics" Function generator Type. 1015, 3
70"Systronics" make Transitor tester Type. 911 3
71Auto LCR-Q tester with "D" factor facility with manual & acce. Type: 928/D, 1
72Switch mode power supply, 0 ñ 15V, 0-2A. 2
73NI-CD Charger with Voltmeter and Ammeter 0 ñ 15V, 0-10A.2
74"TOSHNIWAL" make Rheostate (1) 100ê - 3A (100ê - 2.8A) model: PL 12.01 (2) 500ê - 1A (500ê - 1.2A) model: PL 12.01 (3) 100ê - 1A (1000ê - 1.2A) model: PL 16.01 (4) 1000ê - 0.3A (11000ê - 0.3A) model: PL 16.01 2
75"AE" make portable type PMMC type meter Accuracy: ñ1% (0-250-500mA) 4
76"AE" make portable PMMC type meter Accuracy: ñ 1% (0-10-50?A) 4
77Tripple Power Supply Scientific make Model : PSD 33032
78Dual Power Supply Scientific make Model : PSD 32032
79Digital LUX meter Kusum Meco make Model : 1012
80"Scientech" make Techlab Model : ST 2212
81"Meco" make Digital Clamp Meter Model : 27272
82Cabel Tester Jig (CF00101202004)2
with accessories
(a) Testing features for LCD display
(b) Testomg pf [I;se & DTMF dialers Ics
? Serial interface with IBM PC using RS 232C
83"MECO" make digital multimeter 49
Model no. : 603
84TI ASLKV2010 Starter kit
85DX-1102,60 MHz, 1GSals, 7" color display digital 2
storage Oscilloscope
86DX-4003,3 MHz DDS Function Generator with USB,2
100 Msals
87DX-6100, Digital Multimeter with USB interface3
88DX-6200,handheld Digital LCR meter2
89DX-6101,Digital Multimeter6
90Diode Characteristics AB013
91Transistor Characteristics AB029
92Transistor Series Voltage Regulator3
93Transistor Shunt Voltage Regulator3
94Transistor as a Switch AB463
95Two Port Network Parameter AB903
96Active Filter AB513
97Active Band Pass Filter AB 523
98Notch Filter - AB533
99Op-Amp(Adder) AB-433
101Peak Detector - AB1122
102Phase Shift Oscillator AB654
105Power Supply (+12V/250)4
106Characteristic of Zener Diode4
107Characteristic of Photo Diode4
108(A) Characteristic of Light Emitting Diode3
(B) Characteristic of Photo Cell3
109Seven Segment Decoder3
110Characteristic of UJT3
111Characteristic of Photo Transistor with built in power supply5
112Characteristic of Opto Coupler3
113Transistor Biasing Method4
114Transistor Amplifier (CB,CE,CC) 5
115Emitter Follower (Common Effect)3
116Study of Coil & Inductor & X'mer3
117Analog Multimeter Demonstrator2
118Digital Multimeter Demonstrator2
119"Omega" make display board different resistor and color coding type CDB-7012
120"Omega" make display board different capacitor and color coding type CDB-7032
121"Omega" make display board different diode type CDB-7062
122"Omega" make display board , different transistor type CDB-7072
123"Omega" make display board, semiconductor device type CDB-7081
124"KEW" make Analog Wattmeter 2
0/150/300/600 V / 5 Amp
125"KEW" make Variac 10 Amp2
126Energy meter single Phase2
127"KEW" make Earth resistance meter with complete kit 100 OHM1
128"Scientech"make 1 MHz Function Generator Model 14
129"Scientech" make Digital Lab.2
Model : ST 2611
130"Testronix" make DC power supply 0-30 V / 5 Amp, Dual Model : 93C7
131"Adtron" make Discrete component trainer Model : 10072
132Digital Multimeter Metravi make8
133Insulation tester1
Nippen make 500V/500 MO.
134Characteristics of PN diode3
135Rectifier Kit4
136Filter Kit4



Electronic Communication Lab

Total Budget: 12,45,103.50

5 Electronics Commun

Sr NoKit / Component NameQty
1"Testronics" make D.C. Regulated power supply.5
0-30 volt / 2 amp Model 92 B
2"Scientific" make 1 MHz function generator 2
3"Scientific" make low distortion audio generator 2
Model No. : 5036A
4"Scientech" make 20MHz dual trace oscilloscope3
Model : 201,
5Amplitude Modulation & Demodulation with P.S.5
6Tektronix make Digital Storage Oscilloscope 200MHz, 2GS/S, 2 channels, Colour display Model No. TDS 2022B3
7Pulse width modulation & Demodulation with Power supply. ETB - 1135
8"International" make color pattern generator2
Model - 1E - 1044
9"Scientific" make Digital L-C meter. 2
Model : 5018
10RF Oscillator (Sine Wave)3
11AE' make portable type PMMC meter2
Accuracy + 1%
12T.V. Pattern generator (B/W) PG 301 switch2
13"Sigma" make stereo cassate trainer with 5 band graphic equilizer Model : STRDM1012
14Intercom Trainer Model : ICOM 1002
15Time Division Multiplexing/Demultiplexing system trainer. Model COM - 1092
17A.M. Transmitter & Receiver Trainer with power supply7
Model : COM - 123
18Remote control color TV trainer model1
COM -101A
19Signal Sampling & Re-Construction Trainer Model : COM 1053
20Pulse code Modulation/demod. Trainer. Model COM 1104
21Delta & Sigma Mod./Demod.trainer model COM 1125
22Adaptive Delta Modulation / Demodulation Trainer MODEL COM 1133
23ASK Modulation/Demodulation Trainer MODEL -COM 1145
24FSK Modulation./Demodualtion trainer MODEL -COM 1155
25PSK Modulation/Demodulation Trainer MODEL -COM 1165
26QPSK Modulation./Demodulation Trainer MODEL -COM 1175
27TDM Pulse Amplitude Modulation/Demodulation Trainer MODEL NO. ST21024
28TDM Pulse Code Modulation Transmitter Trainer MODEL NO. ST21034
29TDM Pulse Code Modulation Receiver Trainer MODEL NO. ST21044
30Data Formatting and Carrier Modulation TrainsmitterTrainer MODEL NO. ST21062
31Data Formatting and Carrier Modulation Receiver Trainer MODEL NO. ST21072
32Delta, Adaptive Delta and Sigma Modulation Demodulation Trainer MODEL NO. ST21053
33PAM/PWM/PPM Modulation Demodulation Trainer Kit. MODEL NO. ST21105
34Frequency Modulation Transmitter Receiver Trainer MODEL NO. ST22035
35Transmission Line Trainer - ST 22662
36Advance Micro Fiber Optic - ST 25022
37Optical Power Meter - ST25512
3812Ft. 30 Ribs parabolic dish antenna with perforated alu. Sheet reflector complete with AZ-EL mount 1200A-021
39Quadrapad Stand for dish antenna QUAD - 12001
40C-band feed horn nonmotorised (Ext.) MLE- 4500 CAB1
41Extended C band LNBC for analog and digital application MCBS custom build Model : MLE 4501
42Bullet Amplifier3
43Digital Satellite Receiver1
44Low loss Co-axial cable RG - 6(16 mtrs) with connectors at both the ends1
45Low loss Co-axial cable RG -635 mtr
4620 MHz Oscilloscope with Logic Scope4
47FM Communication Trainer Model : ST 26115
48D & C Modulation Transmitter Trainer Model ST 21065
49D & C DEModulation Receiver Trainer Model ST 21075
50Modulation / Demodulation Trainer Model : ST 21104
51Pre - Emphasis Trainer3
52De-Emphasis Trainer3
53MODEM Demonstrator3
54"Scientech" make AM Transmitter Trainer4
55"Scientech" make AM Receiver Trainer4
56"Scientech" make Audio Input Module4
57Audio Output Module :12031252
58Tektronix make oscilloscope Model : TDS 20042
59"Kusum Meco" Digital Multimeter model 6034
60Tektronix make Digital Storage Oscilloscope4
100MHz,1Gs/s,4channel colour
Model No. TDS 2014 B

Wireless Communication Lab

Total Budget:4,42,629

7 Wireless comm

Sr.No.Kit/Component NameQty
1"Scientech" Make CDMA DSSS Trainer Model:-ST 21312
2"Scientech" Make GSM Evaluation kit with F-35 Module2
3"Scientech"make wireless Lan Demostrator Trainer Model:-WL012
4Tektronix Make Model:-TDS 20122
5PCI Sound Card3
6Mobile Trainer Model:-ST 21322


Electronic Workshop Lab

Total budget:2,67,055

3 ELE Workshop

Sr NoKit / Component NameQTY
1Bread Board Trainer Scientech make Model : ST 261120
2Digit 2000 count digital multimeter Kusum Meco make Model : 6033
3Function Generator Scientech make Model : ST 40607
4"Scientech" make 20MHz Dual trace oscilloscope with built in digital voltmeter Model : ST 2015
5"Testronix" make DC power supply. 0-30 V / 5 Amp Dual Model : 93 C8
6pcb drilling machine with drill bits " cresent4
7Plain copper clade, single side glass EPOXY material 1'x1' size20
8PCB shearing machine "Crescent"1
9Bread board GE110725
10"Cresent" make Ammonical Etching Machine (Oscillating Spray)3
11Transformer 0-220 input,0-110-220 output4
12Soldering & Desoldering station Hakko - 7015
13Vaccum Pick up Hakko - 3945
14Wrist strap P/N AMM-20265
15Solder Pot Hakko 965
16SMD rework station battary analyser5
17SMD rework station Model Max 85505



Microcontroller and Interfacing Lab

Total budget:3,41,000

5 Microcontroller

Sr NoKit / Component NameQty
1Microtutor '51 Lab (Edutech Make)2
(a) Self learning tools
(b) Development tools
(c ) Educational Prac. Board
(d) I/O Interfacing Board
(e) Teaching Aids
2Edutech make Microtutor '85 with windows based simulator for 5 user2
3"Edutech" make educational practice board for 80515
48051/8031 microcontroller Training kit with power supply5
580196 Microcontroller kit4
6DSO with logic Analyser5
7I/O interfacing board (ASK - 01)3
8Stepper motor interfacing kit3
9ADC Interfacing kit3
10Seven segment LED keyboard3
11Traffic Light Controller Kit.3
12DAC interfacing kit3
13Project Essential Books & CD ROM3
14CD dept 24 port switch D-link1
15Easy - 513
162x16 LCD & DS 1820 Temp3
1712 bit ADC board3
1812 bit DAC board3
19RTC interface board3
20SC51 C compiler for 8051, 2
Microcontroller family 2 user
21SBC 51 Single board computer2
22Mini 51 - A831 (Adu C831)2
Evaluation Board
23Set 51 Ethernet interface card2
compitable with SBC 51
24SL 51 ET Functions to initialize2
the ethernet circuit
25SGL51 with GLCD 240x 1282
Graphics LCD
26SL51GL Function to initialize the2
27SD108 Digital I/o simulator board2
with 8/16 LEDs and 8/16 switch

Data Communication Network Lab

Total Budget:4,85,000


Sr NoKit / Component NameQty
1MCS51 Microcontroller based nodes10
2Process Simulation cards for Analog Signals5
3Process Simulation cards for Digital Signals3
4Communication Modules5
5SJA1000 and 8051 Extended Architecture (XAC3) based CAN nodes3
6RS232 to RS485 Interface Card5
74 port Moxa PCI Serial Card4
8UE Industrial communication Bus Analyzer software1 (CD)
9RS 232 cables13
10Common BUS RS485 Cable5
11CAN bus5
13User & reference manuals15

Embedded System lab

Total Budget:15,85,512

7 Embedded sys

Sr NoKit / Component NameQty
1Embedded Data Communication and networking laboratory Model EDCN3
2DSP starter kit for5
TMS320c6713 + power supply
CC studio for C6713 DSK
3Model # KSDK-LPC 21065
plus kickstart dev kit plus
for philips LPC 2106
4Dyna Embtech PC # 1193
5"Kusum -Meco" Digital Multimeter5
6TMS320C6713 CCS2
7ARM9 KIT - SBC -93022
8SCRAM - "C" Compiler (6 user)1
9SLA - Library for graphic LCD etc3
10Mini ARM - 21483
11Mini ARM - 23783
12MA-JTAG : JTAG Cable4
14MA-PROTO : Prototyping board2
16MA - GLCD - Graphic LCD3
17MA-TSCREEN - Touch Screen2
18MA - GLCD21XX -2
Add on device
19MA-Temps-Temperature Sensor2
Add on card
20Digital Signal Processing
TI6416 DSK kit TI2
21OMAP 5912 Starter Kit2
22AI Xbee - PRO starter kit2
23PC based Logic Analyzer2
34 Channels, 500 MHz
24Tektronics make 200 MHz3
25Alter Video development kit along1
with Quartus II and DSP builder
software license for one year with
altera part
26Aerocomm RF development kit5
alongwith two 2.4 GHz Zigbee
wireless transceiver modules extra


Advance Electronic Lab

Total budget:2,35,500

4 Advanced ELE

Sr. NoKit/Component NameQty
1Op-Amp as Voltage to current convertor
2Op-Amp as comparator
3Op-Amp Closed loop Response
4Op-Amp parameter
5Twin T Oscillator
6Relaxation Oscillator
7Phase shift Oscillator
8Wien Bridge oscillator
9Colpitts oscillator
10Hartley oscillator
11Clap oscillator
12Phase shift oscillator
13Crystal oscillator
14Op-Amp application Trainer
15Op-Amp characteristics Trainer
16Negative feedback Amplifier(shunt & series)
17Differential Amplifier
182-stage RC coupled Amplifier
19Cascade Amplifier
20Instrumentation Amplifier
21Operational Amplifier(Adder/Scalar)
22Operational Amplifier(Integrator/ Differentiator)
23Log and Antilog Amplifier
24Dual Power Supply Scientific make Model : PSD 3203
25"Scientech"make 3MHz Function Generator Model

Integrated Circuits and Applications Lab

Total budget:1,00,145

5 Intgreted Cir App

Sr. No.Kit/Component NameQty
1Study of Op-Amp mathematical operations with power supply ETB -151
2Application of operational amplifier with power supply ETB - 159
3OP-AMP Designer with power supply. OAD - 14
4Astable multivibrator using transistor with power suppply
5Astable multivibrator using IC 555 with power suppply
6Bi-stable multivibrator with power supply. ETB - 27
7"OP-AMP" parameter study kit
8Op-Amp(Adder) AB-43
10Power Supply (+12V/250)
11 Linear IC Trainer Board "Adtron" make
12Function Generator, Frequency counter cum power supply (3 Mhz)
13"Scientific" make 30 MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscope

Electronics Measurements and Instrumentation Lab

Total budget: 1,45,358


Sr. No.Kit/Component NameQty
Wein bridge oscillator 4
2Maxwell's Bridge Trainer
3Lissajous Pattern trainer
4calibration of Voltmeter & Ammeter using Potentiometer
5Characteristics of Thermocouple RTD
6Oscilloscope demonstrator Trainer with digital multimeter
7LVDT Trainer
8Strain Gauge trainer
9 Analog Multimeter Demonstrator
10Digital Multimeter Demonstrator

Computer Center

Total budget: 26,19,550

computer center

Sr NoConfigurationQty
1i-5 Intel Orginal Board35
28 GB RAM35
3500 GB hard disk35
4DVD R/W35
517'' LED Display35
7Dual Core Intel Origianl Board11
81 GB RAM11
9160 GB hard disk11
10DVD R/W11
1117'' LED Display11
13P-4 Intel Origianl Board44
141 GB RAM44
1580 GB hard disk44
16CD ROM44
1717'' LED Display44
19Server IBM Think Center3
20Xeon 3.23
214 GB RAM3
22500 GB hard disk3
23DVD R/W3
2417'' LED Display3
26Server IBM Think Center1
27Xeon 3rd Generation 3.6 GHz1
288GB RAM1
291 TB hard disk1
30DVD R/W1
3117'' LED Display1
33Laptop IBM think pad3
34LED Projector6


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