Electronics and Communication Engineering is a leading branch of engineering. Every recent trend and new development consists of something that finds its roots in electronics and communication.

The best of the best EC Department of the best institute V.V.P. Engineering College is the most efficient and progressing department.

There are four fundamental goals defined by the department:

  1.  Teaching
  2.  Practical Skills
  3.  Placement
  4.  Discipline

All staff members contribute their best to achieve above four goals.

In Entire GTU Highest number of PhD qualified – 6 Staff Members in EC Department

The first criteria is  teaching , achieved through highest quality staff, out of which 6 persons are doctorate and 90% of the staff is perusing PhD. Three of the staff members have published their books and almost all staff has multiple international and national research publications registered on their names. 1,98,000,00 rupees worth laboratories are developed for the increment of practical skills in the students which is another goal of the department. Apart from enriched laboratory infrastructure, in every semester, in all the subjects, it is compulsory for all the students to make a project. Because of this, they are getting their practical skills highly developed.

The major role and goal of any branch / department can only be PLACEMENT. There are above 59 students already placed in various industries before even the exams of their final semester. It’s a great achievement in the time of recession that is faced these days.

Discipline is also a major virtue of the department and students are motivated for self discipline. Their attendance is the proof of this.

The Department has always stood on top in the Gujarat Technological University(GTU) Result in Rajkot and Gujarat. Many of the students have been rankers and Gold medalists in GTU.

Overall, growth wise, quality wise, achievement wise, placement wise EC department of the VVP engineering college is one of the best in entire Gujarat.


The Electronics and Communication Engineering Department of V.V.P. Engineering College aims to create high quality engineering professionals, keeping pace with changing technology, with excellence in engineering knowledge, having aptitude for solving complex engineering problems using modern tools and capable of designing and development of useful solutions, for benefit of all stakeholders, society and nation at large maintaining high ethical values.


  • EC Engineering Department aims to be a center of excellence by providing high quality engineering knowledgekeeping pace with changing technology and value based learning to contribute for betterment of the society and nation.
  • To improve the skills and enhance knowledge of the students helping them to solve complex engineering problems in collaboration with industry using modern tools and exploring the design and development of solutions.
  • To provide an innovative and intellectual environment to all the students and staffs for research based activities and provide best resources for training and placement of the students.

Program Educational Objective

– To prepare all the students for innovative and creative thinking and hence make them capable to resolve complicated problems of Industries and society.

– To make students realize the quality importance of endless learning and be in continuous awareness of newly arrived cutting edge technologies.

– To design a system and its process to meet the industry and society needs by maintaining high values of environment, ethics and safety.

– To enrich students with technical and communication skills which are needful to do work individually and within any team to achieve growth of self and society                                                     

– To prepare students using latest technology and tools for designing and development of modern devices making the life of people easier and comfortable.                                                

– To train students for entrepreneurship and business development and focusing on creating job opportunities for skilled individuals.

Highest Placement in Gujarat

To get more detail visit Gujarat Technological University Website — gtu.ac.in

1) Visit Also (2018 batch placement) :  https://s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/gtusitecirculars/uploads/vvpec%20ec%20dept%202018%20batch%20placement_858632.pdf

2) Visit Also (2017 batch placement) : http://gtu.ac.in/uploads/vvpec%20EC%20dept%2050%20placed%202017%20(1).pdf
3) Visit Also (2016 batch placement) : http://files.gtu.ac.in/ColCorner/16May/06052016_01.pdf

4) Visit Also (2015 batch placement) : http://gtu.ac.in/circulars/15May/14052015_13.pdf

2019 Batch placement – Satisfying the need of EC core group Industry and giving placement to students in recent technologies in EC

Electronics and Communication Engineering Department always achieving quality placement by giving opportunities to EC students to work in EC core group companies like Matrix COmsec, eInfochips Arrow, Softnautics, PerfactVIP and more. From last ten years we got success to build practical skills and we made our students employable by arranging workshops and training programs for the students. These can be proved by our MNC placements in EC core group companies. More we would like to add EC department has crossed the magic figure of 50 more than 7 times in last 10 years. Our students are already placed in MNCs and well-known companies and core groups for the branch like Matrix Comsec, e-Infochips, Softnautics, Searce, BYJU’S, Yudiz, Aarohi, NXT Technologies, Tanna Services and more.


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