Student Achievements

Jimlesh Khichi of 8th Sem EC got awarded by Education Minister for his art on 2-6-2019

Abhishek Lalseta and Darshil Sachdev of 4th EC participated in Robomaze event at “Techosparx 19” at Christ polytechnic Institute on 24-2-2019

On 24-2-2019, there was a national event held by “Christ polytechnic institute” called as “Techosparx, 19”. There are many technical and non-technical events like poster expo, depurador (debugging), soft code battle, Vibrant minds (quiz), create IND (hardware project presentation), pocket shooter, dart board, garmaan, NFS, ring on the string and sack race. Out of these events, Darshil Sachdev and Abhishek lalseta of 4th EC had participated in the technical event called as “Robo maze”. This event consists of 2 rounds. Many students had come to participate from their college and from other colleges also with their robots. There were two different tracks for two rounds on which all the participants had to run their robots and the winner was decided on the basis of the time taken to complete the whole path or maze. At 12:00 p.m. the 1st round of this event started. All the participants had run their robots with enthusiasm. 6 teams were selected in 2nd round in which they stood 2nd position according to the time taken by their robot to complete the path. We were 2nd group who have run their robots on the path provided by them. In 2nd round the interesting thing is that their robot had to take the weight to the destination which comes across the path. In 2nd round, also they had successfully completed the whole path. Abhishek and Darshil stood at 4th position at the end of 2nd Round.

Darshan Raninga and Nisarg Chhaya of 4th EC got selected for 2nd Round in Indian Engineering Olympiad on 23-2-19

On 23-2-19, Indian Engineering Olympiad online exam was conducted by the IEO group Hyderabad. This exam was taken online and was of 30 minutes. Each question was allotted 60 sec. There were in total 30 questions. Students of 4th EC from V.V.P Engineering College, Rajkot namely Nisarg Chhaya & Darshan Raninga cleared the first round of IEO exam. Now these two students were selected for the 2nd round and this round is on 24th March 2019 at Ahmedabad. This exam would be taken in written form.

Param Solanki of 6th EC and group secured 2nd Rank in Dance Competition at Footloose 2019 at DAIICT Gandhinagar on 22-2-2019

Harin Maniyar and team of 6th EC participated in GIH Hackathon held at Marwadi University on 21,22-2-2019

I am Harin Maniyar. My team was shortlisted for the GIH 2018-19 first round. So we have to go to the Marwadi Univesity for two days on the 21st & 22nd of February to participate in GIH hackathon Our project definition is to differentiate between dry and wet waste.

I am Harin Maniyar. I was participated in GIH with the team of 8 members. We have total 36 hour to solve our problem statement that was "To differentiate between dry and wet waste". Competition begun at around 10.30 AM on 21st February. To solve that problem i distributed the work according to proficiency of team member. As a result we have our prototype as solution of problem statement at around 11 AM of 22nd February. We are still waiting for results because results for shortlisted teams are not declared yet for final round.
Team Member:
1) Chag Dhrumil
2) Harshid Narigara
3) Prashant Somaiya
4) Abhishek Dedakia
5) Vidhi Kundariya
6) Jayanshi Mehta
7) Surbhi Agrawat
We make the dustbin by doing partition from centre. Components used :
1.moisture sensor
2.altrasonic sensor
3.servo motor
4.arduino board
Using the above components we make our project successful. When the waste thrown in dustbin altrasonic sensor detects it. Then moisture sensor detects whether it is dry or wet. According to that servo motor rotate and dry and wet waste becomes separate. From the below image it can be clearly identified that in one dustbin two part of dry and wet waste is made.

Rutvik Pandya, Milan Chauhan, Aghera Vishal and Keval Chavda of 6th EC participated in Hackathon held at RAM IIT, Ahmedabad on 19,20-2-2019

Four 6th EC students namely Rutvik Pandya, Milan Chauhan, Aghera Vishal and Keval Chavda participated in Hackathon held at RAM IIT, Ahmedabad for two days 19 and 20th February 2019. More than 200 students from various Engineering Colleges of Gujarat had participated in this competition.
Their problem statement was "GPS Based Tracking and Logistics Management" on which they worked rigorously.However, due to network and weak coverage issues our model couldn’t work properly.

Viraj Hapaliya and Raj Popat of 6th EC participated in Project competition held at Institution of Engineers on 19-2-2019

On 19-2-19, Viraj Hapaliya and Raj Popat of 6th EC participated in the project presentation organized by Institution of Engineering (IE) at Saurashtra Local centre, Ghanteshwar. Their project was selected overall from entire V.V.P. for presentation.
There project was about smart mirror connected with Google assistant which displays e-mails, news, current date. Weather, upcoming holidays as well as reminders set by the user. Thereafter, if given command it can turn on and off user’s home appliances. President of IE Mr. Guna Raja had come from Kolkata on 50th foundation Day Saurashtra Local Centre. The main guests of the event were Apurvaswami and Milan Swami, Bharat Patel COO of Yudiz company, Mr. Navin Vasoya past president of IE, Mr. Dipak Pandya the chairman of local center.
President and Apurvaswami inaugurated the B.J. Vasoya Bhavan. Then, Apurvaswami gave a motivational speech on the engineering and youth power. Thereafter, Mr. Guna Raja gave a motivational speech and appreciated the work of the IE shell Rajkot. Bharat Patel who is COO of Yudiz gave a presentation on Digitalization and its advantages.
The President observed the projects of the all participant. Total 14 teams participated from different Colleges of Saurashtra and Kutch regions like Om engineering College Junagadh, HDJ College Bhuj, Marwadi College Rajkot, Dr.Subhash College from Junagadh and GEC Rajkot, Atmiya College Rajkot, etc. Overall the students had a good experience and presented their project indeed efficiently.
AT 3:00 PM evaluation process started. Evaluation of the Project was based on creativity, applicability of project in Real Life, useful to society or not, presentation skills. After 1:30 all team were evaluated. Viraj and Raj got 141 mark out of 200 marks. Highest marks were 150.

Tanya Rao of 2nd EC achievement as a captain at Domestic Cricket Tournament at Goa from 11-2-19 to 26-2-19

Board of control for cricket India had organized a domestic tournament for under 19 women's one day in Goa from 11-2-19 to 26-2-2019 in which Tanya Rao of 2nd EC had participated. She was the captain of the team - Saurashtra. They had a total of 7 matches from which the won three of them in front of Vidarbha, Jammu and Kashmir and Tripura. Tanya Rao gave a great performance with her bat as well as the ball. She made a score of 105 runs in 118 balls against Jammu & Kashmir and a score of 43 runs in front of Vidarbha. She also took 4 wickets giving 15 runs in her ten over spell. The sum of her runs also come in top 20 most runs scorer of the league matches.

Tanya Rao of 2nd EC won the match at Vidarbha on 11-2-2019

Tanya as a captain of girls cricket team won the match at Vidarbha. They won the match by 3 wickets and scored 133 runs. Tanya's individual score was 42 Runs.

Jimlesh Khichi of 8th EC secured 3rd Rank received Rs.10,000/- at Start Up Weekend held at Manipal University during 8 to 10-2-19

Startup weekend was organized at Manipal University during 8th to 10th February 2019.
Jimlesh Khichi of 8th Sem had participated in this Start Up weekend. The participating teams had to work on raw business idea to final startup model. There were around 100 of people and 15 to 16 teams who had participated on startup idea. Jimlesh and his team had worked on developing a raw idea of providing platform to e-cycle. Finally, they made a final business model on their ideas. They made-up their model within 54 hours. They effectively presented the same before the panel of judges. They secured 3rd rank for their idea and received Rs. 10,000/- INR as incubation fund for their start-up idea. Hence, Jimlesh Khichi has added pride to EC Department by this innovative achievement.

EC students achievements during College Level GK competition on 6-2-2019
GK Test competition was held for all the College students on 6-2-2019. In this test, following EC students secured various Ranks:
Vishruti Avlani of 2nd EC secured 4th Rank.

Shail Shukla of 4th EC secured 5th Rank.

Nakul Upasani of 6th EC secured 6th Rank.

EC students achievements during College Level GK competition on 6-2-2019

EC Boys team had participated in Cricket tournament at our Institute during Outdoor Sports Tournament. The EC Boys team included following EC students: Tirth Dave(captain), Vrushank Pambhar(vc), Shalivahan Rajyaguru(wk), Manthan Vaghela, Bhavin Jariya, Prince, Param Solanki, Vivek Vaghela, Hitesh Khimlani, Nirav Thumar, Takshit Chovatiya, Jaydeep Rathod, Abhishek Dedakiya, Shivang Rabadiya, Harsh Pandya, Niraj Fichadiya. The Bench Team consisted of following EC students: Pujit Somaiya, Parth Singala, Nishit Khakhar, Bhavesh Aparnathi, Bansi Raichura.
EC team progressively succeeded in reaching the Final Round by initially winning matches with NanoTechnology in first round (won by 8 wickets on 26-1-19), then with Electrical in Semi-Finals (won by 3 wickets on 31-1-19) and finally Civil teams in Finals on 31-1-19.
Finally, EC Boys Team secured 2nd place in the Outdoor sports tournament held at our Institute.
In parallel, the EC Girls team had also participated in the tournament. The first match was held between two EC Girls teams EC1 and EC2 in which EC1 won with no loss. EC1 won the toss and chose to bowl first and got a target of 47, where EC1won by 10 wickets. The next match was the finals between EC and IT department in which the later won the toss and chose to field. EC1 gave a target of 82 runs and IT reached the target in 4 overs. This was a great experience having all the team mates working hard together and working in a unity. All the players had put great efforts in the game and worked with full enthusiasm. The EC1 team consisted of Tanya Rao, Kinjal, Shaheen Syed, Keshvee, Shivangi, Dhruvi and Binal.

Param Solanki and Vivek Vaghela of 6th EC secured 2nd Rank in Carrom (Boys) competition.

Tanya Rao of 2nd EC secured 1st Rank in Table Tennis (Girls) competition.

Satyam Kalaria of 2nd EC secured 1st Rank in Table Tennis (Boys) competition.

Falgun Sompura of 7th EC won Chess Championship as a team member at zonal level in Sports Festival of GTU

Falgun Sompura of 7th Sem EC had participated in GTU zonal 2018 chess tournament in a team. There were 4 rounds to play with different colleges' team. There were 16 points game and Falgun's team got 14 points after the end of all four rounds. Therefore, they secured a first position in zonal level.

EC Students felicitated at Devang Mehta Awards on 10-8-2018

On 10th August 2018, the birth anniversary of Late Shri Devang Mehta, an IT Awards distribution ceremony was held at Tagore Memorial Hall, Paldi, Ahemdabad. The event was jointly organized by Dewang Mehta Foundation Trust, NASSCOM, GESIA and GTU. On that day, there was a workshop on the Leaders of Responsible Youngistan by Mr. Ashok Pamidi, Senior Director & Lead diversity & inclusion Initiatives, NASSCOM.A Devang Mehta Memorial Lecture was also given by Mr. Ganesh natarajan , Founder 5F World, Global Talent Track. Students of Gujarat Technological University who have successfully achieved top ranks (SPIwise) among the entire university were also felicitated on that day with certificates. Also, top 3 projects among total 113 final year projects were also given certificates, a momento and a cash prize worth Rs. 1 Lakh. EC students were also felicitated on that day which included following :

  • Shail Shukla - 1st Sem
  • Harin Maniyar - 4th Sem
  • Ravi Tank - 6th Sem
  • Sagar Dixit, Hima Ruparel, Darshit Gosaliya, Parth Mehta, Jagrut Bhatt, Ravi Bhatt, Suhani Dave, Yahsprit Panesar, Niveditaba Rana and Akshay Pandya -8th Sem

and also the students from Computer Engineering and IT Dept. Lunch was also provided to the students. It was really a memorable event for all the students.

Premrajsinh Jadeja of 1st EC achieved 2 silver medals and 1 bronze medal in Gujarat State Shooting Championship during 25-7-2018 to 31-7-2018

Premrajsinh Parmar of 1st EC won two Silver Medals in Gujarat State Shooting Championship competition during 25th to 31st July 2018. Premrajsinh R. Parmar of 1st EC who is a national level shooter stood second and won two silver medals in two different categories i.e. Men and Junior men both of State level Air Rifle Shooting Competition held at Manjalpur in Vadodara. He also won Bronze medal in team event as well. He competed with approximately 300 participants. He participated in following categories :

  1. 0.177 air rifle (deep sight) (JSSF) Men-Individual
  2. 0.177 air rifle deep sight (JSSF) Junior Men- Individual and team

He scored 592 out of 600 and secured 2nd rank in individual men and junior men as well as 3rd rank in team junior. He competed with 15 participants in his category. Now, further he will be participating in upcoming National Championship Competition to be held at Delhi.

3rd Sem EC students secured 3rd Rank in V.V.P. Hackathon on 10-7-2018

Under the guidance of Respected Principal Sir, the students had been given various problems to find technical solution under Hackathon organized by our Institute.Total 34 teams from entire V.V.P. had participated in V.V.P. Hackathon. Experts from Industries like Infinity had been invited as judges. Finally 3rd EC students Shikha Adatiya, Jenisha Dobariya, Dhwani Chauhan, Prince Gadhethariya, Vrushank Pambhar and Niraj Fichadiya secured 3rd Rank in this competition. They had prepared a project which automatically switches light on and off based on presence or absence of a person inside a room. The students used components like PIR Sensor, LDR, Arduino UNO, Resistors and a relay

This project will help to prevent unnecessary use of electricity. When anyone enter in the room or present in the room and the natural light is not available then the light will be turned on. But if natural light is available and if anybody is present or not the light will not be turned on. The pir sensor used in project helps to detect motion in the room which indicates that anybody is present in the room. LDR is used to detect natural light is available or not. It can be applied to control of the devices like fan, lights etc.

Jimlesh Khichi of 7th EC received 3rd rank in drawing competition named “Beat Plastic pollution” organized by RMC on 2-5-2018

This competition was an effective tool used by state to promote paper bag and cloth bag and reduce plastic pollution . The event was witnessed by dignitaries from Government of Gujarat (Rajkot). This event was organized by Rajkot Municipal Corporation. Our student Jimlesh Khichi got an exclusive opportunity to work with RMC and Chitranagri Rajkot.

The competition theme was “Reuse, reduce plastic pollution.” The top 3 drawings were awarded by honorable CM of Gujarat “Shri Vijaybhai Rupani “ at the function of “ World Environment Day” at Mahatma Mandir Gandhinagar. In function there were also well known dignitaries present like, (honorable Deputy CM Nitin Patel, Education Minister, IFS, etc.) Jimlesh Khichi got 3rd rank in this competition.

Suraj Makwana (6th Sem) won 2nd Rank in Poster Presentation in Convergence 2018 on 16,17-3-2018

Suraj Makwana of 6th Sem EC participated in poster '0' slide event in Convergence 2018 at U.V.Patel Engineering College. There were total 40 participants from various Institutes of Mehsana,GECs, L.D. Engineering, Ganpat University, Marwadi University, etc. in this event.

Suraj had presented a poster on mobile radiation ,it's causes and remedies In 1st Round, he gave presentation in form of PPT. In 2nd round, he made a poster from same topic. He represented in depth details about mobile radiation and how it affects human body.

He also informed about how we can protect ourselves from mobile radiation using “Enviro chip” in detail. He explained how “Enviro Chip” protect us from mobile radiation.

He finally received 2nd Rank in this event by his outstanding performance adding pride to EC Department.

Chikhaliya Dhruvin secured 3rd Rank in Line Follower in MU FEST at Marwadi University on 24-3-2018

On 23-24thMarwadi University organized MU fest where Chikhaliya Dhruvin took part in Line Follower. There are Total 30 Teams approximately from different colleges to participate in this competition. Many students from GEC Rajkot , B.H.Gardi College and Marwadi university itself participated in this competition. There were total main 2 rounds in this competition. First round was on 23th march 2018 . In this round his robot completed the path in 1 minute. After First round, total 10 Teams were selected for the next round .Second and final round wason 24th march 2018 .In this round his robot completed the whole path in 1:55 minute and hence he got third rank in this competition. He was also awarded with a trophy adding pride to our EC Department.

EC Winners at GTU Techfest 2018 held at V.V.P. Engineering College, Rajkot on 27th and 28th February 2018

GTU TECHFEST 2018 was organized at VVP Engineering College, Rajkot. More than 60 technical and non-technical events were the part of this Techfest. Among these 6 events were part of Electronics and Communication Department. There were 3 technical and 3 non technical events by EC Department.

The technical events were :

1) Encode-Decode-Recode-

It was a GTU event. It involved Arduino coding.

The rankers are:

2) Circuit Chakravyuh

The event circuit Chakravyuh was also a part of GTU-event.

It was an event of circuit making and selling.

The rankers were: Bhavin Rathod, Garsondiya Dharmik, Chauhan Milan and Ameta Abhishek

3) Aqua Robo-

Aqua robo was the VVP-event. It was also Arduino coding event.

Zalavadiya Ronak and Lakum Jay won 2nd Rank in Aqua Robo by completing within 2:05 minutes

The Non-technical events were :

1) Laser maze-

It was one of the interesting event in which the participant had to move from one side to another in such a way that the laser ray doesn't touches them.

2) Twister-

Twister was the event which included physical exercise as well as concentration. It was one of the interesting events.

3) Destructor-

Destructor was the event in which the participant had to drop the containers kept with the help of the ball.

So, the events organized by the EC department of V.V.P. Engineering College were well planned and conducted with high enthusiasm.

Vikas Gohel, Uday Makwana, Parth Thaker and Param Solanki became winners in Footnote 2018 at Synapnse at DAIICT Gandhinagar on 25-2-2018

A fest consisting of technical and non-technical events named ‘SYNAPSE’ was held at DAIICT, Gandhinagar. In this fest, there were many technical events like paper presentation, Robo race and non-technical events like dancing competition, singing competition, etc.

Vikas Gohel, Uday Makwana, Parth Thaker – 8th EC and Param Solanki of 4th EC had participated in the group dance competition held at ‘SYNAPSE’. The dance competition was held on 25th of February and the group of V.V.P. Engineering College had also participated in this competition along with 4 other teams. There were also some teams who had won prizes at national level so the competition was tough. Soon the competition began and the vivacious dancers set the floor on fire with their energetic dance performances. The spectators bore witness to the enthusiasm and energy of the young dancers as they enthralled everyone with their performances.

In this closely contested competition, the group of V.V.P. Engineering College stood at 1st position. The judges also congratulated them for their victory. As soon as the students of EC came to know about this victory, they were congratulated for their achievement. They were also appreciated by all Faculties of EC Department on their arrival back to V.V.P. Engineering College, Rajkot.

Shail Shukla, Darshil Sachdev, Manish Nebhani and Abhishek Lalseta of 2nd EC won 1st prize in Robotics at National Level competition TECHNEX 18 organized by Innovian Technologies at IIT Varanasi on 17 February 2018

A workshop on ardubotics Robotics was conducted in Electrical Engineering Department by Innovians Technology on 20-21st January 2018.In this 2 days workshop, 10 teams from different semesters and departments participated.At the end of the workshop, a small competition was held in which 5 students from 2nd sem. E.C. Department secured 2nd rank.1. Shail Shukla 2. Abhishek lalseta 3. Darshil Sachdev 4. Manish Nebhani 5. Nirav Kapadiya. The students made an Edge Avoider Robot in their final round of competition.

These students were now eligible to participate directly in national level competition –TECHNEX 2018 at IIT VARANASI. Shail, Abhishek, Darshil and Manish went to Varanasi as a team for their event of MAZE SOLVER AUTONOMOUS ROBOT.

In this Innovians zonal round final competition, 7-8 teams across the nation were participated including Tamilnadu and West Bengal. The students secured 1st rank amongst all of those other teams & won the competition hosted by IIT Varanasi (BHU). They were given participation & achievement certificate as well as cash prize worth Rs. 10000/-.

Hem Patel secured 1st rank in Micromania competition during Axiom 2018 held online on 17-2-2018

It was an online event based on 8085 microprocessor. It was organized by Government Engineering College, Bhuj. In this event they have arranged online test which had MCQ questions, short questions, and few problem statements for program. Participants had to submit all answers in given time duration. All questions and programming statements were based on 8085 microprocessor and it's peripheral Devices.At the end, Hem Patel of 6th EC won the competition adding pride to EC Department.

Pankaj Gupta of 4th Sem won bronze in 5th open skating championship on 30-1-2018

An open Saurashtra skating competition was held at Saint Mary’s school on 28th January 2018. The competition was held by Pratyusha Skate Academy. The students from all over Saurashtra had participated in this competition.

There were events and competitions in various groups like under 14, under 16, under 19, etc. Participants of all the age groups were looking enthusiastic. They were well equipped with their skates, protection caps and kinds of protection on their knees and elbows. Pankaj Gupta, a student of 4th semester E.C. V.V.P Engineering College had also participated in this competition. Initially, there was a short race of 300 meters. Of course, the race was not easy and that also to run with skates is never an easy task. Pankaj stood on the 2nd position in this race.

On the next day, on 29-1-18, there was again a competition for various groups and categories. There was competition for under 16 age and under 19 age participants. Then there was long race of 500 meters. Pankaj achieved 3rd place in this race. He also got prices for his achievement.

Achievements by Viraj Hapalia & Gaurang Joshi of 3rd EC in Frolic 2017 at Darshan Engineering College, Rajkot on 2-9-2017

"Frolic 2017" was organized in Darshan Engineering College on 2nd September 2017.

They had participated In "Arduino Warrier" Event. There were 4 rounds.

In 1st Round MCQ test was taken in which Viraj And Gaurang Both got 19 Marks out of 30. After 1st round 23 participants were selected for 2nd round.

2nd round was based on Simple Arduino Programming in which they had written a code for arduino. They cleared this round by full marks in 2nd round. Only 10 participants were selected for 3rd round.

3rd round was based on "Sensor based Arduino Programming". They had cleared this round by full marks. After this round only 5 participants selected for 4th round.

In 4th round they had to generate a custom signal as per their requirements using Arduino Mega 2560 hardware. Viraj had cleared this round by 60% accuracy and Gaurang had done it with 50% accuracy.

Viraj secured 2nd Rank and won Rs. 750/- and Gaurang secured 4th rank in this competition.

EC students highlighted at Devang Mehta Awards in September 2017

The Award ceremony of Shri Dewang Mehta IT Awards for felicitating the Toppers for their excellence in Entire GTU was held on 15th September at Gujarat University Convention center, Ahmedabad. It was organized by Devang Mehta Foundation Trust (DMFT) And NASSCOM. At first the students were addressed by The Co-founder of NASSCOM and other dignitaries like The Honorable Vice Chancellor of GTU Dr. Navin Sheth, Shri Roopwant Sinh, IAS, Managing Director of GIL, Shri Dhananjay Dwiwedi IAS Secretary Department of Science and Technology, Gujarat, Mr.Ashank Desai,Founder and former chairman, Mastek Ltd. And co-founder NASSCOM. After that the students were given the respective awards according to their respective colleges. The final year students were also given the Awards for their excellence in final tear project and three students have won the price of 1 lacs too. The award was ended with vote of thanks to all the dignitaries.

Jay Joshi (8th Sem), Darshit Gosaliya (6th Sem), Dipen Ranpara (4th Sem) & Harin Maniyar (2nd Sem) received this award.

Harshita Prajapati and Kanan Trivedi stood 2nd as a team member in Interzonal Volleball tournament on 24-9-2017

On the very date of 24/09/2017, the girls’ volleyball team of V.V.P. Engineering College participated in Volleyball tournament at Interzonal level Sports festival organized by GTU. The tournament was held in SVBIT, Gandhinagar. The girls team of V.V.P. Engineering College had already been winners at Zonal level GTU Sports Festival in Rajkot Zone and hence selected for Inter zonal level. Harshita Prajapati and Kanan Trivedi of 5th EC participated as team members in this competition. Everyone played with their full potential.

5thSem EC Student Falgun Sompura’sachievements in Chess competition organized at Zonal and Interzonal level under GTU Sports Festival

FalgunSompura, student of 5thSem EC had participated in GTU zonal level chess competition held at Darshaninstituition of technology, Rajkot on 22nd September 2017. They were 5 teammates. Their team was amongst 8 team of Rajkot zone. They played 4 rounds (4 matches). They won 3 rounds out of 4 and one round was drawn. Results are as follows

1st round 4-0

2nd round 3-1

3rd round 4-0

4th round 2-2

They secured 1st rank in entire Rajkot zone and got selected to participate at Interzonal level.

These teammates participated in GTU inter-zonal level chess competition held at sabarinstituition of technology, Gandhinagar on 1st October 2017 with full enthusiasm. Their team competed amongst 8 teams. They played for 3 rounds. They won 1 round out of 3. Results were as follows

1st round 4-0

2nd round 0-4

3rd round 1-3

They secured 4th rank in entire state.FalgunSompura secured 7th Rank as an individual in Interzonal Chess Comnpetition.

Achievements of 5th EC students Milin Parekh & Vivek Shah at NATIONAL LEVEL HACKATHON


Around 17070 online ideas were submitted in this portal and only 455 ideas were selected for further round those were then asked to submit the video explanation of their project so Milin provided them with it, and further only 200 student received the email about the semifinals at pune.

So Milin and his guide Dr. Dipesh Kamdar sat to decide the strategy to be followed at this place so they discussed about the explanation strategy about the robot they had made .

The project to be submitted had to be regarding the Iot theme further classified into different tracks ie: Smart home automation, smart driving experience ,smart wearables, Smart medical assistance.

His project was based on the smart driving experience and they had made a demo model of robotic car which depicts the fancy features which a smart car has.

Then he was asked to bring a member strictly someone was to be brought along so I carried his classmate Vivek Shah along with him to this competition.

Judges panel included the delegates of HONEYWELLL Group of industries and IBM, India.

They were impressed with the new idea of this robot we made and the way they presented them the project including the future scope of their innovation.


Location :-TAJ hotel by VIVANTA,Banglore.

Date:- 8th -9th September,2017.

Task:- It was an ultimately proud moment to know that his team was selected as one of the top 15 teams across the all India.

Here he and Dr.Kamdar developed a turn prediction based self steering system which was appraised there so that was their last end project so technically they were 3rd year students and they had given tough competition to all those of post graduates and final year students,but didn’t managed to get the place in top 10. The exposure they got was super awesome and which ignited a lots of new ideas into their minds.

The prize distribution and awarding ceremony from top 15 team in India.

Harshita Prajapati of 5th EC won Badminton competition at V.V.P. Engineering College, Rajkot

On 30-8-2017, final round of College's badminton girls championship had been organized

There were 60 girl students from all the departments and only FOUR got selected for the SEMIFINALS. Out of which two girls got an entry in FINALS.

The FIRST position was secured by Ms. Harshita Prajapati (5th sem, EC) which had added a matter of pride for EC Department.

5th SemStudents Achievements at Volleyball event at GTU Zonal Level Sports Festival

On the very date of 18/09/2017, the girl's volleyball team of VVP Engineering College secured second position in GTU zonal level. The tournament was held in GajeraSankul, Amreli. The team members were Richa, Divya, Harshita, Kanan, Riva, Radhika, Bansi, Nagma.

Harshita and Kanan are presently studying in 5thSem EC.

Everyone played with their full potential. The team is now further going to play interzonals on 24/09/2017.

Vikas Gohel (7th Sem) winner of Group Dance Competition 24-6-2017

Vikas Gohel, 7th EC student got 1st rank from in state level group dance competition organized by "We can Pre-school".

There were about 150 participants in this competition.

This competition was Judged by Dance plus season 3 fame "Sagar bora and Tejasvini patil".

Motivation and Celebration for Final Year Students: A new way to give Farewell

In Electronics and Communication engineering department, it has been tradition to motivate students with innovative ideas. In this function 24 different awards has been distributed to motivate the students. These awards were distributed on the basis of various technical, sports, cultural and co-curricular talents among the students.

This program left unlimited memories for staff as well as students. The students share their experiences and thank EC department for being always for them for 24x7 all 365 days during their Engineering.

Congratulations to Team EC !!! Outshines in SMART INDIA HACKTHON 2017

Smart India Hackthon 2017 was the biggest Digital Movement across INDIA.

Event Criteria:

  1. There should be 6 members is a group.
  2. Each group should have at least one girl member.

Team Members:

  1. Darshit Gosaliya 2. Parth Sankhavara 3. Harsh Vavaiya 4. Dipen Ranpara
  2. Doshi Meet 6. Poorva Vadgama

Their Problem Statement was “Implement Secure Data Transfer using Steganography” which belonged to ISRO (Indian space research organization) Ministry.

There were 315 students across different places of India competing there. There was a “PM interaction session” where our honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi interacted with the students via Video call. He had a word with students about their problem statement and the solution on which they were working. They also had interview with the media where they briefed them about our problem statement.

There were several counselling and judgement round for each team. During those rounds they had to explain and demonstrated about the work they had done and according to that the judged them. On 2ndApril there was power judgement where they gave a live demonstration to the judges about their product. The judging panel included members of ISRO.

Each Participant along with their mentors got Memento and Certificates from Mr. A.S. Kiran kumar, Director of ISRO. It was a proud moment having such dignities around them.

Congratulations to Team EC !!! Glitters in Co-curricular activity : WON Swachchh Bharat Award

On the day “Gandhi Jayanti”, The Swatch Bharat mission (Prayasn) was held in Rajkot. This campaign was held by government between 2ndoct 16 to 7thapr 17.The main aim was to make city clean before 5th June (world environment day). Our college participated in this swatch mission. Our “VVP EC” group of 9 people had taken charge for cleaning “bus stand behind area”. They cleaned that much area with full enthusiasms. And they also set banners to aware people “to keep city clean”. As per rule they went there alternatively 2 times by 20 days gap cleaning purpose.
For their good work, government appreciated them with reward 5000/- at 5th rank in Rajkot as name “VVP College”. Name of students: Pankaj Gupta, Sanchaniya Vinit, Aameta Abhishek, Sonigara Hiren, Somaiya Prashant, Chavda Keval, Pandya Rutvik, Chauhan Milan, Prem kumar.

EC Department Winners at MU-FEST 2017 at Marwadi University


Participants: Hem Patel and Raj Kugasia

Position achieved: 1st rank.

Circuitrix event was held in Marwadi University, Rajkot on 7-8 April of 2017. This event was divided in three rounds. First round was multi choice questioned based test. In which they provided them a test paper, in the time limit of 20 minutes. After this round they selected 10 teams among all participated teams. In second round organizers has given them circuit diagram which was differential amplifier and give them a task to perform that circuit diagram on multisim software. Result of this round was declared on the basis of output and time required to create it. Above both rounds was held on 7th April. Third/final round was held on next day 8th April. At the end of second round organizers selected 5 teams among 10 teams. In final round they had to complete one circuit diagram and component which are used to make circuit. They had to make it as fast as possible in working condition. After making the complete circuit external judge ask them some questions regarding operation occurs in circuit. Final result was declared on the basis of time required to make circuit, cleanliness of circuit and answering of judge’s questions. They got 1st rank in this event. They made final round circuit in just 27 minutes.

Participants: Darshan Trivedi and Nishit Nathwani

Position achieved: 2nd rank.

They could make final round circuit in just 30 minutes.


Participants: Milin Parekh ,Vivek Shah (4th Sem)

Position achieved: 3rd rank. Cash prize was awarded of Rs.600

They made automatically controlled robot which could follow the given black line as per the track provide in the competition. They have spent much time in the programming to make it efficient and bug free. Out of all the 15 teams they secured third position.


Participants: Milin Parekh ,Darshan Trivedi,Nishit Nathwani.

Position achieved: 2nd rank Cash prize was awarded of Rs.1000

They have to make a waterproofed robot which could run on water and pass the entire obstacle and complete the track on given estimated time. Out of all the 17 teams they secured first position among teams of other colleges.

Congratulations to EC Department students: WON 1st Rank in Interdepartmental Competition

Electronics and communication department maintain the legacy of giving 100 % in every field. Even in the cultural program EC students’ outshined and won 1st Rank. Participants name: Johnson Yarlagadda, Vikas Gohel, Uday Makwana, Parth Soparia, Kishan Kava, Krupali Patel, Parth May and Param Solanki, Theme participants : Anchita Dogra, Grishma Bechara and Akshay Vekaria

Congratulations to EC Students who outshines in Various GTU EVENTS-2017

  • EC Department Winners at Brizinger’s 2017 at GEC Rajkot on 16-3-17 and 17-3-2017

    Event Name : Instant Circuit Making
    Rank : 1st
    Participants : Jagrut Bhatt and Ravi Bhatt (6th Sem)

There were total 60 participants approximately in this event. Basically event had three rounds, in first round they had to answer questions which depends upon general knowledge about electronics. After getting shortlisted from first round they went through second round. In second round they had to make a simple circuit on bread board. After clearing the second round they went through third round in which they had to make a complex circuit. On the basis of the response and speed of the circuit, they became the winners of this event.

Event Name : Wireless Robo Race
Rank : 1st
Participants : Vasoya Dhruvin, Jainam Desai, Kishan Kava and Parth Sopariya (6th Sem)

Total 35 teams participated in this competition. In this competition, there were three rounds. The whole track was divided into three parts as one part was to be completed for each round. The track had hurdles like a spinning platform, slopes, marbles, stones etc. The track also consisted many turns and curves.Regarding the robot, they had made a Bluetooth controlled robot. The robot was controlled by bluetooth using an android application. The other circuits used were arduino, bluetooth module and motor driver.
1st round :- Selection Was based on Penalties, max 7 penalties were allowed, on a given track.
2nd round:-In this round selection was based on penalties and timings, on a given different track and lowest timing and penalty is selected.3rd Round:- In this round selection was based on penalties and timings, on a given different track with highest difficulty and lowest timing and penalty is selected.

Rank : 2nd in Wireless Robo Race
Participants : Ketan Ravat (6th Sem)

Rank : 3rd in Wireless Robo Race
Participants : Milin Parekh, Darshan Trivedi (4th Sem)

They had to make a waterproofed robot which could run on water and pass all the obstacle and complete the track on given estimated time. Together they had spent much time in the programming to make it efficient and bug free and making it pass through any obstacle or hurdle placed in its way. They had covered the body of Robot so that even if the robot fell then too parts didn’t get damaged. They had worked very hard and dedicated much time in running their robot to get a good grip in driving it. Meanwhile, when finalist were declared ,they had done some changes in their robot by shifting the heavy battery aside so that centre of mass was maintained and their robot could gain more speed and didn’t got offtrack due to its unbalanced weight.

Event Name : RJ Hunt
Rank : 1st
Participants : Parth Thaker (6th Sem)

Around 25 students participated in this event. There were total 3 rounds in this event.The first was a written round where there was a quiz of Radio Jockey related stuff where 10 students were meant to be selected and I made it through it.In the second round they had to mimic on anything for 5 mins, so as to say a script or a story which involved characters and from that there were two finalists for the third round.In the third round the judges asked their medium of language during school and they had to act like an RJ for 5 mins, but in another language than that which they studied during school and at the end of that Parth swept the first rank.

Event Name : Marine Drive
Rank : 1st
Participants : Milin Parekh ,Hardik patadiya ,Harshil Sorathiya (4th Sem)

Total 17 teams participated in this event. In this event, they to make a waterproofed robot which could run on water and overcome all the obstacle and complete the track on given estimated time.Together they had spent much time in the waterproofing of the boat and making the propelling material, the body of boat. They worked very hard in testing out the machine in water ,and then they had came across a full proof machine which could make them win.

Rank : 3rd in Marine Drive

Participants : Hem Patel , Raj Kugasia, Akshay Solanki, Vivek Shah (4th Sem)

They made a wired robot which operates on 12 volt of supply. They had done research to make low weight and fast swimming robot. Together they had grabbed all stuff to make robot and create one best model which can survive in all different type of obstacles which come in track of arena.T hey had undergone training to control the robot in a water tank. They also took care to not allow water in their robot

Event Name : Embedded Mania
Rank : 1st
Participants : Ketan Ravat, Naresh Mungpara (6th Sem)

Rank : 2nd in Embedded Mania
Participants : Yagnik Thanki, Jenish Pithadiya (6th Sem)

There were 3 rounds in this event. In the 1st Round, they had to give correct answers of MCQs. The 2nd round included hardware Programming based on to blink LED in RGB manner. Finally, they reached 3rd Round in which they had to do hardware Programming On TPIO board

Event Name : F1 Race
Rank : 1st
Participants : Jenish Pithadiya, Jay Vanzara, Yagnik Thanki (6th Sem)

There were three rounds in which two competitors competed like F1 race and have to complete 3 Laps in each, whoever completes 3 Laps and 3 rounds Fastest was declared as winner, and comparing timings of all participants teams lowest time taken by whosoever team was declared Final Winner.

Event Name : Brevity Buzz
Rank : 2nd
Participants : Anchita Dogra (6th Sem)

There were approximately more than 30 participants in this event. There were total 5 rounds in this event. Round1 included story making. Round 2 included speech recognition. Round 3 included extempore. Round 4 included paragraph narration and writing. Round 5 included puzzle solving

Event Name : Robo Soccer
Rank : 2nd
Participant : Jimlesh Khichi (4th Sem)

Jimlesh achieved highest goals in the first round of Robo Soccer and got selected for 2nd Round. In 2nd round, other participants with lower scores competed with him. Finally, he got selected for 3rd round where he secured 2nd Rank.

Overall Group Achievement photo

  • Winners of EC Department at GTU TECHFEST 2017 held at GOVERNMENT ENGINEERING COLLEGE –BHUJ ON 7TH-8TH MARCH 2017

Yagnik Thanki, Jay Vanzara & Naresh Mungpara of 6th Sem EC won 1st prize worth Rs.5000/- in Robomaze event.

In this event, they made a robot having ultrasonic sensors to solve the maze track provided by GEC Bhuj. Robot had to solve the maze within the shortest time.

Yagnik Thanki, Jay Vanzara & Naresh Mungpara of 6th Sem EC won 1st prize worth Rs.1000/- in Arduinofest event.

This event had three rounds.

1st round : To interface the provided sensors with the arduino board in shortest time without any error.

2nd round : To debug the the given programme within shortest time.

3rd round : To develop a working system by interfacing sensors with arduino board using programming.

Darshit Gosaliya, Dipen Ranpara, Poorva Vadgama, Harsh Vaviya, Meet Doshi & Parth Sankhavara got shortlisted for 2nd Round in Hackathon 2017 for project titled Data transfer using Steganography suggested by ISRO – 7-3-2017

Shivani Raijada of 4th Sem for secured 3rd Rank in Elocution competition held at V.V.P. Engineering College, Rajkot by GTU and Gujarat Education Department on "Khadi for Nation, Khadi for Fashion – 20-2-2017

Goswami Shivam (6th Sem) became 2nd Runner up in “Taste-E-Samrat” Food Preparation Competition in Synergy 2017 : A State level Mega Symposium on 11-2-2017 held at Marwadi University, Rajkot

There were approximately 20 to 30 participants for this Taste-e-Samrat” Competition from colleges all over Gujarat. They had been given 2 hours for food preparation. They had been given choices to prepare fast food, desserts or salads under many conditions which they had to follow. They had to prepare food with their own recipe.

Jagrut Bhatt (6th Sem) completed National Himalayan Winter Trekking expedition KedarKantha-2016-17 during December 2016 – January 2017 organized by Youth Hostels Association of India

Jagrut Bhatt of 6th EC recently went with 55 people for trecking at Himalayas which is considered to be Heaven on Earth.

They went to Kedar Kantha located 12,500 feet above the earth’s surface. Usually this trekking is preferred in December.

The trekkers enjoyed Snow fall during their journey. This snowfall was continuous for almost 30 hours at a temperature about -14 degrees C. This led to difficult trekking in midst of Snowfall.

Hence this was indeed a great and challenging experience for him and reminded him of our Soldiers those who are serving our Nation 24 by 7 everyday under extreme cold climates.

Zonal level Youth festival winners : Parth Thaker got 2nd Rank in Debate, Anchita Dogra, Sagar Dixit, Anupriya, Anjali Panicker, Chandulal Dherajiya, Darshit Jivrajani, Harshita Prajapati & Keval Jagatiya got 2nd Rank in One Act Play

Press Notes:

A GUINNESS WORLD RECORD by EC student: Congratulations to him for his Stupendous Success!!!

In the history of VVP Engineering college, it is the very first time that any students has written his Golden name in GUINNESS world record book.

He achieved Guinness world record for Longest Rubber Band Chain on 18 April 2016. The total length is equal to the 3.20 km (3200.meter) longer. He has used such approx. more than 36000 rubber bend. The previous record was 2.12 km in 2010 in U.S.A. after 6 years he has broken that record.

EC Department achievements at Technoplanet 2016 (National Level Event) on 3-4-2016

Poorva Vadgama & Mansee Lungaria (2nd Sem) received 2nd Rank as well as Cash Prize worth Rs.1000/- in Spectrawave in Technoplanet 2016 (National Level Event) at R K University, Rajkot. The topic given to them was “Social Media Revolution” for which they had to make poster in 1st Round. In 2nd Round, they had to make on the spot poster on the topic “Internet of Things”.


Congratulations to Nivedita Rana and Anupriya (4th Sem Students) as a team member won the Inter zonal Kabaddi Tournament organized by GTU !!!


Congratulations to 8th Sem.EC Students, Got 1st Rank in National Level Project Competition held at YCCE, Nagpur with technological & knowledge partner Tata Consultancy Services

Students named Vrajesh Parikh, Pankaj Sojitra and Akshyrajsinh Jadeja 8th semester students of Electronics and communication Engineering department won the 1st rank and Received 7000/-Rs. Cashe price in National Level Project competition held at YCCE (Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering) Nagpur. Out of 97 participant team from all over the INDIA they secured the 1st Rank. They won the Title of the project “Rasbery PI based Agricultural pesticides sprayer Robot with live Streaming on Smartphone”, this project is very useful for Farmers. As the main aim of this project is to reduce the direct contact of pesticide and farmer to avoid the health problem like Skin dieses, inhale problem etc. they made the Robot in which it is fully controlled by smart phone for the pesticide spraying. They also provide internet based connectivity so that farmer can remotely operate the Robot.






Achievers of EC Dept. at GTU Tech Fest -2016

Event Name: Robo Maze GTU Tech Fest 2016

1st Rank Achieved by 6th Semester students Janak vadaria, Viren Tholiya, Johnson Yarlagadda, Pratik Shanischara. In this event Total 52 team has participated. They prepared a robot who solved a maze by itself, it is done by Ultra Sonic Sensors which uses sound waves to measure the distance. They won Case Prize of 1000 /- Rs.

2nd Rank Achieved by 4th semester students Yagnik Thanki, Darshit Gosaliya and Naresh Mungpara. They prepared a sensor with the help of IR LED and Photo Diode. They won Case Prize of 500 /- Rs.


Event Name : Envirogenious GTU Tech Fest 2016

1st Rank Achieved by 4th Semester students Anchita Dogra and Anjali Panicker. In this event total 58 team has participated. It was an event based on innovative solution to environmental problems. They prepared a presentation for Soil Contamination.

Along with Technical Achievements students of EC department also secured prizes in Street Competition held at DAIICT Gandhinagar.

Event Name : Hip Hop Style Dance Solo at DAIICT Gandhinagar

1st Rank Achieved by 4th Semester student Vikas Gohel.

Event Name : Hip Hop Street at DAIICT Gandhinagar

2nd Rank Achieved by EC students Vikas Gohel. Johnson Yarlagadda, Parth may, Kishan Kava and Parth Thakar. They also won cash prize of 6000 /- Rs.


Congratulations !!! to 4th SEM EC student, Anchita Dogra who won 2nd Rank in MSU Footprint X6 (Renaissance Event)

Electronics and Communication department is very Proud of Anchita Dogra (4th semester student) for her success in MSU FOOT PRINT X6 (National Tech.Event). She achieved 2nd Rank in Competition name Renaissance (Paper Presentation Event). She also awarded by Rs. 1500 /- Cash prize.

Parth Thaker (3rd Sem) became 1st Runner up in Elocution competition organized by GTU on 31/01/2015

Parth Thaker (3rd Sem) became 1st Runner up in GTU inter college elocution competition on Sardar Patel & His role in uniting India” on 140th birth anniversary of Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel at GTU, Chandkheda, Ahmedabad, Gujarat on 31/10/15.

There were total 78 participants belonging to UG level (B.E. & B.Pharm), PG Level, Faculties as well as Doctorate persons.

He gave an impromptu speech that inspired the students as well as the faculties of entire GTU present at the Chandkheda Campus and it was uniquely delivered which played a major part in this achievement.


Vivek Maradia : Proud of Electronics and Communication department

He has been offered sponsorship from 3 Re known Universities for perusing Ph.D. which can be considered as appreciation from International Platform. He has received Rs. 65,000/- scholarship (Robert J. Soremon scholarship) along with best student of the year award by INMM Atlanta U.S.A.

Press Cutting:

Gujarat Samachar


Divya Bhaskar


Parth Thaker (1st Rank) and Dogra Anchita (2nd Rank) became winners in elocution competition held on 29/10/2015 during “Vigilance Awareness Week” celebration

As a part of Vigilance Awareness Week celebration, an elocution competition had been organized on 29/10/2015 for 1st and 3rd Sem students of V.V.P. Engineering College, Rajkot.

The topic of elocution was “Corruption-The biggest bottleneck in economic progress”.

Parth Thaker (3rd Sem) got 1st Rank and Anchita Dogra (3rd Sem) for 2nd Rank in this elocution competition adding credit to EC Department.

2 1

Girls Basketball team Zonal as well as Inter zonal Champion- 2015 VVP Engineering College, EC student Ankita Handoo out shines in Basketball



Ankita Handoo a student of 7th semester Electronics and Communication engineering department. She is the member of V.V.P. Basketball team. Event GTU - SPIRIT organized at atmiya college. In Basketball competition at first stage V.V.P. Engg. College face the GPC(Amreli) & won this match by 26/6 margin. In final match V.V.P. Engineering College face the Atmiya college & won this final by huge margine by 46/20.

In inter zonal level they won against Atmiya college with the margin of 28/19 margin.

So girls basketball team won the GTU Basketball zonal and Inter zonal 2015 & Ankita Handoo has contributed a lot in this sparkling success.

Hardik Patel achieved 3rd Rank in Photoshop event held at Marwadi Engineering college, Rajkot on 07-10-2015

Hardik Patel (5th E) got 3rd Rank in Photoshop event held at Marwadi Engineering college, Rajkot on 07-10-2015.


Parth thaker Achieved 2nd Rank in Zonal as well as in Inter zonal competition for Debate



Parth thaker who is the student of 3rd semester electronics and communication department, achieve 2nd rank in debate in zonal as well as in inter zonal level, which is a pride moment for whole EC department.

EC Department got 3rd Rank in Interdepartmental Garba competition held in Rasostav 2015 at V.V.P. Engineering College, Rajkot on 09-10-2015

The following EC students participated in Rasostav 2015 dated 09-10-15 :

Popat Jay (3rd M.E.) , Hirani Mital (1st M.E.), Dalsandia Palak (1st M.E.), Siddhupura Trupti (7th F), Limbasiya Jignasa (7th F) , Jagatiya Keval (5th Sem), Joshi Haritraj (3rd Sem), Patel Krupali (3rd Sem), Jivrajani Darshit (3rd Sem), May Parth (1st Sem), Trivedi Darshan (1st Sem) and Raval Krutika (1st Sem)


EC students Outshines in Youth Festival

Zonal Youth Festival Winners 2015 on 20th September 2015 at LTIET, Rajkot. Students achieve ranks as mentioned below.

Shruti Makwana (7th EC) – Achieve 1st Rank in Rangoli


Anjali Panicker (3rd EC) – Achieve 2nd Rank in Indian Group song


Sparking Achievement in sports by 3rd Sem. EC student

Outstanding performance of 3rd semester E.C student Yashprit Panesar, she became the runner up in badminton organized by GTU in its Sports tournament SPIRIT-2015-2016.

1.1 1.2

Proud Moment for E.C Dept.: 4 students Awarded by Late Shree Devang Mehta Award 2015 (Award for TOPPERS)

1 2

The award was given to Sagar Dixit, Meghna Sojitra, Celeste Valambhia and Ponkiya Charmy by Vice Chancellor and NASSCOM’s Vice President. The chairman and all the dignitaries congratulated them for this bright success and wish them good luck for future.

6th Sem. EC students Got I2I award by GTU Innovation Council

6th Semester students Akash Paul and Pavan Ramchandani from Electronics and communication Engineering department got GIC i2i (Innovate to Impact) Award 2015 by GTU INNOVATION COUNCIL, on the 4th Innovation Sankul Day at 14th Feb 2015.


Project Name: JOMON Details: The project focused on making a robotic platform which allows human control for a similarly designed bipedal robot which mimics the action of the operator. Thereby allowing us to deploy this platform at any remote place which may be dangerous or unsuitable for humans but still needs highly agile & finely controlled robots.

1st Rank achieved by 4th Semester EC Students in the Competition Snack D Robo organised at GEC,Rajkot

4th semester students Kotak Sapan, Parmar Sidhant, Vivek Joshi,Rohit Gangani and Vachani Smit participated in the Event named Snack D Robo at GEC rajkot, they achieve 1st ranik in this competition. They prepared a Robo which follows the path and in event this robot clear all the tracks without any penalty. 0

1st Rank achieved by 4th semester EC students in the Competition Shouline soccer In Gurutvakarshan-15 at Labhubhai Trivedi College, Rajkot

4th semester students named Krish Peshavaria and Bhatt Harshal participated in the event named Shouline Soccer at Labhubhai Trivedi College Rajkot, they achieved 1st rank in this competition. They cleared total 6 round for this marvelous achievement.

Download pdf: Other Students Achivements


Glimpse of VVP