Student Activity


2 day Workshop on "Designing Digital Circuits using Verilog" by Prof.Jignesh Patoliya from Charusat, Changa on 16,17-2-2019

On 16th and 17th February 2019 workshop on Verilog was organized by the Electronics and Communication Department of V.V.P. Engineering College For the 6th Sem students.
Workshop was conducted by the Dr. Jignesh Patoliya Sir who is from CHARUSET, Chandkheda. Workshop was divided into two part. On Day1 initially the basic concept of the VLSI and What is VLSI and product engineering were explained. After that Hands-on session on Verilog basic programming. Then sir gave information on Gate-level primitive and How to build multiplexer, encoder and different gate using Verilog programming.
On Day 2 they move to the concept of blocking and non-blocking. Afterwards he explained what is Verilog Race condition and how to solve the race condition. What are different parameters of Verilog, He also gave basic knowledge of wire, net, reg etc. In last Session he taught how to build the finite state machine using Verilog.

Workshop on PLC and SCADA to 6th EC by Mr. Nirav Madhvani on 9-2-19

Mr. Nirav Madhvani from Possible Automation and Control system, delivered a workshop on PLC and SCADA to 6th EC on 9-2-2019.
He is basically working in field of PLC and SCADA. Initially, he talked about Engineering and why students should choose Engineering. He also motivated them to develop passion to work as an Engineer.
He initiated with explanation of Stepper Motor. He had brought all the components to give live demonstration. Initially, he gave fundamental knowledge of the stepper motor and mentioned where stepper motor is used. Then he gave introduction of the PLC controller and informed that PLC is basically controller which is used to control large machinery. Therafter, he introduced a motor driver which is used to control the Induction motor. He divided whole class into two parts for practical. In practical, he explained how to control stepper motor using PLC. Thereafter, he explained how to control it from display and from the manual switch. Students saw the live demo of the motor. The next practical was induction motor control using Motor driver. Thereafter, he explained about the PLC software which is WPSXL and its programming. Finally he demonstrated a video explaining the working of PLC and driver.
He also informed them about his youtube channel which is “Possible Solution”. This was indeed an interactive workshop and took valuable feedback of students.

Workshop on MATLAB by Dr.Vishal D. Nimavat and Dr. Dipesh G. Kamdar for 4th EC on 18-1-2019

Dr. Dipesh G. Kamdar and Dr. Vishal Nimavat conducted a two Hour session on MATLAB for 4th EC students on 18-1-2019. The main aim of the workshop was to make the students familiar with GUI (Graphic User Interface). The students were guided to use GUI with the help of different examples like calculator, wave generator, etc. It was indeed an interactive session and hence the students gained a good knowledge about GUI Part of MATLAB.

Workshop on PCB Designing by Prof. Ravin N. Sardhara and Prof. Nirmal R. Bhalani for 4th EC on 3rd and 4th January 2019

A workshop on how to design PCB at home was conducted at EC Department of V.V.P. Engineering College, Rajkot on 3rd and 4th January,2019 by Prof. Ravin Sardhara and Prof. Nirmal R. Bhalani for 4th EC. There were about 55 participants in the workshop. Basically, the workshop was divided into 2 days. On the first day, the students were given brief explanation about uses and need of designing PCB. Later on as sessions continued, they were helped for installation of the required software for further designing perks. Once the installation was complete, Prof. Ravin N. Sardhara started the basics of designing by giving brief introduction about the software “DIP TRACE” & “PCB CREATOR”. Once the students got familiar with software, the basic designing was started. The basic designing includes the bridge rectifier, circuits using NE 555 IC, OP amp etc. The hands on session started with doubt solving and other activities.
In the second session, students were asked for any queries which were solved. After clearing the queries and further processes students were guided to make their own circuit design with NE 555 IC and OP amp. Students were given 4 hours of time to make their prototype and help was provided wherever needed. Then, Prof. Nirmal R. Bhalani gave them insight for chemical processes involved in itching of PCB. After that a demo was given by both the Faculties. After the demo, students started making their own PCB as guided by the faculties. At the end of the workshop, all the students learnt to make their own PCB at home.


Seminar by Mr. Nirav from Endeavor on GD and PI to 6th Sem studentS on 13-2-2019

On 13-2-2019, a seminar on group Discussion was conducted by the Nirav Sir the Centre Head of the Endeavor for 6th EC students.
In this session, he specifically explained about the GD (Group Discussion). He initiated with the topic “What Is GD?”, What is the requirement of GD? Thereafter, he discussed major topics discussed in the GD. This provided students basic information of GD like
1) Try to pretend that you are listing even if you are not
2) Try not Argue on the topic but discuss about that topic
3) If any member in GD gets diverted from the topic and get back them to topic
4) Don’t Raise finger during discussion instead of that use your hand gesture.
Then he explained about the techniques to crack Personal Interview (PI). He made students aware about what kind of mistakes are generally done by the students during the interview. Body Gestures which are needed to be taken care of while GD for e.g. not moving legs, exact discussion to the poinr, etc.

Motivational seminar by Mr. Jignesh Chantbar (2007 Alumini) to 6th EC students on 4-2-19

Mr. Jignesh Chantbar (2007 Alumini) visited EC Department to provide motivation to Pre-Final Year students. He is currently working as a project manager in congnizant at USA. He delivered an interactive session on attitude development towards self development and learning new things to be in market. He explained that communication skills is the most primary need in professional career.
In Session initially, he talked about his past experience. Initially, he got selected at Patni computers in Ahmedabad. Thereafter, he got selected at Cognizant. He also explained about the attitude of the students during the interview and job. He also cleared various queries of students in between. He also answered about his selection in Cognizant. After completing his B.E., he applied for Master's in VLSI from CDAC. While he was completing his course, he got a call from Patani computers, Ahmedabad. During his job, he got an opportunity to work with Cognizant, USA. He also explained his current work profile and association with Amazon. At Amazon, he manages and creates a flow for testing programs. He motivated students to learn new software languages.
He also motivated the students that their learning attitude should always be expanded as whatever they learn during their Engineering journey is very important and never gets wasted.

GATE Exam awareness program by to 4th Sem EC on 23-1-2019

GATE exam and career choice awareness seminar was held on 23-1-2019. This seminar was held for 4th Sem EC students. In seminar, the students were explained thoroughly the importance of GATE examination. The students also came to know about various career opportunities after B.E./B.Tech in various fields. At the end of the seminar, there was an interactive aptitude test arranged for students by ICE institute which boosted their confidence in attempting GATE Exam in future.

Seminar on “Career Development in PLC and SCADA” by Mr.Khimani Bhaya (2012 Alumini) on 1-1-2018 to 6th EC

On 1 January 2019, a motivational lecture was conducted by 2012 EC pass out student Mr. Bhaya Khimani.
Currently he is working at Jyoti CNC company. He shared his experience with the students regarding how he started his career and which problems he faced. He told that first he learnt PLC Scada and CNC machine during his Final Year. He told that he knew C language due to which he was selected by the company. He started his job with salary of Rs. 8000/- and presently he is earning monthly Rs. 70000/-.
Thereafter he shared his experience with the class. He told that the C language is important to learn as he was the only one among his team members with knowledge of C.

Expert Talks

Expert Lecture from Industry Person for pre-final year students of Electronics and Communication Engineering Department

Mr. Pavan Vora, Senior Manager from e-Infochips, Ahmedabad visited EC Department on. He delivered an expert lecture on "Advance Challenges in VLSI".
In this session, he explained company overview with information about the project work so far carried out. Thereafter, he started with history starting from 1st chip founder to evolution in transistors. He had explained chip design and verification process of 7 nm and 16 nm.
He gave information about chip manufacturing foundaries like Intel and Samsung. He discussed recent challenges and issues while we are working towards to reduce size of chip design like photolithography, double pattering, electro migration and cross talk. Finally, he explained about Silicon Photonies - Electrical signal to light conversion inside chip.
EC Department thanked to eInfochips for accepting the invitation to guide our EC students.

Visit of Mr.Nilesh Ranpura, E-Infochips at EC Department

Mr.Nilesh Ranpura, head design section EInfochips, Ahmedabad number one company in IoT in India visited our Institute for future good relationship. He suggested workshop for students, FDP / STTP for EC/CE/IT Staff.
During his visit, there was a healthy introductory meeting with Principal sir. He visited our Department to see the infrastructure and lab facilities for campus drive. He also discussed their expected steps from outside for future good long term relationship with E Infochips. He appreciated our EC students’ performance during the meet.
He is expecting faculty visit at eInfochips and workshop in near future.

Seminar by Mr. Hardik Prajapati (2008 Alumini) to 7th EC on 21-8-2018

Mr. Hardik Prajapati (2008 Alumini) visited EC Department to motivate final year students. He is currently working in Biesse Manufacturing Company Private Limited as as a Senior Engineer (Sales & Business Development). His work profile includes handling Gujarat state for wood working segment to provide solutions with manual and automatic machines to manufacture all types of wood based products and furnitures.

He initially recalled his engineering journey in EC Department of V.V.P. He informed them regarding the field chosen by him after graduation . Initially, he wanted to go for a job but afterwards, he decided to make his career of Entrepreneurship and started his own company.

His company is basically based on IoT, Embedded systems and Furniture manufacturing. They produce furniture items in less time even when large quantity is demanded. They have developed a software by which they can easily specify the dimensions and other parameters needed to make a particular furniture. They take the orders from clients all around the world, If any problem is found during the setup or process then by means of Internet of Things(IoT), they can easily debug them sitting there only.

So after the introduction of his company he asked them about their dreams and what were their future goals. After that he gave them a motivational speech about what should they do to handle critical situations in their lives and eventually wished all of them a good luck.

His interaction with students included following:

  1. Importance and usage of IoT in our industry as well as company.
  2. Usage of products’ from ORACLE and ACCENTURE with his organization.
  3. Career based guidelines whether to opt for PG course or start with professional career first

4. Knowledge of different industries apart from software industry where EC student can be placed with advanced certification program in VLSI, Embedded System.

Motivational Seminar by Parth Sankhavara and Sagar Dixit-2018 Alumini to 7th EC on 30-7-2018

Parth Sankhavara (2018 Batch), who remained stucked onto the one path that he made his domain ‘networking’ , since then he did the internship courses and training for getting the CISCO certified CCNA certificate and then he did the internship at the AIM career institute , where he learnt about scripting in the Linux bash shell that is mostly for the use where all the server in the world or anywhere is running on the Linux. He was set for the he was about to get in to and then he got selected in to the MATRIX COSMEC later and now he is working there in the tech support domain and on his way of pinnacle.
Mostly his advice is about sticking to one's domain whatsoever it is, how so ever small it is. It will definitely lead you to your success.

Sagar Dixit (2018 Batch) has done the internship at ISRO for project that has been under development, was on the ON chip amplifier to be sent the Antenna utilization. So since then after the internship, he is working under two senior scientist , so that he can file his dissertation project and get in to the renowned institute. And currently he has to work on pure mathematics and physics rules which are to be applied in the making and improving the existing antenna and the scientist under whom he is working, has the contribution on the moons mission and mars mission which is his biggest achievement.

Seminar on improving Communication skills by Mr. Rohit Sikka to 7th sem EC on 28-7-2018

Mr. Rohit Sikka from TCS Overseas recently visited EC Department to provide guidance to Final Year students regarding improving their Communication Skills.

This seminar was arranged for 3 hours where the key points covered were

  • Motivation, Self confidence, Proper knowledge of dealt things, Self talk, Mirror talk

So initially, in our day to day we all know that what stuffs we do daily and we are 21 already so it is not proper to remind us our goal, as we all know what to do or what we are going to do .

But still if the work is not done yet so the only thing we lacking in is the proper motivation that an fuel our work to the destination.

So he shared his own story that from the most illiterate state of India UP (Bihar) he was the first person to get his education completed and then he moved on for the college studies and there he got his own job, as he found that he was weak in technical , practical, but the only thing he made himself proficient was English , so he was offered a job as a peon in the office as he only spoke very good English and thereafter his managerial skills were noticed.

So main thing was that he never left his goal because he was highly motivated by the place he belonged, the parents face he saw every day. So motivation plays a very vital role when you nurture your skills properly and with some added motivation you can get the goal reached.

Then further shared that he cleared the UPSC exam and GPSC exams and IPS exam also, then he though over starting an institute of his own where he was going to induced his very own skills,

There on he has provided multiple seminar to various places and helped more than 300 student get his goal by clearing the exam that they wanted and that’s what he is been onto, completing the dreams of the student that comes to him.

He also shared his knowledge on the self talk which is very necessary that doing that thing helps you analyze you’re your own actions, so you can give surplus output when required without any drawbacks.

Innovative Session by 3rd, 5th and 7th Sem students for 1st Sem EC on 23-7-2018

An innovative interaction session was conducted on 23 July 2018 by Electronics and communication department of V.V.P. Engineering College. The following students took this session :

3rd Sem - Shikha Adatiya, Shail Shukla, Darshil Sachdev, Sarth Vadgama, Abhishek Lalseta, Meet Kamdar, Dhwani Chauhan, Jenisha Dobariya, Niraj Fichadiya, Prince Gadethariya and Vrushank Pambhar-3rd Sem

5th Sem - Viraj Hapaliya, Pujit Somaiya, Gaurang Joshi, Milan Valera, Prince Tarpada, Krunal Sankhavara, Bhavin Rathod, Miraj Beladiya and Vineet Sanchaniya

7th Sem - Milin Parekh, Yashdeep Gohil, Hem Patel and Harsh Vavaiya

It was specially meant for the first year students who have just enrolled themselves in E.C. department. The students from 3rd, 5th and 7th semester were introduced to the students. The seniors had an interactive session with the juniors .In this session, the students discussed about their different project works. They also exhibited their working models and presentations. They demonstrated line follower robot, automatic water sprinkler, Home automation using IOT etc. Seniors also presented some of the apps developed by them and also discussed about their applications in details. They invited the students to start working on their own small projects and assured them for any kind of assistance and help in solving their problems. They informed the students about an official departmental website and other social media platforms where their project related works and achievements will be featured. The students also showed great interest and enthusiasm. They willingly assured that they will surely contribute in this kind of project, research and innovation activities.

Motivational Seminar by Parth Thaker (2018 Batch) to 7th Sem EC on 4-7-2018

2018 pass-out student Parth Thaker visited EC department on 4th July 2018. Parth Thaker holds the record of getting the highest placement package in BYJU’s (Rs.10,00,000/- per year) of the VVP history. He works at the company having the turnover of Rs. 16000 crore. He visited and talked about his time spent at college. He also talked about how he thought of appearing for Byju's- the learning application. He even informed about his interview taken and the way he answered the interview getting the 3rd rank over the selected top 20 students from 1000's of students. He guided the students about the fields which can be opted after BE. Also explanation regarding the importance of aptitude and communication skills for the company and even for the other field purpose was given. This conversation brought better idea in the minds of everyone. Being with Parth Thaker, clearing confusion, getting the solutions helped in clearing the doubts in everyone's mind. So the 'talk with and talk by Parth' created an impact and better ideas for the future of everyone as it became one of the best knowledge giving part for 7th Sem students.

A seminar on “Career options after Engineering” for 3rd EC by Mr. Alay Shah on 23-6-2018

A career guidance seminar was organized on 23rd June 2018 in VVP Engineering College, Rajkot. Students from various department attended the seminar. It was conducted by career guidance expert Mr. Alay Shah. He guided the students all through their future prospective. He interacted with students and discussed about various courses in which students can enrol themselves after graduation. He gave multiple option to students like perusing Post Graduation degree, opt for various public services, go for management or going abroad for further education. He also discussed about various entrance and screening tests that filters the students appearing for any particular courses or jobs. He discussed about importance of aptitude for career making of students. He also emphasised on sincere efforts of students that can only be fruitful in empowering the future.

A motivational seminar by Rahul Mondal (2017 Batch) on “Research Paper importance” to 7th EC students on 27-6-2018

Rahul Mondal (2017 Batch) recently visited EC Department and gave a motivational seminar to 7th EC students. He is presently preparing for pursuing Masters at Germany. He got aware regarding importance of Research Paper during his preparation. A research paper is a comprehensive essay that students were required to submit at the end of their 6th Sem vacation. This task attempted to test a student’s understanding of an academic course from all its angles. A research paper is the final test of the students learning over the course of his/her academic year.

Many students often overlook the importance of writing a research paper. They take it as a burden and tiresome task and don’t give it their 100%. They seldom remember that a research paper actually tests the student’s ability to research, collect information, write, compile, analyze and interpret a topic. It is an amalgamation of the student’s total learning.

A research paper tests a student’s learning in the course. The researching methodology a student uses is tested when he writes a research paper. It is required that a student provide relevant information that is applicable to the research paper topic. Furthermore this information should come from reliable sources backed with a thorough list of references and citations.

Given the importance of written a research paper, the students shouldn’t take research papers lightly. It may seem like a daunting task and it very well should be. But they should keep in mind that a well written research paper offers rewards that can earn them a scholarship, kick start their career and open a number of opportunities.

Motivational seminar by Ankit Thakar (2013 Alumini) to 2nd EC on 16-3-2018

Recently Ankit Thakar (2013 Batch) visited EC Department. He explained that a lot of opportunities are available in Embedded systems. He suggested that every student must select his/her project wisely as it can boost your career in a new direction and change your life. He motivated them to think new ideas and think far. In this way, the first year students were highly motivated by Ankit’s speech and guidance.

Motivational Seminar by Kaushik, Kashyap, Vaibhav and Hemant (2007 Alumini) to 6th EC on 1-3-2018

Recently 2007 Alumini visited EC Department to recall their happy memories.

The alumini were :

  1. Kashyap Santoki : serving in Quality assurance at CoCo Cola Comapany Sydney Australia.
  2. Hemant Mayatra : JTO at BSNL
  3. Kaushik Unava : serving at Rajkot Municipal Corporation
  4. Vaibhav Kariya : Officer at Dena Bank

They motivated students to learn always new things. They insisted that students must read latest technology related material. The explained an Engineer is not only required in Engineering field. An engineer is also given priority at a higher post in Banking. Kashyap also motivated them to never say no to any task assigned and take the responsibility and learn through it. In this way, 6th EC students were highly inspired and motivated by these successful Aluminis of EC Department of V.V.P. Engineering College, Rajkot.

Motivational Seminar by Viren Tholiya (2017 Batch) to 6th EC on 20-2-2018

Recently Viren Tholiya (2017 Batch) currently working with Matrix Comsec, visited EC Department on 20-2-2018. He motivated 6th students by guiding them to select a subject of interest and start thinking and learning in that particular direction. He also informed them that Communication Skill is a must for placement in a good company including Multinational Company. By improving selection of subject of interest and improving communication skill, one can definitely achieve his/her goal of securing job at desired workplace.

Seminar by Mr.Jatin Kataria (2008 alumini (Mechanical)) to 6th EC on 15-2-2018

The seminar was delivered by 2008 pass-out alumni of Mechanical engineering department, VVP Engineering College Mr. Jatin Kataria. He shared up his experience of life regarding how he achieved what he wanted, about his college journey, about the interviews he faces and also the most interesting part 'DREAM BIG'. He explained about how an idea should be obtained for starting the business and how can that business be converted into profitable business. The best part was he believed in having wild dreams. It is so that some people's dreams can be a wild dream for many so always keep wild dreams which will surely bring you closer to your dreams. He even said about many youth opportunities in various fields. The best thing he said was-' Always Believe In Possibilities'. At the end, he concluded by solving doubts of many students. He said "Convert Wild dreams into dreams, dreams into reality" was the conclusion of the seminar.

Motivational Seminar by Harsh Vyas (2018 Batch) to 6th EC on 23-2-2018

Recently, Harsh Vyas (2018 Batch), currently working at E-Infochips, visited EC department on 23-2-2018. He gave them details about the E-Infochips company where he is working currently. He also informed them regarding their requirements for recruitment. He explained them what knowledge is priorly required before appearing for Interview. He motivated them to focus on VLSI subject. He also suggested them to improve Communication skills by improving English. He also guided them regarding Career development.

Seminar on Research Paper writing by Dr. Rushit D.Trivedi and Prof. Sneha A. Pandya to 4th Sem EC on 2-1-2018

Dr. Rushit Trivedi explained students in detail that what research paper is and its importance. He told that research paper analyzes the perspective and argues the point. Regardless of the type of research we are writing, our finished research paper should present your own thinking backed up by others’ ideas and information. He gave few interesting non-technical examples regarding topics of research paper. Then he explained the format of research paper and discussed every point in detail.

Thereafter another faculty of E.C. Department, Prof. Sneha Pandya took over the session. She gave some deep idea about research paper. She told that research paper is based on what you know about the subject and make a deliberate attempt to find out what experts know. She informed the students about the precautions to be taken while writing a research paper. She explained few rules to be taken under consideration while writing a research paper. She told the students about the types of research paper like review paper and result paper.

Then she talked about the role of research paper in building knowledge. She informed that research becomes the must to ascertain if one’s ideas are supported by previous studies. Scientists also deal with research to test the validity and reliability of their claims. Professional and credible journalists undertake thorough research to establish the veracity of their stories. Then she showed a paradigm of research paper.

At last, Dr. Rushit Trivedi and Prof. Sneha Pandya told students that every student has to prepare a research paper on a topic and submit it to them. 4th Sem students got a thorough knowledge about research paper writing after this extremely informative seminar.

Seminar on higher education in foreign countries by Mr.Imran from Krishna Consultants to 4th EC on 3-1-2018

A seminar was organized at V.V.P. Engineering College for the students of 4th semester E.C. by Krishna Consultants. The goal of the seminar was to provide students information about the scopes of taking higher education after B.E in foreign countries.

Initially, Mr. Imran informed students about Krishna Consultants. He gave the overview of their company. Then he asked students what are the scopes after the completion of B.E. The students answered that jobs, business, higher education, etc. Thereafter, he asked students if anyone is planning for higher education like masters in foreign countries. Then he gave information about the education system in foreign countries.

He informed that U.S.A will be the best choice if anyone wishes to go abroad for higher education because you don’t need to learn any other extra language except English. Thereafter, he told students about the exams that are needed to be cracked for taking admission in foreign countries like IELTS, a common English language exam which one needs to crack for going to any country. He also gave information about the exam named GRE which is taken only by U.S.A.

Thereafter, he told that for E.C. students, Germany can be their priority but the universities in Germany gives admission only to students having very good academic record. In addition, one has also to learn German language in order to cope with the education system of Germany. The rules of staying in Germany are somewhat strict so he advised students that U.S.A. can be a good choice.

Then he gave information about the scopes of higher education in the country Canada. He informed that Canada can be a good choice for students because they can find many Indians there. Further Canada has simple laws and universities also allow students to do parttime job on weekends. And the quality of education is also good in Canada.

He told that Australia and New Zealand can also be thought about for higher education. But the priority should be given to above three countries.

Summarizing, scope and opportunities for master degree outside India, guidance regarding various options available after completing B.E., guidance about various countries which are better for doing master's degree and why one should opt for any such country as well as the steps and requirements for Exams like GRE, TOEFL and IELTS were discussed.

The seminar was very informative and worthy for the students as they could acquire so much of knowledge from same.

Motivational Seminar on Career Guidance by Darshana Garach (Alumini-EC) to 6th EC on 5-1-2018

Darshana Garach, one of the aluminis of V.V.P. Engineering College came to meet students and faculties on 5-1-2018.

She also shared her experience regarding her job and studies in US. She told students that now a days, engineers are more powerful than doctors and showed the scope of engineers in the field of medical by telling the importance of equipments and robotic surgeries. Thereafter, she guided all about the other field of E.C. students where they can show their skills. She guided for further educational fields and also for the foreign studies. She also shared her experience as a student and now as an employee. She indeed motivated students for their ultimate goal as an engineer.

Seminar by Govind Solanki from ICE on "Career Options after Engineering" to 4th EC on 20-1-2018

First of all Mr. Govind started with a question that what are the scopes after the completion of B.E. Then he told various options.

First of all he talked about jobs. He said that one can do two types of jobs after B.E. : PSU jobs and Private jobs. Then he explained the procedure to get jobs in private companies and the exams one need to appear. He talked about aptitude, soft skills, technical skills, etc. Then he informed students about the packages offered to them in private companies. He also told that in southern part of the country, there are more chances to get good private jobs.

Then he switched to PSU jobs. Initially, he explained the advantages of PSU sector like secured job, government holidays, pay commission benefits, etc. He gave information in detail about the procedure. Then he mentioned various exams prevailing for various government jobs. He said that there are more than 250 government companies in India and they also have sufficient vacancies.

Then he introduced the topic of Masters. He explained the importance of doing masters. He said that B.E. can give students jobs but when it comes to promotion Master Degree is required. He talked about the top universities of India in which a student can do Masters. He named IISC, IIT, NIT,etc. Then he told students the benefits of doing Masters from these universities like placement benefits, qualitative R&D work, etc.

Then he came on the mandatory exam which one needs to appear for if one is wishing to do masters GATE. He explained the structure of GATE exam. The exam is of 100 marks out which it is divided in two parts 65 and 35. 65 questions are MCQs with 1/3rd negative marking and 35 questions are to be answered directly without any negative marking system. Then he categorized the subjects which one needs to prepare for GATE.

Seminar by Harshal Patel on "Architecture and functioning of Mobile Communication Networks" to 8th EC on 20-1-2018

The seminar was taken by Mr. Harshal Patel who is currently the head of the airtel subscriber of Rajkot region. The seminar was based on the GSM Architecture & 4G services which includes basic knowledge of GSM, VOLTE services Routing and private networks.

Global system for mobile communication (GSM) is a globally accepted standard for digital cellular communication. GSM is the name of a standardization group established in 1982 to create a common European mobile telephone standard that would formulate specifications for a pan European mobile cellular radio system operating at 900 MHz. It is estimated that many countries outside of Europe will join the GSM partnership. GSM is also Operated at 1800MHz now a days and why 900MHz is better than1800MHz is also mentioned by him.

The GSM network can be divided into following broad parts:

  • The Mobile Station (MS)
  • The Base Station Subsystem (BSS)
  • The Network Switching Subsystem (NSS)
  • The Operation Support Subsystem (OSS)

The students also learnt about new emerging technology like 4G-LTE, VOLTE and working of voice over data, packet switched network and circuit switching networks.

Then he also gave them career advice regarding what are the opportunities available for an RF Engineer and Network Engineer and how they can choose the path for being a RF Engineer.

Seminar by Kruti Pithwa from Embicon Tech Hub on "Industrial Automation" to 6th EC on 20-1-2018

On Saturday, 20 Jan, 2018, there a seminar was held by Ms. Kruti Pithwa from Embicon tech hub, Rajkot. She gave a brief introduction about their organization. She initially introduced herself and her company. Thereafter, she explained different criteria on which the company is working and their work being placed and how they give updated service to them. One video was shown regarding PLC & SCADA system. A presentation was also shown by her to explain their services and how they train their trainees. At last, question answer session was held. She gave her contact details too for further inquiry.

A 2 day Workshop on “MATLAB” by Dr.P.M.Dholakia and Dr. D.G.Kamdar to 4th Sem EC on 29-12-2017 and 30-12-2017

The workshop on MATLAB was held at V.V.P. Engineering College from 29th December to 30th December. The workshop was arranged for the 4th semester EC students. The goal of this workshop was to enrich the students with the knowledge of MATLAB.

The training workshop was opened at 8:00 a.m. with a welcome statement by Dr. Paresh Dholakia. He explained the evolution and importance of MATLAB software. He also explained the significance of MATLAB in industries.

Afterwards, Dr. Dipesh Kamdar thanked EC department for organizing the workshop. He told the students very minute details of the MATLAB environment and few interesting facts about it. He explained that how MATLAB software can be useful in academic projects and technical competitions as well as for solving few problems around us. He gave few examples of how MATLAB can be used in various fields for solving problems. Finally he wished all participants a good and successful traning workshop.

On 29-12-2017, Dr. Paresh Dholakia took a presentation on history and advantages of MATLAB. Some highlights of his presentation were:

  • The full form of MATAB is MATRIX LABORATORY.
  • MATLAB is a very useful software in control engineering.
  • MATLAB consists programming, simulink and toolbox.

Thereafter, Dr. Dipesh Kamdar introduced participants to the MATLAB environment. First of all he explained what is command window and its advantages and disadvantages. Then he told students what is script and the advantages of working in script over command window.Working in script window helps us to see our work whenever we want to see it again while command window does not give this facility. Thereafter, the hands on session started. Dr. Kamdar taught participants various interesting programmes and also explained the importance of each. Then there was also a small test for participants.

After that Prof. Dholakia introduced simulink to participants. Simulink was developed by Mathworks is a graphical programming environment for modeling, simulating and analyzing multidomain dynamical systems. Its primary interface is a graphical block diagramming tool and a customizable set of block libraries. Simulink is widely used in automatic control and digital signal processing for multidomain simulation.

On 30-12-2017, Dr. D. G. Kamdar made the recap of the session of Day 1 which was based on primary knowledge of MATLAB and some programmes. The main focus of Day 2 was set to :

  • Some advance level of programmes
  • Image processing
  • How to use different toolboxes

On Saturday, Dr. D.G. Kamdar taught few advance programmes which are also used by some industries and which can also be useful to participants in their academics. He also explained various syntaxes available in MATLAB so participants can use them by their own in future. Then he started with image processing using programming. First he taught the basics of image processing. Then he explained few technical aspects of image processing. Then practical exercises were performed by participants.

Thereafter, Dr. P. M. Dholakia made recap of simulink session of Day 1. Then he explained how image processing can also be done in simulink. Then few exercises were given by him and participants performed them. Then he came on the topic of toolboxes. He explained some toolboxes one by one in detail. He also gave participants various exercises using each toolbox. This part of the session was most interesting for participants.

Dr. P. M. Dholakia thanked all the participants for taking part in the workshop. He officially closed the workshop around 1:00 p.m.

Seminar on Research Paper writing by Dr. Rushit D.Trivedi and Prof. Sneha A. Pandya to 8th Sem EC on 29-12-2017

The seminar on 'How to prepare/write a research paper" was conducted by the E.C. Dept of V.V.P. Engineering college on 28th of December 2017 collaboratively by Dr. Rushit Trivedi Sir and Prof. Sneha Pandya.

It was absolutely enlightening and enriched the students of 8th Sem E.C. with the knowledge of writing research papers along with the procedure and right method to present them at bigger platforms like seminars and conferences which gave a good direction to the final year students. The paper should be written in the manner recognized by the IEEE format and the content should be crisp, accurate and making the research evident and clear.

The step-by-step presentation of the hitherto topic was given by the two faculties in a proficient manner and it will be helping students a lot in the future at academic, professional as well entrepreneurial level. It was a great step taken by the faculties of E.C. Dept to enhance the credentials of the students and guiding and encouraging them to write and present research papers.

Seminar on Research Paper writing by Dr. Rushit D.Trivedi and Prof. Sneha A. Pandya to 6th Sem EC on 30-12-2017

On 30 December 2017, a seminar was delivered by Dr. Rushit D. Trivedi and Dr. Sneha Pandya on the topic "Research Paper writing" for 6th EC. In this seminar, they explained about the format of a research paper, and how to write in sequence. Thereafter, they explained about how to select the topic and on what ideas could student select and also gave some examples of same. After explaining about the topic selection, they explained different types of paper presentation and gave the differences between them. They also gave idea on how one can write a review paper about already written paper. They explained some easy techniques for paper presentations. Then guided regarding what to be careful about, what to check, how to preview the written paper and how to mention the references .By giving a live example, they showed two review papers and a paper presentation for the same. From every small to the detail was covered by them. Concluding, 6th sem EC students got the overview on how to write a Research Paper.

WORKSHOP on Hands On Arduino for 3rd Sem EC by Prof.Jignesh Joshi,Prof.Ravin Sardhara and Prof.Nirmal Bhalani on 27th and 28th July 2017

The Arduino Workshop scheduled on 27th and 28th July 2017. The two days were divided in 6 sessions. On the first day of Workshop all students were introduced to embedded systems. Joshi Sir narrated the story of development of Arduino board and its application in everyday life. Afterwards they gave students brief information of components of Arduino board. Starting from basic, the students were given guidance about programming in Arduino. The Basic project performed at first was blinking LED alternately. Second session was held by Prof. Ravin Sardhara. He taught the basic of Proteus Simulation Software. Arduino Boards and various types of sensors and their application were taught to students. By doing hands on, students performed some interesting projects. The third session was held by Prof. Nirmal Bhalani. He taught Digital communication using Arduino. A project was performed to get a clear idea about serial communication. The basic concept of digital transmission and receiving got clear. All students left after taking a assignment as homework.

Second day of the workshop started with discussion of assignment. The first session was held by Joshi sir. They continued the topic of digital communication. But due to Light cut out the workshop was postponed to next day.

The day started with hands on project on seven segments. Students were guided to print 0-9 numbers on seven segment using different techniques. The second session was continued by Prof. Ravin Sardhara. They taught seven segment projects in Proteus simulator. After wards they had hands on project on analog sensors. Students made some projects under guidance of Sir like Traffic light controller, Temperature sensor. The session ended with photo session with HOD and expertise.

WORKSHOP on Networking by Mr.Bhavesh Atara from AIMS Career Solutions

from 24-7-2017 to 25-7-2017

During the first day, the students were taught basic fundamentals of networking like its definition and concept.

They also learnt how to establish a network and classification of networks. They were explained sub netting concepts. They were also introduced briefly about the questions asked during campus interview.

During the second day, the students were taught about the basic features of router. They were given introduction to a simulator –CISCO packet tracer.

Followed by same, Mr. Vishesh Thakar explained them how to establish a network and how to connect two networks by using routers.The students learnt how to configure a router by using same basic commands.

Mr.Bhavesh Atara introduced them an open source simulator GNS3.Using this simulator, he taught them how to connect two routers and configure the same.

He also gave them information about virtualization which means how a real world could be converted to virtual world. He introduced few softwares in relation to same like Vmware tools, SDN(Software defined network), etc.

Last but not the least, a question answer round was conducted on the spot to boost their confidence.

He also motivated students about securing bright career, representing in Interviews and few techniques to be kept in mind while appearing for Interviews.

This workshop proved to be very useful for the Final year students who are at the peak of their preparations for upcoming placement drives.

WORKSHOP ARDUINO- A HANDS ON WORKSHOP for 5th Sem EC From 21-7-2017 to 24-7-2017

Visit This Link:

Day 1

It was the first day of the arduino workshop of 5th sem EC department.Prof. Jaydeep was there to guide and supervise 5th Sem for the same.To accompany him, his junior, Jasmine sir was also there.Initally, he introduced himself and his ferm for which he is working. Then started the introduction about arduino, a development board with all the facilities of interfacing, coding and merging. It is an open source code. He showed them arduino and its types available in the market.He introduced to all the pins available and its variable uses. Then a step ahead was programming. He showed the syntex first and then described some commonly used instructions for the same. All the students did interfacing of

- 1 LED (on and off for once)

-1 LED (on and off in a loop with some delay)

-switch interfacing with 1 LED(on and off as per switching)

-switch interfacing with 2LEDs

and described about the positive output sensors and negative output sensors. At the end of 1st day he gave a task of interfacing 4 motors , 2IR sensors and an LED and make them function as of robot. He also described the importance of interfacing LEDs and switch and told us how practically it is being used


Initially, all discussed about the task given by sir as home work and accomplished it. On this day, initially digital and analog sensors were introduced, its input-output techniques and all.Then sir interfaced LCD with arduino and made all the student perform on a software called PROTEUS.Then was the turn of servo and stepper motor, after discussing about its types and functioning all saw its working. At the end of this session sir taught about PCB designing and its techniques.Last was the feedback round and a group photo session.

On the same day, Nirjaree Vadgama Mam came and taught about real time data logging on SD card with arduino on 3 dimension, with wired and wireless technique.


It was the day for IOT session. A sir named Kashyap Pithwa from the same firm came and taught us about this topic. IOT's meaning, its use, its applications were introduced.How in recent time, companies are using IOT to get automised were shown. Then another development board named NodeMCU was introduced with inbuilt wifi facility. He showed how different sensors can be interfaced and how message can be transferred from mobile application to the device.Ended with showing a competitive video of robots and lastly with a motivational video.


Visit this Link:

DAY 1 (Following topics were covered)


IoT is also known as internet of things through which we can control the appliance and other heavy machine by remotely.


IoT is the only environment which includes three layers in which perception, network and application layers are included.


Remotely controlling the appliance.


By using sketch and its inbuilt examples Included.

  • WHAT IS NODE Microcontroller?

Node MCU is using the ESP8266 and by its help the SoC is made which is known as NODE MCU.


Programming is done with the help of sketch of Arduino by simply selecting the module in option the format is same as the arduino is worked.


This is done by using the serial library in arduino IDE Serial.begin (Baud rate);


Which is same as the NODE MCU.


By taking all the components and placing it together in protues.


Different baud rates for serial communication for different application as per the modules which are used for the same.

DAY 2 (Following topics were covered)


Sensors and its classification based on Nature.

Main two types 1) Digital Sensors 2) Analog Sensors.

The sensors which includes only two state in terms of its output than this type of sensors can be classified into Digital in Nature.

Were the output which is not in fixed manner it varies in particular range than that all the sensors are analog in nature


This practical is done by using the AVR board using the potentiometer of its and the LED for other purpose.


Programming with sketch and other software like mosquito.

Checking the interconnection within the network offline and online.


NoT is the network which can be used for low range and limited communication like LAN connection the appliance which are in intra network that can be controlled by this type of connection.


This type of network can control the things from anywhere, anytime and at anyplace.

This can be done by connection of internet which is compulsion for this type of connection.


This is the board which has very different property than arduino which includes case of Memory, Speed, SoC.

While in case of arduino we doesn’t have any facility for make it IoT directly.


It is software which helps to communicate the NODE MCU as to make the application through it and controlling of appliance by UI. Likewise SCADA.


MQTT is very light protocol which means no more latency and which directly indicates that it consumes very low bandwidth.

Seminar on Aptitude-Quantitative Analysis by Expert- Alay shah on 11-7-2017 for 2018 batch(7thsem)

A person is known by his/her personality, skills and attitude.

EC Department always takes initiative to develop mental skills along with other skills. Recently EC Department had organized an aptitude development session for the final year students. Mr.alay Shah from Endeavour who is an expert in mental maths and aptitude conducted this seminar.

The session took place for about 2 hours which covered all the tricks and shortcuts regarding problem solving in aptitude tests. This session was very informative and helped students to solve hardest and most tricky problems with ease.

Final year students have to go through many stages before getting placed at any MNC. Aptitude is the first step of getting placed at any MNC. This is an essential part without which no milestones can be covered. It is like fuel to their journey.

EC Department keeps on organizing such sessions for Final and Pre-Final year students.

Seminar by Mr. Atanu Majhi from VIEC to 7th EC students on 7-7-2017

Finding a career which embellishes the students and keeps them in race called life is very important.

As final year students are about to step into completely new surrounding where they can find more opportunities, responsibilities, dreams and hardwork, it is mandatory to guide them and make them aware of various number of opportunities available.

To fulfill this, EC Department regularly arranges sessions where different consultancies visit and guide the students regarding how they can excel in their career abroad. Studying abroad is a difficult task which takes courage, dedication, independence and correct state of mind to survive abroad.

Recently VIEC visited final year students to interact with them. They made them aware about the opportunities available abroad and kind of education provided there. They informed about 5 countries like UK, USA, Germany, New Zealand and England. The session proved to be very fruitlful and students came to know about various career paths awaiting for them.

Motivating students to choose a proper career path is really important as they are about to enter a completely new world.

Seminar by Mr. Javed Malik from Career Launcher for 5th Sem EC students on 7-7-2017

Mr. Javed from Career Launcher explained the 5th Sem students about the aptitude and about the fluency in English language for various Interviews at the time of Placement.

He informed them regarding various English words and their meaning which when spoken in public or during Interview can make them unique among others.

This can create or lead to positive feedback in the Interviewer’s mind for them.

This 1 and half hour seminar had been a very interesting part and proved to be very helpful in solving the problems and other doubts of their minds which may lead them for the betterment of their future.

This seminar was indeed motivating for 5th Sem students and helped them to set their future goals.

Seminar by Aashlesha Dave and Nidhi Kothari (2017 Batch) placed at E-Infochips to 7th EC students on 6-7-2017

2017 Batch of EC Department has set a new record of getting 100% placement within the initial days of final semester. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to accomplish such a big milestone. In order to make present final year students (2014-2018) aware about the opportunities and obstacles, EC department regularly organizes sessions where the Alumini who are placed in MNCs visit and guide them through all the techniques and skills required to be developed among final year students.

Recently two Alumini of 2017 Batch Aashlesha Dave and Nidhi Kothari visited final year students to interact with them. Both of them are presently serving E-Infochips. The session proved to be fruitful and motivational for final year students who received knowledge about various placement criteria and their outcomes. They also informed about the eligibility criteria alongwith the required skills and hardwork needed. At the end, the students were free to ask questions to the Alumini who gave them satisfactory answer.

EC Department organizes such sessions frequently for Final year students which not only motivates them but also boosts up their confidence.

Motivational Seminar by Ronak Bhatt and Dhanesh Padia (2017 Batch) to 7th EC students

The 2017 Alumini Ronak Bhatt and Dhanesh Padia visited EC department to motivate 7th Sem. students.

They gave important information about preparation for Interview.

They shared their experiences from being appearing to an Interview till they got placed.

They motivated them to prepare for aptitude, reasoning and developing communication skills.

They made them aware about the current scenario of E-Infochips and Embedded System.

Celebration of National Science day through Science Show by Mr.Nilesh Rana to 2nd EC on 3-3-2017

The prime objective of this celebration was to spread a message among students about the significance of scientific applications in the daily life and removal of various blind beliefs.

The students of E.C. 2nd Semester were given opportunity to have interaction with Rana sir. He came as representative from Rajkot Science Laboratory. He began the session by igniting our curiosity by asking scientific reasons behind daily phenomenon. He was there to give us information about some of the phenomenon which we come across in daily routine. He brought some of the best and interesting science activities which were made from trash. The science activities were: -

  • To Take Water out of bottle in short time duration.
  • Activity to prove flow of neurological current with a help of giving shock to body.
  • Making and understanding cloud with help of isopropyl alcohol.
  • Making oxygenated foam by catalytic reaction.
  • Making fizzy soda strike
  • Having cold fire with isopropyl alcohol
  • Transfer of analog data using a)Magnetic field and b)Light (Laser)
  • Interesting application of Eddy current.
  • Illusions using a)Stroboscope B)RGB LED

Description: -

  • Water bottle activity: - This activity was a sort of game. The one who takes water out of water bottle faster wins. The trick to take the water out faster was to rotate the bottle and create a small vortex inside the bottle.

Principle: - Centrifugal force of water due to rotation pushes it outside and gives a way to air to pass through.

  • Proof for existence of neurological currents: - A volunteer was asked to hold two terminals but the condition was to keep the hand straight. Whenever the switch was closed the volunteer would experience a shock which would contract his hands.

Principle: - The muscles of body contract when they are exposed to electric current.

  • Formation of cloud: - This activity was a bit interesting. Bottle is filled with isopropyl alcohol vapours, and then it is subjected to high pressure. Due to which the isopropyl gas is converted into super saturated atoms. When the pressure is suddenly released, the temperature decreases and we can see formation of cloud inside the bottle.

Principle: - Whenever a gas is subjected to sudden pressure differences we can see the phase transforming.

  • Making oxygenated foam by exothermic catalytic reaction: - A conical flask is half filled with mixture of H2O2 hydrogen peroxide and soap solution. When the KI (Potassium iodide) is mixed with it, hot foam comes out rapidly. This is rich in oxygen, is proved when a burning match stick is pierced in foam and it burns with dazzling flame.

Principle: - H2O2 is unstable. It will try to gain stability by releasing O2. In this process KI acts as a catalyst.

  • Having Cold fire: - It sounds impossible but to have a cold fire is possible by burning hand sanitizers or isopropyl alcohol.

Principle: - Hand sanitizers are generally made up of isopropyl alcohol and water. Due to which the heat energy produced by burning the alcohol is spend in heating water. Due to which we feel it cold.

  • Transfer of Data: - Data can be analog or digital but analog data can be transferred with help of
  1. Magnetic field: - It requires a simple arrangement of coils placed in front to each other.

Principle: - Mutual inductance.

  1. Light: -Laser light is a highly intense, highly directional due to which it is used for the transfer of data.

Principle: -Light is a electromagnetic wave.

  • Magnetic application of Eddy current: -In this experiment he used a hollow aluminum pipe. Whenever a diamagnetic material is passed through it under effect of gravity comes to bottom without any resistence. But if a magnet is passed through it then it comes after a great delay.

Principle: -Magnetic field produces eddy current, which opposes the cause of it. This opposition causes delay.

  • Light Illusions: -
  1. a) Stroboscope: - It is scientific device used to measure speed and RPM of moving objects. It works on fast and slow blinking of LED’s.

b)RGB Light: - This device is mixture of Red, Green, Blue lights. With the help of these basic colors we can get many other colors. This device is used in TV’s to get various colours.

Since childhood there were some doubts in mind related magic shows. The session gave me reasons behind the magic of having fire on palm.

The session ended with student’s feedback and vote of thanks by HOD. He also promised to arrange many other scientific sessions.

Seminar by Mr.Paresh Maniar to 6th EC students on 9-2-2017

Mr.Paresh Maniar recently visited EC department on 9-2-2017 along with his family to provide motivation to 6th EC students for their goal.

He basically was a native of Rajkot and Late Shri Pravin Kaka’s nephew. He completed his Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from IIT Mumbai, Pawai. He pursued his MBA at University of California, Berkley. He joined initially Silicon Valley, semiconductor chip manufacturing company in California. He worked with this company and identified the shortcomings of GED. He then joined MAXIM Integrated products and preferred Unipolar components for chip manufactured which supported the low power operated devices. He therefore promoted CMOS technology in the product and played a major role in promoting this product. He served MAXIM Integrated products for 11 years. Then, he initiated his own company for related to money management where he observed and critically analyzed the stock market for beneficial result. He then served MAXIM as a spokesman for Investors. His knowledge of stock market made him a powerful communicator with the investors which led many benefits for the company. Presently, he is living his retired life since 2.5 years.

He motivated the 6th Sem students who pursue their goals doing Master’s abroad or working abroad. He made them aware that after the arrival of Mr.Donald Trump, the scenario has changed in USA. He gave appropriate guidance to the students regarding which things must be took care while pursuing their Master’s or working abroad.

This Seminar had indeed been interactive where he gave satisfactory answers to all students who asked him in their curiosity.

Seminar by Mr. Jay Tolia (2009 Alumini) to 4th EC students on 9-2-2017

Mr.Jay Tolia (2009 Alumini) visited EC Department on 9-2-2017 to give a motivational seminar to 4th EC students.

He gave them information regarding GRE, TOEFEL exams as entrance exams for pursuing higher studies abroad. He had given these exams to pursue his dream abroad.

He also did a certified course of CISCO which indeed proved him helpful at his work.

He had worked with GOOGLE in USA as a networking engineer.

Presently he is serving as a Network Engineer at Alaska.

Seminar by Mr.Tarunendu Balaseria (2015 Batch) to 8th EC students on 2-1-2017

Tarunendu Balaseria(2015 Batch) presently working at Intel,Bangalore visited EC Department on 2-1-2017.

He motivated 8th EC students by informing them regarding e-litmus exam and how he was able to crack this exam and got placed at Intel,Bangalore.

He gave brief details of E-Litmus exam as well as how to prepare for Personal Interview.

Seminar by Mr.Alay Shah on “Aptitude Awareness” to 6th EC students on 31-1-2017

In this Seminar, Mr. Alay Shah basically introduced the meaning of Aptitude to 6th EC students.

He explained them the importance of aptitude and its need.

He provided them major information about aptitude to students.

Alongwith aptitude, he gave them information about various entrance exams like GATE, GRE, etc.

He explained the importance of appearing for GATE Exam.

He also guided them regarding pursuing Masters abroad.

He also taught them an easy formula of squaring a number within seconds of time.

Hence, this session proved to be very useful to 6th Sem EC students for their future goal.

Seminar on “Aptitude Awareness” by ICE to 4thSem students on 24-1-2017

As compared to 2 to 2.5 lakhs of vacancies in private as well as government sectors in India, approximately 18 lakhs students pass out as an engineer.

This results to a scenario of extremely tough competition between fresh engineers.

To select the best among them, many competitive exams get conducted every year.

All these exams include aptitude, reasoning, English/literature and maths in common.

To create awareness about the aptitude, EC Department organized a seminar for 4thSem students by ACE on 24-1-2017.

In this seminar, the students were given basic knowledge about aptitude, its importance, its preparation and advantage.

After briefing the students about aptitude, the authority took a short aptitude test of students as a part of their experience.

They also assured the students to give them correct guidance.

Concluding, this seminar ended with an interaction between them and students where students got aware about aptitude preparations which lead to indeed an interactive seminar.

Seminar by Mr. Bhaumik Gandhi on “Entrance Exams” from Career Launcher to 6th EC students on 20-01-2017

On 20-1-17, there was a seminar that was conducted by the Career Launcher Institution at VVP College in EC Department. The seminar was undertaken by Mr.Bhaumik Gandhi who is the former faculty at the Career Launcher Institute. The seminar was full of zest and pretty much involving. It enlightened the students of EC department who are currently in 6th senmester to attain clarity in their goals who are aspiring for masters and the standards of the two hour seminar were incessantly high.

Students were enlightened about the future career options, various tests like GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, CAT, IELTS, and other examinations to progress accordingly in their careers. They took keen interest and focused on improvising the aptitude of students to crack any of the given exams, even if the student wants to get placed, or do masters in India or abroad in his or her interest of domain. Overall, it was a great seminar, an interesting two way communication and Career Launcher seems to be doing a fine job in enduring the careers of the aspiring students.

Seminar on Aptitude by Mr.Alay Shah to 8th EC students on 16-1-2017

Initially Mr.Alay Shah gave an exam paper of aptitude which consisted of 18 questions and students needed to attempt the paper within 30 minutes. All the students appeared for the test and after their test was over, Mr.Alay Shah gave them the correct answers. This test was a motivation for preparation for Sadrix company placement.

In addition, Mr.Alay Shah taught them 10 important topics of aptitude which included time and work, time speed and distance ratio and proportions.

He taught them all the topics with an indeed good method and taught them the manner in which each type of example can be solved.

He provided them shortcuts to solve various examples with solutions.

This session was indeed very interactive and proved to be useful for their upcoming Placement drive.

Seminar by Mr.Kuldeep Bhatt (2016 Batch) from E-Infochips to 8th EC students on 11-1-2017

Mr.Kuldeep Bhatt (2016 Batch) presently working with E-Infochips recently visited EC department on 11-1-2017 to motivate 8th EC students. He recently completed his training at EITRA and will rejoin E-infochips.

He briefed about the training provided by EITRA and whenever E-Infochipsrecuits a person, he/she has to compulsorily undergo this training.

After completion of this training, the person needs to appear for the Interview there and if he/she clears the Interview, then only he/she is recruited to work at E-Infochips.

This had been indeed an interactive session where the students had asked many questions to him which he answered them to their satisfaction.

Seminar by Mr.Kuldeep Bhatt (2016 Batch) from E-Infochips to 8th EC students on 11-1-2017

Mr.Kuldeep Bhatt (2016 Batch) presently working with E-Infochips recently visited EC department on 11-1-2017 to motivate 8th EC students. He recently completed his training at EITRA and will rejoin E-infochips.

He briefed about the training provided by EITRA and whenever E-Infochipsrecuits a person, he/she has to compulsorily undergo this training.

After completion of this training, the person needs to appear for the Interview there and if he/she clears the Interview, then only he/she is recruited to work at E-Infochips.

This had been indeed an interactive session where the students had asked many questions to him which he answered them to their satisfaction.

Seminar by Mr.Kuldeep Bhatt (2016 Batch) to 6th EC students on “E-Infochip Placements” on 11-1-2017

Mr.Kuldeep Bhatt (2016 Batch) presently working with E-infochips visited EC Department to gave a motivational seminar to 6th EC students.

The contents of the Seminar were IOT, Cloud Collision, Training at EITRA, Linux, C/C++,Aptitude, Self Learning Assignment and Service based knowledge.

He introduced E-infochips (The solution people) as a corporate sector which designs the systems acting as service based sector. It designs different modules and helps in upgrading and modifying the models given by various Institutes.

Basic requirements require to qualify the Interviews included the knowledge of languages such as LINUX, C, C++, Embedded C which are OS. Aptitude, reasoning, Basic communication skills and self learning assignments need to be refreshed.

He shared his experience that working at E-Infochips is based on Self-Learning Assignments and accordingly projects are distributed. He also informed that he to undergo 6 months training at EITRA and there were 9 working hours.

The project assigned to them was based on upgradation of the product.

Expert lecture on “Power Electronics” by Prof.Parth Trivedi to 6th EC students on 6-1-2017

Prof. Parth Trivedi from Electrical Department, Darshan Engineering College visited EC department on 6-1-2017 to give an expert lecture on Power Electronics to 6th Sem EC students.

He gave them few insights of the subject and started with an example of Buck Boost converter.

Before teaching them how to implement in MATLAB Simulink and hardware, he gave brief introduction of the software, Aimgon software, IGBT and STM32F4 Microcontroller board. He briefly introduced STM32F4 Microcontroller board and how without knowledge of all the pins and programming, any person can work with same board with the use of few pins and timer. He enhanced the knowledge of different tools of MATLAB and Simulink. He also shared the details of SPE Tools developed by Weijung Comapany.

Concluding, he explained IGBT, working of 3-phase motor and delay time of IGBT. He showed the simulation results like waveforms as well as connection and interfacing of STM and converter circuit in MATLAB Simulink with Aimgon in real time as seen in industrial applications.

This expert talk proved to be indeed important and enhanced the practical aspects of Power Electronics for 6th EC students which they are presently studying as a part of their curriculum.

Seminar on “Aptitude Awareness” by Mr.Alay Shah from Endeavor to

8thSem EC on 3-1-2017

Mr. Alay Shah from Endeavor gave guidance to 8th EC students on Aptitude preparations on 3-1-2017.

He gave them brief concepts regarding aptitude.

These concepts included

  1. Percentage
  2. Profit and loss
  3. Discount
  4. Number systems and functional conversions

After briefing the students, he took an exam based on these topics and solved each and every question in details for students after the exam which indeed boosted up their aptitude preparations.

Seminar by Mr. Ajesh Kamania to 5th EC students on Study overseas on 23-6-2016

As we know the competition today in this world is increasing day by day, especially in education field. As we know that nowadays many students move abroad for their higher studies, to match up with the global competition.

Recently EC Department organized a Seminar on Overseas studies by Mr.Ajesh Kamania from K7 International.

He made students aware regarding different steps to be taken or not taken when going abroad for studying.

The seminar was for about 2 hrs and was very informative, they made them aware of all the processes which are included while getting an admission abroad. They also cleared our doubts and answered the questions with us.

The seminar was really motivating for students and hope it remains useful for them in future.

Seminar by Mr. Javed from Career Launcher to 7th EC students on 29-6-2016

Mr. Javed from Career Launcher gave a Seminar on Aptitude Awareness to 7th EC students. He threw light on various fundamentals of quantitative aptitude, verbal ability, reasoning and soft skills. He explained them the benefits of aptitude and importance of aptitude. Aptitude is needed everywhere for job. He guided them regarding the preparations they need to do for job. He also explained them how to prepare for group discussion as well as personal Interview.

Seminar given by Mr.Siddharth to 7th EC students on 15-07-2016

Mr. Siddharth Sihora, an Aerospace Engineer and an expert in Aeronautics gave a Seminar on 15/7/2016 to 7th Sem students.

He owns business at London as well as Dubai. He completed his MENG Space Engineering at London and did his Masters at Aeronautics and Space Technology College.

Influenced by Make in India Vision of our Prime Minister, he has established a society of Aerospace and Aeronautics (NGO) in which the students gain knowledge in technology and engineering free of cost.

He explained that there are 21 courses available for Space related study, project as well as Research work.

These courses are free of cost if you decide to educate children at slum area for 21 hours.

In these courses, design parameters of each and every space components can be calibrated and designed within the simplex mathematics formation.

The worth of doing these courses and projects can make students get connected with International Space agencies.

This would be really worthy and free of cost for Engineering students.

He explained students regarding system engineering which is an Informative stream which focuses on the at last acknowledgement of each and every element of systems (Space systems).

He also developed an interest among students by informing that he wanted to do IOT based work in which there is a requirement of developing a translator for connecting one type of sytem with another.

Seminar by Mr.Jaymin Mehta (2005 Alumini) to 7th EC Students on 16-7-2016

Mr. Jaymin Mehta (Alumini EC 2005 Batch) recently visited EC Department on 16th July 2016.

He is an entrepreneur of Proto Convert system. He interacted with 7th Sem students for opportunities in US Jobs and higher studies.

He also gave them guidance regarding which area is to be selected. He also expressed his desire to engage in IOT-based work.

He provided them guidance regarding study abroad. The students really got benefit from the concluding question-answer session with Mr. Jaymin Mehta.

Seminar by Mr.Ajesh Kamania to 7th EC students on 30/7/2016

Mr. Ajesh Kamania guided 7th sem students about technical and non-technical aspects of resume/CV.

He explained them their merits and mentioned the importance of same.

He also made them watch the demo video of two personal interviews, from which one was positive and another was a negative and explained them the view of Interview.

He also informed them about GATEFORUM and its courses as well as scholarships which can be provided to students.

Seminar by Mr. Nilay Davda (2016 Batch) to 7th EC on 4-8-2016

Mr. Nilay Davda (2016 Batch) explained his journey in various companies like Cellone, Gemini & ICL (Tata Communication)

He gave details regarding his job work.

He also explained them the detail regarding Radio frequency field.

Hence, the students were provided intense motivation for their placement preparations in future.

Seminar by Mr.Nilay Davda (2016 Alumini) to 6th EC on 2-12-2016

He gave guidance to students regarding future planning for jobs.

He told us them concentrate on the subjects which they prefer most like Electromagnetic and also he told them about his placement and his profile as a technical engineer in gallore.

He explained them the importance of 6th Semester and the subjects involved.

He suggested not to wait for higher packages but to attempt for first job that they get.

He motivated them to go for interested field related jobs.

Seminar by Mr.Udit Panchasara to 8th Sem on 23-4-2016

EC department had organized a seminar on 23rd April 2016 for 8th Sem students. He is a former student of EC department (2012 batch). Presently he is working in people-link company since last 2 years. Previously he has work experience at SIEMENS company for 2 years.

He is having a wide experience in AV Technology. Basically, he started his seminar by expressing his views on the verticals of electronics and what are known to us.

He also elaborated to students how to choose a perfect field i.e. marketing/sales or technical.

He explained about 3 I’s : Inspiration (goal),Imagination (planning) & Implementation (Efforts)

He explained his work as well as his company’s work exactly.

He showed them real time presentation in live video conferencing using 6 cameras at a time.

This technique is also known as video mixing.

People’s link is on cloud, premises, outer areas.

The students were highly motivated by this seminar and had a very good experience.



Seminar by Kunal Duv on 27-03-2016

Kunal Duv, 2006 Allumini conducted a seminar for 6th sem and 8th sem students. He is currently working with IBM, Hydrabad as a developer. He motivated students to improve verbal skills. He focused on doing practice of aptitude. One should learn atleast one programming language like C, C++ etc. Also there are many opportunities for the people who want to work on hardware side. So he motivated students to choose any one field and work in that direction.

Seminar given by Manoj Vora (2015 Batch) to 4th Sem students on 31-03-2016

EC Department of VVP Engineering College is always known for producing and transforming students into special ones who can work hard, get better and match the world outside with their set of skills, technical knowledge and great credibility of knowledge.

And one such student is Manoj Vora who belongs to EC Department, in the batch of 2015. He worked really hard, was goal oriented and achieved his aim after getting placed in an MNC company named “Greenfield” in the city of Gandhinagar. On 31-3-2016, he came to VVP Engineering College to share his experience of the journey he's been through these years. He shared his experience in the class of 4th Sem EC.

It was remarkable to know that he had set his goals and priorities straight right from the beginning and was keeping small targets and chasing them through these four years. We got to learn from him that if you're aspiring to get placed in any company or do further studies, be it in India or abroad, you've to be crystal clear about your goals from the beginning and work hard to achieve them. Also secondly, with the grasp of technical knowledge, linguistic skills, core skills and competent character is also significant to get placed in any company because it is the need of the hour that with good results, good attitude of empathy, code of conduct, smooth communication skills and high moral intellectuals are also required.

He's a gem of a student that the department has produced and it was really inspiring. Moreover, this policy of making Alumni students share their experiences with juniors, helps them not only to get the experience to get better in studies, but also to maintain and improvise their skills and character and surpass levels of greatness. It was an experience to be cherished.

Seminar given by Mr.Ajesh Kamania to final year students on “Preparation for Personal Interview (PI) on 8/2/2016

Recently, the training and placement committee of EC Department organized a seminar by Mr.Ajesh Kamania on “Preparation for Personal Interview (PI)” for Final year EC and Electrical students.
Mr.Ajesh Kamania gave an overview regarding how to prepare for personal Interviews and basic skills that are required for selection.
He also explained them the key skills which are needed to be developed for appearing in Interviews.
He displayed various examples of good and bad Interview techniques which he observes while taking an Interview.
This session was indeed very informative and interactive.
The students were boosted with enthusiasm after attending this seminar and gave their feedbacks to Mr.Ajesh Kamania in form of Feedback form given to them.

Seminar given by Mr. Deepak Shikharpur (Ex-IT Head, Tata Motors) to Final Year students on 02-02-2016

Mr. Deepak Shikhar introduced and explained the skills required for Industries to final year students.
He started the seminar with Famous words of our Honorable Prime Minister.
He also discussed our Prime Minister’s views about Selfie which was introduced to let us know our inner being.
He also gave guidelines regarding requirements of every Industry.
These requirements are Change, Responsibility, Self Confidence and Staff handling skills.
In addition to skills, Marks also matter.He appreciated top 5 students of every Class by giving them certificates and a shield was given to 1st Ranker of every Class.

Seminar by Hard Pathak (2014 Batch) to 6th Sem EC students on 25/01/2016

Hard Pathak (2014 Batch), presently working at L&T Infotech, Mumbai talked with 6th Sem EC Students about when to start applying for different MNCs.

Students should focus on their English skills as MNCs will require to communicate with people around the globe.

He suggested preparing aptitude from R. S. Agrawal and other good books.

He advised to be honest as one cannot fool the person taking interview.

Seminar by Lathigra Harin (2015 Batch) to 8th Sem E div students on 25-01-2016

Lathigra Harin (2015 Batch), recently placed at TCS gave a seminar to 8th Sem E Div students.
He motivated them to score higher grades to become eligible for appearing for Selection at MNCs.
He also explained them the importance of aptitude and good communication skills for placement.
Concluding, he motivated all the students to make their vision and goal clear and appear for MNCs.

Seminar by JimitDoshi (2015 Batch) to 6th Sem EC Students on 22/01/2016

Jimit Doshi (2015 Batch) talked about how and when students should start to apply for jobs and foreign admissions.

He guided students about the preparation of GRE, TOFEL etc. and its requirements in different universities.

He said that overall SPI should be more than 9 as this leads to scholarship in the foreign programs.
He guided about which countries should be preferred for EC students.

Seminar by Ankit Mehta (Alumini) to Final Year students on 07-01-2016

Ankit Mehta Alumini of EC Department, V.V.P. Engineering College, Rajkot delivered a motivational seminar to Final Year students on 07-01-2016.
He shared his experience of his curriculum and his journey till becoming an Aerospace Engineer.
He had taken his training at Bangalore.
He had completed his Master’s course at Canada.
Thus he motivated the students to plan their future and vision accordingly.
He also gave a brief idea of various Subjects of Electronics & Communication and their real time implementation in field.
He also motivated the students by explaining them how he got expertised in MATLAB software.

Seminar by Jasmin Mehta to 6th Sem & 8thSem studentson National Level Examinations for Freshers Recruitment and Campus Interviewer Grades 09-01-2016

Mr.Jasmin Mehta holding B.E.(IC) & MBA (HR) Degree, visited V.V.P. Engineering College to deliver a Seminar on current employment scenario to 6thSem& 8thSem students.

He started the seminar by showing them charts indicating education ratio v/s availability of no. of jobs ratio. He summarized these charts indicating that availability of jobs decreases with increasing education. Hence, less literate persons have more no. of jobs available as compared to higher Degree holders.

In order to standardize grading system as compared to Other Universities, companies namely E-Litmus, co-cubes, MCATE’s, etc. take National level examinations of interested students for placement and give them standard grades as per their exam performance. The validity of their result lasts for one year and they are given 2 trials for the exam within a year. The result in which they score maximum will be considered.

Many Multinational Companies are in communication with these companies to receive database of persons who have scored grades as per their requirement to call them for recruitment.

Hence those students who successfully score under such standardized grading companies, get an opportunity in MNCs which do not frequently prefer Campus Placements.

After informing the students, he also conducted an interactive GD session for the students. Students from EC, CE and IT branches participated in this seminar.

Expert Lecture by Alumini to pre-final year & final year students on 01/01/2016

Harshal Mehta, a student from Texas talked about where he is working and how he switched over from EC field to computer Science. He is currently working at Mathworks. He informed about the pre-requisites for switching the field. He shared that the part time job wherein he had to do only management work, counted as an experience when he applied for mathworks.

Kuldeeep Parikh, who is pursuing masters in Microwave said that he was always curious to learn how inductors where made and now he is learning that in in his masters. He mentioned that he had to deal with highly sensitive instruments for which he has to refer manuals to know their operations.

SiddharthTakkar, is working for cyberoam. He talked about facing the interviews and said that the final year projects are very important.

Deep Gandhi also stressed on the importance of final year project.


Expert Talk on Carrier Guidance on GPSC, UPSC and Networking dated on 23/10/2015

A 2012 passed out student Darshit Gangadia, gives expert lecture on how to crack the interviews. Currently he is selected in TCS networking field. He also shares the knowledge about various technical exams on UPSC & GPSC. He motivates the students for gaining more practical knowledge. He also throws light on how to improve English, he emphasis on various parameters which is important for Engineer.

1 2

Expert lecture by Mr. Jiten Bhatt, Scientist/Engineer from ISRO SAC (Space Application Center) to Elecronics and Communication students on 10-10-2015 on “Remote Sensing”

Mr. Jiten Bhatt, a scientist/Engineer from ISRO with 14 years of experience in this field gave an expert lecture to EC students on “Remote Sensing”. Initially, he gave an introduction to “Remote Sensing” to the students. Then, he gave them a brief history of Remote sensing and its applications. Followed by the introduction, he explained them various types of orbits like GEO, MEO & LEO.

He then proceeded by explaining the importance and types of resolutions involved in the pictures taken by the satellites and showed the real image taken from the satellite. Concluding, he showed them a video showing the journey of satellite during night. Finally, he showed them a video regarding the daily life of an astronaut Sunita Williams in space under zero gravity.

Expert lecture by Mr. Ankur Devani (e-infochips) to 7th Sem students on 10-10-2015

Mr. Ankur Devani (2013 Batch) presently serving E-Infochips explained the benefits of working in an MNC over other companies to the students of 7th Sem. He suggested them to improvise their potential by self-learning.

He also gave information regarding the environment at work as well as salary structure provided to the E-Infochips employees. He adviced students regarding performance based evaluation done by the companies and criterias to crack interviews held by these companies.

He also informed them the syllabus to be covered for cracking written tests like languages of C, C++, Java, etc. Additionally he encouraged students to work on platforms like Embedded Systems and ASIC.

Expert lecture by Mr. Vivek Maradiya (2012 EC Alumini) to Electronics & Communication students

Mr.Vivek Maradiya did his M.Tech from PDPU and is planning in future to pursue PhD. He started his career in doing research in the area of Nuclear Engineering at UG level itself and for this purpose he presented and publishes various papers at more than 15 countries around the world. He presented papers on Nuclear Olampiad at countries like Vienna, Austria, etc and also attented the Nuclear heads meet.

He became the first Indian to be awarded as the student of the year 2014 by International Nuclear Material Mangement. In addition, he became the President of the student chapter started there for the first time.

He again became the first Indian to be awarded as the Youngest fellow by the summer Institute world Nuclear University, Sweden. His paper was awarded as the best paper by MIT, USA. He has presented and published around 15 research papers in his area.

On 7th November, 2015 he is going to ro Washington DC, USA to receive the award names as American Nuclear Society student of the year 2015. He has received the offer letter from CAMECO, Canada but since he wants to pursue his PhD, he will not join there. World Nuclear Association has sponsored him for World Nuclear University summer Institute 2015 hosted by Upsala University (oldest) course which is considered to be the best course for Nuclear Engineering having a duration of 6 weeks.

He has pursued a 15 day course at World Nuclear University school on radiation technology at Katah University and Hamad mulical corporation in year 2014. In addition, he has pursued another 15day course at International Center for Theoritical Physics school on Nuclear security at Italy in year 2014.

The students were really inspired by his knowledge in Nuclear Engineering and he suggested them that they must think about the career option in this area too by answering to their questions.



Expert lecture by Mr. Mohit Mandavia (Reliance JIO) to 7th Sem students

Mohit Mandavia (2013 Batch) presently placed in Reliance JIO introduced basic subjects knowledge required for cracking the interviews. He gave them an idea regarding telephonic Interviews and online recruitment.

He also briefed the work he presently is doing. He suggested them the names of various communication related organizations available worth working at.

Expert lecture by on Career guidance to 5th and 7th Sem students on 02/09/2015

Kashyap Santoki, an alumini of EC Department, V.V.P. Engineering College, Rajkot guided students for placement, motivated them for higher education in India as well as foreign. He additionally informed that they should remain updated with current technology and product development. He also suggested for further improvement in communication skills.

Expert Lecture by Mr. Gopal Keshavbhai Khirsaria to 7th Sem EC students on 26-09-2015

Mr. Gopal Khirsaria DERE (Diploma in Electronics & Radio Engineering) with an experience of 8 years with ORG systems Baroda and 5 years with WIPRO gave an expert lecture to 7th Sem EC students on “Change : A way of life”.

  • In his lecture, he informed students that change is seen everywhere from buffet system to all-rounder in cricket, etc.
  • The rate of change in our lives is always increasing.
  • There have been different types of transport over last few 100 years.
  • Therefore, only those who adapt with these changes will survive.
  • Existing human dashboard consists of parameters like health, knowledge and EQ meters.
  • Concluding, he suggested the students to always keep learning and investing in their ownselves.

4 5

Career options after Engineering: Seminar for 5th Sem students

Mr. Hemang Patel, a BBA from BJVM (VVN) & an ICFAI Business School, Bangalore Alumunus gave an expert lecture to 5th EC and 5th CE students on Career options after Engineering in EC Auditorium between 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on 10th July 2015.

Expert Talk by Mr.Apurva Shah for 5th Sem students

Mr. Apurva Shah, a former student of EC Department, V.V.P. Engineering College, Rajkot. (2014 Batch) has recently cleared the entrance exam of Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Pune and has joined the course of M.Tech (ECT) there. He provided guidance to students for GATE as well as various entrance exams conducted by reputed Universities. He also motivated students for career goal setting.


Aptitude Awareness and Vocabulary Build up seminar for 5th semester students

A valuable lecture was taken on "Aptitude Awareness and How to build your vocabulary - Build your word power" by Mr. Javed from Career Launcher for 5th Sem EC students on 25/07/2015.. He gave guidance to all and gave all of them a direction to move ahead.



Study Abroad and Overseas study options seminar for 7th semester EC students

For 7th semester EC students, Mr Hardik Mehta from Government of Gujarat had given a very useful expert lecture on "Study Abroad and overseas study options" on 25/07/2015. 4 A two day free workshop on “Networking” organized for Final year students of Electronics & Communication Engineering Department

Date: 27-28 February, 2015

An expert from Aim Career Solutions, Rajkot, Mr. Bhavesh Atara , delivered this technical workshop to the E&C Final Year students of V.V.P. Engineering College, Rajkot.In this workshop, in-depth knowledge regarding various Networking protocols and devices used in present era for communication was given to the students. Practical demonstration on Simulator named CISCO Packet tracer had also been given to students.

He gave a brief introduction about TCP/IP & OSI Model. He delivered an in-depth knowledge of all layers of TCP/IP Model and how they communicate with each other and which protocol is required to communicate between two devices. He explained practically the definitions of Hub, switch and router, their working and their interaction with OSI Model.

In order to communicate with two computers, MAC Address is needed. Hence, he explained the process of how to obtain MAC address of other device of other device in order to establish communication. He also explained the limitation of hub and how to overcome it with the help of a switch.

He also explained the requirement of router and working of a router in WAN (Wide Area Network). He also delivered various types of IP addressing to students. In addition, in-depth explanation of requirement, working and establishment of IPv4 protocol was given and the need to extend this protocol to its latest version IPv6 was explained.

Finally, the students were given a practical demonstration of CISCO Packet tracer and also demonstration was given with equivalent hardware components.

SEMINAR ON: Scope of Master Degree in Engineering at USA by Jay Toliya

He gave guidance about, current trend at USA, Procedure for applying various universities of USA and various courses offered by them. Students asked him several questions regarding pursuing Masters there at USA and he satisfactorily replied all of them.

4 5

One Day workshop on AVR Micro controller and Embedded system

Electronics and Communication Engineering Department has Conducted 1 day workshop on AVR Micro controller and Embedded system. Mr. Dhaval sheth and Mr. Malik Aslam from Softcon India Private Limited Rajkot conducted the workshop to furnish the skills and understanding of the students in the subject.

ISTE Student State Level Convention-2013

Successfully completion of ISTE Student State Level Convention-2013 at Electronics and Communication Engineering Department. Following is the rank achieved by students in different competition. Paper Presentation competition: Rank 1) Kuldeep Parikh-VVP Engg. College Rank 2) Hitesh joshi, Ankit joshi, Upadhyay Avdesh- VVP Engg. College Poster Presentation competition: Rank 1) Devesh Raval, Satani Pratik,Mehta Harshal-VVP Engg. College Rank 2)Riddhi Padariya,Jigisha Araniya,Oshin Soni- Atmiya Inst. Of Tech. & Science Project competition: Rank 1) Mohit Vora, Apurva Shah -VVP Engg. College Rank 2)Nathani Vipul, Vachani Rohan, Patel Jay, Shah Shrey- Atmiya Inst. Of Tech. & Science

Expert Talk on SCADA Automation Engineering

Expert talk about Training Program for 5th Semester EC students to aware them about "SCADA - Automation Engineering" used in industry for atomization. Expert lecture given by Mr. Maulik Dhudhrejia From : Nero Creative Vision Limited

Expert Lecture on Career Options for 6th Semester students

Seminar on Higher education in Abroad for final year students

Foreign education seminar by Mr. Malhar patel from Viv's International Education Centre (VIEC) for final year students, who are interested to higher study in abroad.

Seminar on MS v/s MBA for 5th Semester students

ENdeavour 1 Endeavour 2

Seminar on Embedded boards or controller boards like Arduino, Rasberry Pi, Intel by Mr. Rahul from Tanna Education for Final year Students

Date: 21/01/2015

He motivated students to work on his defined projects which use open source Embedded boards or controller boards like Arduino, Rasberry Pi, Intel, etc. Finally, he invited students to prepare such projects and promised those students who complete his projects will placed in his company.

IMG_20150121_132644 IMG_20150121_132648

TCS pattern Mock Drive for Aptitude Test for Final Year Students

IMG_20150124_102213 IMG_20150124_102312


Glimpse of VVP