Facilities & Laboratories

High Voltage Laboratory

This lab is one of the rarest lab developed in Gujarat. Here students are taught all aspects of High Voltage Engineering practically. In this lab all possibilities of understanding various fundamental topics of subjects like High Voltage; Commissioning of Electrical Equipments, Power system,etc is explored.


Switch Gear & Protection Laboratory

Switchgear & Protection laboratory of Electrical Engineering Department is unique laboratory in Gujarat State where by using latest Relays, various faults occurring in Power system are simulated & protection against various faults is demonstrated to students. Students themselves do fault simulation practical on Transmission line, Induction Motor, Transformer, etc…

Machine Laboratory

In Order to give Practical know-how to the students for the theoretical topics studied by the students in the class room, Electrical Machine laboratory is having a well organized infrastructure. The lab is having all the Machine set up, which is very users friendly where students can perform all the practical on their own. Keeping the track of latest trends in field, the lab is having latest drive control modules.

First year Laboratory

The lab carries all the equipment of Electrical & Electronics necessary for understanding the basics of the ELECTRICAL subjects.

Power Electronics & Drives Laboratory

It is one of the most developed Laboratories in Electrical Engineering department having various experimental setups ranging from Power Electronics & Drives characteristics confirmation, to its various applications in actual Engineering field. It is also accommodated by latest computerized simulation software for performing, designing, performance, measurement, Optimization and Analysis.


Control System & Instrumentation Laboratory

It is a unique Laboratory all over Gujarat. It has number of kits through which we can give practical knowledge to the students of various branches. We have proposed latest software through which we can upgrade the technical skill of students in Automation & Control. We are giving Practical knowledge of latest Instrumentation in our enriched Instrumentation laboratory which includes number of different and latest equipment’s kits, software. Number of student prepares projects on Instrumentation and control.

Electronics laboratory

This laboratory is having all the necessary training kits, electronic equipments like C.R.O. , Storage Oscilloscopes, Microprocessor kits, Latest Software’s to give full understanding of Linear Electronics, Integrated Electronics, Microprocessor etc. subjects.


Electrical Measurement & Network Laboratory

In Measurement Laboratory various Practical based on Measuring Instruments are conducted. The lab is having latest Potentiometers, AC & DC Bridges. Network Laboratory is equipped with all the necessary equipments related with Network Theorems, Network analysis and Network synthesis.


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