Best Projects

V.V.P. Envision App

Prepared By: Kavish Chokshi, Darshan Kateshiya, Jaimini Vaiyata
Guided By: Prof. D. H. Patel

It is an App developed for the parents. The parents on logging in can monitor all the proceeding of their children. The parents can see the attendance of their children. They can contact directly the subject teachers to know the progress of their children. The students will be able to check the marks of examinations conducted by the department. The parents will be able to pay the fees of the college directly using online payment gateway. The parents can also see all the latest updates about the college and departments.

V.V.P. Placement App

Prepared By: Rohan Padariya, Vikas Padalia
Guided By: Prof. P. P. Tank

App developed for the students, so that they cannot miss any single chance of their placement. A notification in terms of reminder will do this task for them.

A more compiled manner for training and placement cell to keep records of each and every students and to help them wisely by studying the pattern where they lack to crack the interview.

(1) Project : Survival Shooter Game
  • Prepared By: Rushi Mehta , Vandan Lakhani, Manjay Gupta
  • The main aim of these Survival Shooter game is Entertain for each and every class of people as specially young generation. We observe that most of the young generation like this type of Shooter game. One of the best Shooter game is mini militia but that is 2D Game. We build our game in 3D. The main objective of our game is to attract more and more young generation and utilize their free time with our game.
  (2) Project : TuneWorld ‘Tuneworld’ is a system for setting advertisement as caller tune. From the system we can generate large number of user for the telecom operators and users will get some balance or V.A.S for setting the caller tune. DESCRIPTION:> The current scenario used by the business man and companies, they used to do advertising through different platforms. But Tuneworld provides a platform for the companies to do their marketing. In Tuneworld the user and advertiser are the principal actors. We will provide caller tune for the user which is very cheap or free. There will be benefit for the advertiser, were they can build their excellent marketing profile.

Location Based RMTS – BRTS Scheduling

Developed by: Khushbu Shinojiya Guided By: Prof. D. H. Patel

This system enables users to keep track of the bus location. User can track your bus on a map and use the information to plan their journey to the boarding point and to get off at the right stop. User can also check the bus location to coordinate pick-ups with the search facility of different tourtes. A win-win for all, it’s the smarter way t0 travel.


Developed by: Abhijit Krishna, Charmi Bhavasar Guided By: Prof. K. B. Vora

There are around 90000+ people missing in India every year and out of them only handfuls of lost people are rescued. When someone get lost only officials are involved in the rescue and which makes them having very less number of direct people involvement. As the active involvement of people is less in the rescue the chances of being found is very low. The hardest part is not getting lost or separated from your loved one, but the hope of return is very low. As someone is lost the chances of being reunited with the family is very low. In some cases the reason behind going missing can lead to kidnapping and child trafficking which the worse scenario of all. Our sole objective is broadening the horizon of helping hand in the rescue mission. Rendezvous will work as an active platform where visitors or registered members can upload sitting and co-ordinates of sitting by using either our website or mobile application. With every new lead, the search and rescue of lost people will become much more efficient and accurate.

(1) Project: Advanced Aiming System with HUD
  • Prepared By: Jaydip Trivedi , Arjun Aghera
  • Guided By: Prof. D. H. Patel

A key to advanced aiming system with HUD is to provide shoot around corners facility with high accuracy for any particular target and boosting up soldier’s capability to fight with some extra features like intelligent crosshair, compass, timer and etc.

(2) Project: GPS based Vehicle Tracking System
  • Prepared By: Ramani Raut, Alpa Agath
  • Guided By: D. H. Patel

Trackit is an android based application for school buses, which can be accessed from a website to track the location of school buses by parents and the school authorities for safety measures of the students.The website is freely hosted and is available online

(3) Project: location based friend finder
  • Prepared By: Goral upadhyay , Hemali Lakhani
  • Guided By: Prof. H. D. Marvaniya
  • LocoPal is derived from two words ‘LOCO’ (Location) and ‘PAL’ (Friends).
  • Locate and Find Friends via GPS tracking data makes it easy to locate our friends in real time. The App uses android smartphone GPS Transponder to get user location and update it frequently on Web Server.
(4) Project: Shariff Society Span
  • Prepared By: Heer Oza ,Niraj Sapovadiya ,Vivek Jariya
  • Guided By: Prof. R. N. Kotecha

Sheriff Society Span is aimed to solve the problem of communication gap between the society and the police. Sheriff Society Span contains basically two modules, the Civilian information search module and Online FIR reporting module.

1. Project: SEO Analyzer
Prepared By:
Guided By:
Dr Avani. R. Vasant 9825696193
Project Description
  • SEO is the fundamental concept for search engine ranking and SEO Analyzer helps to check various SEO statistics to help a web rank on top in search.
  • SEO Analyzer seamlessly integrates top tools to check ranking of website based on visitors, Back links, Keywords etc
  • SEO Analyzer also provides an attractive dashboard to comparative automated analysis
  • SEO Analyzer helps all web master to track a website continuously.
2. Project: SCULP
Prepared By:  
Guided By: Prof. Rushabh Doshi
R. D. Doshi 9428316296
Project Description
  • Operating the devices in our home with physical effort is a prevailing situation in our current society.
  • Providing ease to human being at comparative cheaper price through an Android app
  • Also, it will be a great help to handicapped people as they can easily operate their appliances.
  • SCULP help us to run our home appliances or that too at workplace with the single touch on our smart-phone. This app will be running on Bluetooth or GSM signals to operate the devices
3. Project: Integration of Dataguard Using Oracle
Prepared By:
Guided By:
Dr Avani. R. Vasant 9825696193
Project Description:
  • Oracle Data Guard is most effective solutions to protect the core asset of any enterprise – its data
  • make it available on a 24x7 basis despite disasters and other outages
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Economic fluctuations, rapid changes in market trends
  • swiftly and efficiently deal with unforeseen business interruptions


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