IT Department of V.V.P. Engg. College firmly believe in the doctrine that students should be a part of the ever-expanding technology and so they should be aware of the recent advancements. In the IT sector, demand for skilled professionals and well-trained Engineers is on the rise. The department ensures to provide a better IT Infrastructure to its students so as to build their IT Skills and make them competent in the IT World.

Department’s primary focus is to continue making efforts to ensure that all IT systems and services are highly available, highly reliable, and highly secure. It also significantly enhances the technology and facilities available to students and faculty and also strengthens its systematic effort to support the effective use of technology to improve teaching, learning, research, assessment and the administration of the College.

Our goal is not limited to provide the students with just academic knowledge but also encourage them towards building their career according to current demands of the field. The Department provides innovative contemporary and accessible technology in computing and media services to enable the student, faculty and staff of the college to effectively meet their goals as a learning community and to work collaboratively with the campus community to provide technological leadership which emphasizes empowerment of the individual through the use of technology.

Our Vision 

The Information Technology Department of V.V.P. Engineering College aims to prepare the students with sound knowledge meeting the global requirements of rapidly changing technology and research, for designing and solving complex engineering problems, maintaining high ethical values so as to benefit the stakeholders, society and the Nation at large.

Our Mission 

  • To offer an excellent environment for learning and innovation that creates world-class professionals and entrepreneurs
  • To endow skills to transform theoretical concepts into the real-world applications that addresses the demands of industries and other stakeholders.
  • To provide a platform to the students for the development of their creative, managerial, soft and interpersonal skills
  • To sop-up the state-of-the-art developments in field of Information Technology and provide all possible support to cope up with the pace of technological revolution
  • To promote interdisciplinary research and ethics in professional life

Program Educational Objectives 

  1. To prepare highly proficient professionals with a fundamental knowledge of math and science with IT skills that can be applied to solve complex real world problems
  2. To develop students’ creative, managerial, soft and teamwork skills that help them in their individual growth and train them with modern tools to make them learn “How to” keep pace with the ever changing technologies
  3. To aware students to use the Information Technology skills in environmental and societal sensitive manner ethically for the betterment of the society
  4. To encourage the students to enhance their analysis and design skills, gain knowledge in multidisciplinary aspects and take innovative projects that help in development of the Nation

Program Outcomes

  1. Graduates can apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering skills & IT deployments for betterment of the society.
  2. Graduates can identify, formulates, investigate and solve complex engineering problems using state of the art knowledge.
  3. Graduates can design system components and develop workable solutions for real world problems
  4. Graduates can make selection and application of appropriate methodologies and state-of-the-art IT tools to correlate engineering fundamentals for societal and human up gradation.
  5. Graduates should have skills to communicate effectively with superiors, higher management and sub-ordinates.
  6. Graduates should be able to adapt to cutting-edge tools and technologies and be a life-long learner.
  7. Graduates should be able to function effectively as an individual, team leader or a team member in multi-disciplinary environment and implement solutions to diverse problems.
  8. Graduates should have moral values, ethics and professionalism while applying IT skills
  9. Graduates should demonstrate project and financial management skills to handle large I.T. projects of diverse fields.

Course Highlight

Computer Programming & Utilization, Database Management System, Data Structures, Object Oriented Programming with C++, Object Oriented Programming with JAVA, Numerical Methods, Computer Graphics, Software Engineering, Web Technology, Dot Net, Computer Networks, Data Mining. For more information visit http://gtu.ac.in/syllabus/NEW_BE_SchemeSyllabus.htm