Facilities & Laboratories

Fluid Lab

Pelton Wheel Turbine Test Rig.
Hydraulic Ram.
Verification of Bernoulli’s Theorem.
Impact Of Jet Apparatus.
Losses in Pipe Friction.
Multi Stage Compression Test Rig.
Centrifugal Pump Test Rig.
Reciprocating Pump Test Rig.
Study of Flow Measurement Devices.
Study of Pressure Measurement Devices.
Metacentric Height Equipment.
Reynold’s Apparatus.
Flow Over Notches Apparatus.
Losses in pipe fitting Apparatus.
Free & Forced Vortex Apparatus.


MT lab

Metallurgical Microscope.
Muffle Furnace.
Hardness Tester.
Polishing Machine.
Microscopic Specimen Set.
Jomney & Quench Apparatus.
Metallurgical Microscope.

Fluid Lab


Cam Analysis Apparatus.
Epicyclic Gear Train & Torque Holding Apparatus.
Journal Bearing Apparatus.
Corolli’s Component of Acceleration.
Slip & Creep Apparatus.

M.M. Lab

Vernier Caliper (Simple).
Dial Vernier.
Bevel Protector.
Forbes Height Gauge.
Surface Plate.
Surface Plate Stand.
Dead Weight Tester.
Measurement Pin Set.
Inside Micrometer.
Depth Gauge Micrometer.
Screw Thread Micro.
Bore Gauge With Dial.
Anvil Set For Screw Thread Micro.
Surface Roughness Tester.

MM Lab


Dynamic of Machines

Whirling of shaft Apparatus.
Dynamic Balancing Machine.
Multi Cylinder inline engine balancing Apparatus.

Dynamics Lab


EOME lab

Various Models and Charts


I.C. Engine Test RIG (Diesel) – (Single Cylinder).
I.C. Engine Test RIG (Petrol) – (Multi Cylinder).

R & A/c Lab

Re-Circulation Type Air – Conditioning.
Mechanical Heat Pump.
Window Air Conditional Laboratory Unit.
Ref. Cycle Test Ring.
Water Chilling Test Ring.
Evaporative Cooling Unit.



H.T. Lab

Thermal Conductivity of Metal Rod.
Forced Convection Apparatus.
Lagged Pipe Apparatus.
Stefan Boltzman Apparatus.
Emmissivity Apparatus.
Critical Heat Flux Apparatus.
Composite Wall Apparatus.
Drop and Film Condition Apparatus.
Finned tube Apparatus.
Shell & Tube H.E.
Plate type heat exchanger.


23 Nos. HP COMPUTER SYSTEMS (Intel 915, P-IV-2.3 GHz – HT Processor, 2GB DDR2, 80GB HDD), 01 Server (Xeon Processor, 73GB Hot plug HDD).
02 Nos. 24 Port Network Switch, 01 Laser Printer (A4), 01 Dot Matrix Printer, 01 DeskJet HP 1180 Printer (A3 Size), HP Design Jet 100 Plotter (A1 Size).
License of ANSYS Software
6 Axis – Robotic Arm


Automobile engineering lab

Cut section model of synchromesh gear box
Cut section model of constant mesh gear box
Starter bendix drive
Cut section model of differential
Working model of diaphragm type clutch & pressure plate
Working model of spring pressure type clutch and pressure plate
Transaxle differential gear assembly
Assembly of Four Cylinder Petrol Engine
Assembly of Chassis with various components

Automobile Lab


CNC Turning Centre with Turning Diameter 150mm, Dist. between Centers – 300mm.
Milling Machine VGM-2 No. 449 With Attachment.
Shaping Machine With Accessories.
Lathe Machine With Accessories.
Slotting Machine With Accessories.
Mechanical Power Hacksaw Machine.
Hand Operated Pipe Bending Machine.
Portable Hand Grinder M/C.
Arc Welding Machine With Accessories.
Light Duty Spot Welding Machine With Accessories.
Gas Welding & Cutting Set With Accessories.
Bench Drilling Machine.
Center Lathe Machine (Light Duty) With Accessories.
Radial Drilling Machine With Accessories.
Fitting Vice.
Fitting Tools & Cutting Equipments.
Carpentry Vice.
Carpentry Shop Hand Tools & Equipments.
Different Types Of Patterns.
Furnace With Blower.
Furnace Equipments / Tools & Accessories.
Machine Shop Cutting Tools & Measuring Tools.
Bench Grinder & Shaft Grinder.
Bench Drill Machine.
Industrial Locker.
Workshop Benches For Carpentry & Fittings.
Oil Fire Furnace 60kg.
Wood Working Lathe.
Fitting Bench Vice & T- Bar.
Electro Discharge Machine (E.D.M.).
Tool And Cutter Grinding Machine.
Woodworking Machine (4in1).
CNC Turning Center With Turning Dia 150 mm, Distance Between Center 300mm.
Surface Grinder.

Work Shop


Thermo Dynamics Lab AES LAB Robotic Arm



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