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Shining Star of Mechanical Engineering Department

Savania Kaushik Parshotambhai of 7th sem. AX secure 10 / 10 SPI in Dec. - 2019 GTU Examination.

Sanghani Ronak secured highest marks in mechanical branch and awarded gold medal by IEI in 2018-2019













Name of Student- Rushang Vyas Semester-6th AX Achievement- 1st runner up at Techstars Start-up Weekend Gandhinagar at PDPU during April 2018 in  PDPU Innovation and Incubation Centre.















Mechanical Engineering Students achievements for the year 2015-2016

  • VIRAT DHABALIYA of Mechanical Department secured gold medal of 2015 in GTU.
  • UTKARSH DOSHI of Mechanical Department won i-scale award by GTU innovation council in February 2016.
  • KATAKIYA HARSH secured AA Grade in EG and may get gold medal.
  • RUPAREL MAULIK is one of our 6th semester student has been represented GTU in National robotic competition on 3rd March 2016 to 5th March 2016 at PUNE among 32 students,.
  • NIKUNJ THAKKAR of Mechanical Department stood first in Clay Modelling in state level competition.
  • BRIJESH SOLANKI, VIVEK BHARDA JENIL DAMANI secured 3rd rank in Folk Dance in GTU Youth Festival – 2015 at Zonal level.

Sharing Social Responsibility: Students run NGO “परिवर्तन”, which works for awareness among youth for social welfare activities like women empowerment, voting, blood donation and cleanliness etc. VIRAT DHABALIYA 10 out of 10 SPI in 5th semester Examination, got first rank all over the Gujarat As per SPI, CPI and CGPA first rank in all over Gujarat HINDOCHA HARDIK GOT 2nd Rank in 7TH SEMESTER EXAMINATION GTU As per CGPA Wise.

Mechanical RESULT 2014

Sr NoNamePercentile(%)
1JAY PARMAR 96.33%
PRIDE OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT VIRAT DHABALIYA 10 SPI in 5th semester examination got first rank all over the Gujarat, as per SPI, CPI and CGPA first rank in all over Gujarat. HINDOCHA HARDIK GOT 2nd Rank in 7TH SEMESTER GTU EXAMINATION as per CGPA wise and 1st rank in 8th SEMESTER GTU EXAMINATION. Total Gold Medal by students of Mech Dept: 09(SU) Total Gold Medal by Institute of Engineers (Student): 05 Total no of awards (ISTE Best Student): 02 100% Result in GTU 2012 batch KATAKIYA HARSH got AA Grade in EG GTU Dec 2013 result and may be will get gold Medal. GATE SCORE OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT(2014)

Start Up INDIA taken by Maulik Ruparel of 7th sem AY

AS we all are aware of the trends of Startups in all our surroundings, Department of Mechanical Engineering at V.V.P Engineering College, Rajkot to be stand along with the modern needs and get adapt to field or market change has conducted startup awareness seminars for the students of Final and Prefinal years students. These seminars were conducted by M.N. Ruparel, currently leader of I.E.I students chapter_VVP Section. He as of experience of many startup related activities at GTU. Also is playing role as class leader in GIC sankul at VVPEC.

The seminar addressed all basic concepts and terminologies available to march towards the journey of being an entrepreneur. Difference between conventional business practices and concept off startup was emphasized. Paths available to startup or being an entrepreneur were presented including private, university help or govt. of INDIA’s help. Extra benefits available being student was highlighted including Minor and specialization for entrepreneurship courses available at GTU. Steps to pursue this courses were also informed. Other path consists of information about government of INDIA’s initiatives that include Startup INDIA concept as declared by Honorable Prime Minister of INDIA, Mr.Narendra Modi. Policies and terms like AIM, SETU, NIDHI, STARTFESTSthere in were addressed. Possible sector to have startup like Agriculture, Manufacturing, Healthcare were also informed. At last real life cases for successful and failed startup were also addressed in order to motivate students towards startup.activity

The Charitable Trust run by students of 7th semester of Mechanical Department

Founders of the trust-;

  • Utkarsh Doshi
  • Aenil Mehta
  • Bharat Bhutiya
  • Satyajeet Zala


Pareewartann Charitable Trust is a platform for youth to explore and develop their leadership potential. We are a non-political, independent, non–profit organization run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education. Pareewartann Charitable Trust does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion or national / social origin.

The Key Objectives

  • To encourage women’s participation in governance and management of basic services (health, water and sanitation).
  • To expand and strengthen network of grassroots women’s groups to scale up women’s leadership and participation in activities.
  • To create an awareness about the duties & responsibilities of each and every Indian citizen.

Strategies Adopted

  • Providing uninterrupted knowledge inputs through training & workshops.
  • Building confidence & facilitating experience sharing through Female Leadership Development Workshops.
  • Disseminating schemes’ benefits to weaker sections in village.
  • Strengthening active support structures like women Self-Help Groups, Women
  • Development Committees

The Chronicle Journey of Pareewartann

The seed was sown in 2014 inRajkot and with the guiding vision of the founders who are pursuing their bachelors affiliated with Gujarat Technological University, in Rajkot region founded Pareewartann Charitable Trust. Prior to formation of the trust, these founders–cum–friends were working on Visionary of India (VOI). VOI was essentially a group of local people working on awareness on rules and regulations and allied issues in the Saurashtra region. A strong understanding of the society, desire to learn and a committed human capital created a strong foundation for this trust to blossom.

The trust was founded in 2014 with an objective of developing pragmatic solutions to the problems of the local deprived sections of the society. Within a mere 1 year of commencement, the fruitful outcomes of the trust had crossed the small areas of Rajkot to reach a small village called Manavadar.Very quickly it was understood that to ensure a healthy performance, the soil's fertility needed to increase, and thus the group started investing in research department at an early stage. Research relating to indigenous identifying and adapting methods to suit local needs, lowering the illiteracy of deprived masses of society came into existence.Thus, began the journey from 'Performance for Purpose' to 'change for a better future'.

All our work is directed towards ensuring progressive realization of human responsibilities to the entire marginal sections of the society. Never before did the any charitable trust witness such stupendous response to an initial public offering for the revolutionary work as was witnessed during the Pareewartann Charitable Trust initial public offering.

The desire was strong – to be recognized as a leader in the revolutionary organizations; the intent was clear – to be a responsible, ethical organization; the commitments were firm – adding value to strengthen female citizen leadership, livelihood of the deprived sections and volunteers. As a result, the growth was exponential.Our approach emphasizes promotion, protection and restoration of human rights at the level of the individual and the collectives. Our strategy is based on seven core values:

  • Democracy
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Equality
  • Gender Justice
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Social Justice

Initial years of Pareewartann were completely devoted to the interventions for the awareness of rules and regulations. A constructive approach was developed instead of sheer resistance to the awareness program, accepting the scenario of the law abiding issues, concept of responsible citizen was worked out. This concept was based on the fact that socio–economic development encompasses the local people which are important stakeholders.

With maximum ground level cont­­acts and around 120 volunteers are the figures that speak volumes as the trust continues to blossom with fruits as growing social transformation, conserving good traditions, breaking harmful customs, and application of science and technology.

The participatory planning with the other organization to create a combined entity for 'end-to-end livelihood solutions'; connection with the people of various regions of Gujarat, and also few awareness programs which are developed and successfully facilitated by the trust for revolutionizing the actual field intervention of female with the handholding support in Rajkot, educating the deprived masses by public meetings and providing authentic clinical information are all recent initiatives that would only further be the shades of the trust.


Gyaanoday (Night Schooling) – #Pareeshala

Empowerment of deprived masses through education

Pareewartann has started परिशाला | The School of Angels from Monday, 13 July, 2015.

Under this program, the students of slums will be educated. This program is started to educate the deprived masses of the society.

Days: Monday to Saturday

Timings: 18:00 to 19:30

Venue: Shri Krishna Hostel, behind B T Savani, Kidney Hospital, Rajkot.

Swachchhta Abhiyaan – #GoCleanRajkot

No activism, no lectures, no moralizing, just go out & DO

The method of fixing ugly spots is called spot fixing - and the shared belief is that a street, a neighborhood, a city and a country can be fixed - one ugly spot at a time. While some citizens and elected representatives focus on system-level big-picture long-term solutions, the common citizen who spot fixes spends a few hours every week focusing on local 'spots' and fixing them to the best of his ability. Using his own hands, time and money in familiar places in the city of Rajkot.

Traffic Awareness – #iFollow

Cooperating with traffic police, controlling traffic on cross-road, awareness about traffic rules and pledge are the crux of this program.

The youth of the city and the volunteers from our trust helps traffic police in managing the hustle-bustle of the road. We, as a youth based movement understand the difficulties faced by police officers and hence have offer a helping hand to the hardworking police officers of our city. All the volunteers accompanying police officers in their task wear t–shirt of our trust and are authorized to manage the traffic for some amount of time. Volunteers are divided in team and teams are allotted different spots for managing traffic. Our volunteers interact with the people at traffic signals and request them to follow the traffic rules with a small pledge.

Awareness on Clinical Information (Aarogya Nidaan) – #MyHealthyIndia

Stay Healthy Without Medicine & Doctor

We have developed a book regarding Diabetes under this campaign. The book name is Diabetes on Halt in 2 languages i.e. English & Gujarati.

Brief introduction of Diabetes on Halt | Book:

Learn how you can prevent becoming Diabetic or if you are already Diabetic, then learn the best way to control or even poss. You can have this book of FREE OF COST by just filling your primary details.


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