Felicitation Program of Industrialists

VVP Engineering College has proved Excellency in many fields of research and development.

VVP Engineering College works with the motive to provide sound technical engineers to the nation. The institute is always concern about the challenges faced by the students. There is a pertinent complain from most of the industries that there is a major rift between syllabus offered by the universities, students or graduates who come out from university and requirement of industry. Last year with a great concept of our chairman shri Pravinkaka along with young industrialist shri Parakramsinh Jadeja have decided that the students of 6th semester VVP College will go to the industries & get experience of shop-floor knowledge and skill of their own interest to bridge the gap in between industry and institution.

 To execute this idea Dr. Sachin Parikh, Principal, VVP Engineering College has formed a committee in which Dr. jignasa Mehta is appointed as convener & Dr. Chirag Vibhakar as Co – Convener. By collective efforts V.V.P. College has signed 120 MOUs with different companies, which covers 573 pre final year students under that. Under this program all students have to go to different industries in weekends (Saturday- Sunday) for whole day. Each faculty has been given a group of students and company. They have to take follow up of each student in every week likely to submit a report to concerned staff member. College has also requested the companies to provide transportation and food facilities wherever it has been available.

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