On the 20/8/15 of Thursday, we had a visit to well know companies.
(1) Giriraj Milk Product Pvt Ltd
(2) Epp Composite Pvt Ltd.
This both companies are located at GDIC METODA.

First we visit the Giriraj dairy which produce milk product such as milk powder, ghee, buttermilk, milk pouches. Where learned about milk processing.
They process the 6.5,6,4.5,1.5 fat milk. And various milk product are also made from it.

There we show the plate type heat exchanger, kettle reboiler, fermentation Tank, filter, packing machine.
In research and quality control lab, we learn how to control acidity of milk, standard spfi and fat. Various laboratory instruments. They produce milk powder only in winter (4 months).

Our 2nd visit was to Epp composite Pvt ltd. It started in 1986 by two brother.

It contain 5 manufacturing plant. 1.GRE pipe making 2. CHEMICAL PLANT EQUIPMENTS 3. Building products. 4. Pultrusion 5. CFW division.

in gre pipe pipe are made of required length and gage. And it is inert, anti-corrosive and has better strength, abrasion resistance then metal pipe. And more life time.
It also produce storage tank for acids for reliance industries, many of the product are exported.
It also produced bathroom doors made of glass fibre, water tank etc. And also see the various machine for compression test, strength test.
finally we end the visit at Epp.