Matter of Pride n Honour for VVP Parivar

Dr Chirag Vibhakar, Head EE Dept at VVP Engg College, Rajkot has been selected as an Associate Post Doctoral Research Fellow at Central Power Research Institute (CPRI) Bengaluru.
This year only two such Research Fellowships were awarded. CPRI is a renowned research institute in India. CPRI has more than 300 Research scientist and Engineers working under it.
Dr. Vibhakar’s research would be especially on Silicon Rubber, which will reduce the cost of transmission for G.E.B, reduce the breakdown and insulation failures, thus increasing the life of transmission and reducing the risks of accidents during maintenance.
Ten years back, Dr. Chirag Vibhakar had set up the high voltage lab in VVP Engineering College. Due to his efforts, every year a good number of VVP students are selected by GEB and other companies in the power sector. He has also applied for a research grant from the Science and Research Board (SERB), Department of for carrying forward the research work in the same field.