FDP on “Database Programming with PL/SQL” by Oracle organized by IT Department From 27th Aug to 31st Aug


If you are interested to attend FDP then Kindly Follow the guideline given below.

Registration Process :

1) For Registration : Please click below link: 


2) To attend the training your institution will have to become a member of Oracle Academy first. 

Request you to start the process today itself as the order processing takes time.

Step 1: The institution for which the faculty works has to register for  an institutional membership on Oracle Academy. One faculty from the institution can apply for institutional membership. Visit the new website today to create your Institutional membership.

Please find the step by step process to create a new membership in this link


One you complete the application for Institutional membership, it may take 2-3 days for the application to be processed. 

Once the application is processed, the faculty who created the institutional membership can move on to step 3

 All other faculties who wish to enroll for the training please go to step 2.

Step 2: Other faculty who want to enroll for the training or want to access other resources of Oracle Academy can enroll for faculty membership once the institutional membership is complete.

Please find link for the steps to create faculty membership once institutional membership is done: 


Step 3:The last step is the actual enrollment for the training program. You can do this step only after your faculty account has been activated, which can take upto half an hour.

a. Once your membership is activated, sign in to the Oracle Academy website and click on “Search and Enroll in Training” link in the left menu.
b. Select the event you would like to attend. 
c. Follow the directions to complete your event enrollment.

For the registration process for Oracle academy , if you face any difficulties, you may contact Ms. Pooja Baraskar ( Admisnistrative Assistant from Oracle)

Phone: +91 2261758070 | Mobile: +9867980912 


 For more details on course : Click Here

Please note that completing all the steps may take more than a week depending on the accuracy of the data entered by the faculty. Also, the registration is on first come first serve basis and there are limited seats. Once the seats are filled or the registration closes, we cannot accommodate any more candidates. Hence, request you to please start the registration process immediately. 

For any Query or Concern,

 Kindly contact Prof. Vrunda Popat – 9898599954 
(Information Technology Department – V.V.P. Engineering College)


Glimpse of VVP

ISTE National Convention on 21st September, 2019

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