Painting competition held on ‘Gandhi Nirvan Din’

The details for the painting competition held on ‘Gandhi Nirvan Din’ i.e 30th January, 2015 on “Mahatma Gandhi and Safai“ at V.V.P Engineering College (College Code: 047) , Rajkot are  as follows:

1૦:૩૦ A.M To 11:૦૦ A.M: Address by the principal sir on Mahatma Gandhi and Safai.

11:00 A.M   To 11:02 AM: 2 minutes ‘Moun’

11:05 A.M TO 11:10 A.M   : Oath for Safai.

11:10 A.M   To 11:15 A.M: Necessary instruction to all participants regarding drawing competition.

11:15 A.M   To 12:15 P.M   : Drawing competition.

The total number of participants: 69

For this drawing competition a team of witness and verification were formed. In the witness team Shri Hiteshbhai changela, and Shri Jayeshbhai Shukla were invited. In verification team Shri Rupeshbhai Patel and Shri Haficmuddin Bharmal were appointed as verifier.

Among 69 participants, three students were selected for their best drawing.

The first rank is given to

Makwana Karan Sureshbhai (Enrollment No : 130470116032)

The second rank is given to two students

Thummar Jay D. (Enrollment No : 120470111013) 

Shailja Pandya (Enrollment No : 120470109025)   

The third rank is given to

Mohit Bagthariya (Enrollment No : 130473119001) 

 1  2

4 3


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