V.V.P. Engg. College, Rajkot is known to take unique steps to empower the teaching fraternity and largely the students in turn.
In today’s era we can say that women’s become more and more self reliant and Omni professional, contributed a lot to the society. On 6th feb. 2015 one woman’s empowerment programme was organized, which was designed and developed by Trinity Organization, Rajkot. Head Constable Shree Bhagwati Ben, Mr. Apoorva Mehta, and Dr. Gora Trivedi were the speakers for the programme. As per the tradition, programme was initiated by prayer, sung by Ms. Pooja And Ms. Mansi.

 In her speech Smt. Bhagwatiben talked about the contribution of the women’s to the society. Now a days woman have covered all the field, keep her hand upward for all the task no matter whether it’s big or small, easy or tough. But we have many challenges in front of us like protection of women’s in today’s era impact of social media, impact of environment, and impact of friendship family background. She advised the students to take care themselves to empower the skill of self protection, to develop self confidence, to create awareness to the society against all negative steps taken with the women’s in the society. She further insisted not to create negative image of police, instead of that try to cooperate the police to stop the crimes happen in the society against women’s.

Mr. Apoorva Mehta, founder of Trinity Organization, Rajkot also spoke about the Women’s role in the society. He gives training to the police and organizes such awareness seminars to various institutions.

Dr. Gora Trivedi, Consultant at Trinity Organization, Rajkot gave detail guidance to the students about now they protect themselves? What are the provisions in law? She pointed out some of the ethical points always to be followed by either students/working women’s. Every woman has a unique identity. Which should be preserved by an individual? She throwed the light on women’s protection related provision mentioned in constitution. She further added to take help of “ABHAYAM- 181” helpline in case of emergency.

Managing Trustee Honerable Shree Pravinkaka and Respected Principal Dr. Sachin Parikh are the torch bearer to the institution, who always guide and promote such inimitable activities to set an example to the society. Convener of Human Cell, Dr. Jignasha Mehta, Co-convener Prof. Anjana Saparia and her team facilitated the event. Prof. Radhika Kotecha hosted the programme successfully.