Record Breaking & Stunning Result of 3rd Sem.EC !! Zone FIRST & 4th Rank in ENTIRE GTU EC Branch…Rank 1 -2- 4 -5 from GTU TOP 10 are ALL from EC Dept. !!!

Electronics and Communication department continues the tradition of giving Highest result. With 56.75 % result Electronics and communication dept stood 1st Rank in Entire Zone and 4th Rank in GTU in the result of 3rd semester.

In the Entire GTU TOP 10 EC Branch Result shows that 4 students secure their Rank in it.

Here is the Stars of BE 3rd Semester which Out shines in GTU TOP 10 list of EC Branch CPI wise

ec3-1   1) Darshit Gosaliya Achieve 1st Rank in Entire GTU EC Branch with 9.55 CPI
ec3-2  2) Anjali Panicker Achieve 2nd Rank in Entire GTU EC Branch with 9.36 CPI
ec3-3  3) Sagar Dixit Achieve 4th Rank in Entire GTU EC Branch with 9.22 CPI
ec3-4  4) Parth Soparia Achieve 5thRank in Entire GTU EC Branch with 9.18 CPI


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