Report of Industrial Visit by Chemical Engineering Department

Industrial visit was organized on 23/2/2016 for semester 4 chemical Engineering Department at EPP Composites & Giriraj Diary Pvt Ltd.

Sixty six students actively participated & learned the following:

1. The basic principle of composites,
2. Manufacturing methods for composite
3. Fabrication of pipes and industrial auxiliaries.

On the same day, another visit was also organized for 4 semester students at Giriraj Diary Pvt Ltd Metoda.

Students actively participated & learned the following:

  1. Pasteurization of milk
  2. Buttermilk manufacturing, and
  3. Milk power manufacturing process

Students observed how housekeeping in small and medium scale industry is maintained as per norms.

Students gained practical experience   and practical knowledge by visiting these industries which can be witnessed from the following snaps.