Sparkling result of E.C Dept.: Achieved 1st RANK in Entire GTU in 7th sem. Result (2016 DEC) & Jay Joshi stood 1st in Entire GTU All Branch

Record breaking Result achieved by EC department. 30 students get 9 above SPI, 36 students secure 8 above SPI and 8 students get 7 above SPI which justifies the qualitative and quantitative result of 7th semester. With 100 % result Electronics and communication dept stood 1st Rank in Entire Zone and 2nd Rank in GTU in the result of 7th semester.

Jay Joshi Achieved 1st Rank in Entire GTU All Branch with 10 out of 10 SPI.


Glimpse of VVP

V.V.P. Engineering College invites applications from the students for B.E. admissions and D2D admissions for offline admission process.

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